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Wooden Puppets are animatronics that appear in The Puppet Carver, the first story of the book of the same name.

Physical Appearance

The only puppet to appear in the story is described as a fully jointed, wooden and human-like figure, resembling a small man. It's said to be pretty crude and basic, and similar to the drawing models used in Porter's high school class.


The wooden puppet appears for the first and only time when Porter shows to Sage how the puppet carver, his new invention able to make low-cost animatronics out of wood, works. He puts a wood log into the machine, and the wooden puppet comes out of it. Porter then pushes a button on the puppet's lower back, and the wooden animatronic starts to move and dance.


  • While the cover shows three puppets, only one appears in the story.
    • It's also worth to note that the way the puppet is described in the story is different from the depiction on the cover as well.
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