FNaF World
Standalone RPG spin-off game by Scott Cawthon
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Still Foxy- but more YAAARG!
Withered Foxy's Loading Screen,

Withered Foxy is an unlockable character in FNaF World and is a broken down and older incarnation of the original Foxy.


Withered Foxy's appearance is almost identical to his core series counterpart's, but he is smaller, tattered, and in even worse condition. He has a major tear on his chest, along with a few holes on his arms and upper legs. He has a large hole at the left side of his head, which removes the fur off his left ear and reaches down to his eyebrows, exposing part of his left eyeball. 


Hook button fw.gif Deals low damage to a single enemy.
Rainy Day fw.gif Temporarily decreases all enemies defense.
Hot Cheese 2 fw.gif Puts 7 globs of hot cheese on the floor, doing massive damage over time to enemies.


Withered Foxy isn't as useful to bring but still better than Foxy. Unlike Foxy, he does not have Jumpscare and most of his attacks are slightly weak. Hook does really small damage, which isn't that useful against a strong enemy or groups of enemies.

His only usefulness is Rainy Day which can lower the enemies' defenses as well as Hot Cheese 2, which can do massive damage to enemies over time. Because of this, if the ones are using him, treat him as a supporting character while the ones bring strong party members like Marionette or Nightmare Freddy.


  • Interestingly, Withered Foxy's core series version has three toes on his endoskeleton foot, however, in FNaF World, he is shown with two toes.
    • This could be due to a common trend of the Foxy series of animatronics having Endo-01/Endo-02's feet.
  • His loading screen text is a reference to pirates, who, when triumphant, call out "ARRR!" or "YAAARGH!"
  • Withered Foxy's eye sockets are slightly smaller than Foxy's, Mangle's, and Funtime Foxy's. This also applies to Nightmare Foxy and Phantom Foxy.
  • When battling Withered Foxy, his hook position is switched. This is due to the battle sprite being flipped so a new one would not have to be made.
    • This also happens to Nightmare Foxy and Funtime Foxy when they are challenged.
  • Withered Foxy is one of two characters whose core series model was reused for Foxy.EXE, the mini-game in FNaF World, the other being Withered Freddy.
  • The text on Withered Foxy's Loading Screen is similar to the text on Toy Freddy's Loading Screen, ergo "Still Foxy- but more YAAARG!" to "Still Freddy- but shiny."


  • When Withered Foxy attacks, his ankle joints disconnect from his feet.
    • This could be due that the endoskeleton can disconnect its parts, as can be seen in Endo-01 and Endo-02's attacking animations.



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