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December's forecast is looking brisk & somewhat frosty.
Summary, FNAF AR Twitter Account

The winter animatronics are types of holiday animatronics based on the season of winter from Five Nights at Freddy's AR: Special Delivery. Freddy Frostbear, the first winter animatronic (and only full non-skin animatronic), was first released on December 25, 2019, while the winter animatronic skins became available for the Winter Wonderland Event, which started on December 4, 2020.

Physical Appearance

Based on several pre-existing animatronics, their suits are entirely composed out of ice and snow.

Standalone Animatronics

Freddy Frostbear

Main article: Freddy Frostbear

Freddy Frostbear is a Christmas counterpart of Freddy and first appeared on the Christmas update on December 25, 2019 as a separated animatronic with unique AI. He later returned on April 3, 2020 for a little while, and then appeared for the mini event on September 24, 2020 along with several event-exclusive animatronics. Freddy Frostbear returned again during the Winter Wonderland Event for a limited time.

Animatronic Skins

Black Ice Frostbear


Black Ice Frostbear is Freddy Frostbear's first skin and added on December 4, 2020 for the Winter Wonderland event.

Black Ice Frostbear, just like normal Frostbear, is a Freddy variant made entirely out of ice, but his physical condition has gotten worse than before. Black Ice Frostbear is noticeably darker in color, and is covered in more ice, with spikes spewing out of his arms, legs and shoulders. His jaw is noticeably more jagged, and his snout is somewhat smaller, but has multiple spikes sticking out of it. Finally, his torso and top hat feature large gashes within them, making his endoskeleton visible in the torso. His top hat and bow tie are now lacking Christmas themes, losing the mistletoe on his top hat and his bow tie being colored dark blue. He also carries an icy spear with a spiked trident tip, as opposed to his long icicle.

Arctic Ballora


Arctic Ballora is Ballora's first skin and the second winter animatronic skin released on December 10, 2020.

Arctic Ballora is nearly identical to Ballora, but she is completely made out of ice with a few ice-spikes sticking out of her arms and legs. She has pink makeup and jewelry on her face and stomach, as well as her top now being pink and in a slightly different shape. Her cheeks get outlined by glowing blue circles, with small blue dashes shooting away from them. Finally, her tutu is made entirely out of icicles, and is accompanied by an icicle ruff and icicle crown. As seen in her jumpscare, her endoskeleton face, much like the rest of her body, is also made out of ice, with her eyes being a glowing teal color, matching her similarly colored, icy exterior.

Frostbite Balloon Boy


Frostbite Balloon Boy is a version of Balloon Boy, and the third winter animatronic skin released on December 17, 2020. He is Balloon Boy's second skin, after Swamp Balloon Boy in the Haunted Forest Event.

Frostbite Balloon Boy is almost entirely different from Balloon Boy in body shape, as he has been slimmed down. As well as this, he is made entirely out of snow, with icicles sticking out of him and a large chunk of his torso taken out showing dark blue ice on the inside of his body. His balloon and sign are also made of snow with icicles sticking out, as well as his sign now saying "Avalanche!" rather than "Balloons!". Finally, his face is made to be totally different and much more sinister looking, with his eyes gone and his eye sockets in a more triangular shape, while his smile appearing as wider with sharper teeth.

Frost Plushtrap

Alpine ui plushsuit plushtrap frost-CAB-d22c111dbb0f297a4b8743796f6f2b96-9319824319838022764.png

Frost Plushtrap is Plushtrap's first skin and the fourth and final winter animatronic skin released on December 24, 2020.

Frost Plushtrap is nearly identical to Plushtrap, but he is completely made out of ice. He has icicles all over his body, similar to Freddy Frostbear. He also has icy blue irises. He resides in an alternate version of the warehouse-like environment of the original Plushtrap, only this version is covered with snow and ice. The machinery used to charge up electricity is also somewhat frozen over and covered with ice.


  • Freddy Fazbear, Plushtrap, Black Ice Frostbear, and Freddy Frostbear are one of four characters to be featured on the app's icon.
  • Black Ice Frostbear was supposed to release on December 3, 2020. However, he was delayed to the 4th, as Illumix said they weren't ready to release him as they were busy fixing bugs.
  • Similar to Flaming Springtrap, Arctic Ballora's in-game teaser was leaked bright and early before her official release date. However, unlike Flaming Springtrap, Arctic Ballora's teaser was released the day before she was released into the game.
  • Arctic Ballora's appearance relatively resembles Claudia Schröder's artwork "Frost Ballora".
  • The term for Black Ice Frostbear's name, black ice, is a thin icy coat layer that covers on a surface (mainly roads), creating a risk of slippage accidents.
  • Arctic Ballora's music, instead of "Crumbling Dreams" like her regular counterpart, is The Nutcracker ballet's Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy.
    • Along with Ballora, Freddy Fazbear, and the Puppet, Arctic Ballora is one of the animatronics of the series to be associated with music.
  • Frostbite Balloon Boy's mechanic is reused from Freddy Frostbear and Black Ice Frostbear where Frostbite Balloon Boy will freeze the screen and the player has to shake their device for the frozen screen to disappear.
  • Frostbite Balloon Boy resembles the Snowmen from the Christmas special from season seven of Doctor Who, The Snowmen.
  • Like Swamp Balloon Boy and Boulder Toy Bonnie, Frostbite Balloon Boy's eyes are only featured during his delivery encounter.
  • Similar to Swamp Balloon Boy, Frost Plushtrap was leaked the day before he was released as he was discovered in the game files.
    • This was mostly likely intentional by Illumix so they could spend time with their families during Christmas.
  • In The Ultimate Guide, Frostbite Balloon Boy is referred to as Blizzard Balloon Boy.
  • Freddy Frostbear, Frost Plushtrap, and Frostbite Balloon Boy make a cameo appearance in Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach on the Snow Fever pinball machine.


Warning: The audio clips from the following list are loud!
Audio Description
The sound made when Black Ice Frostbear attacks the player.
The sound made when Arctic Ballora attacks the player.
Arctic Ballora's music box "Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy/Nutcracker".
The sound made when Frostbite Balloon Boy attacks the player.
The sound made when Frost Plushtrap attacks the player.
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