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The Devil has knocked on my door before, and I've turned him away.
William Afton, Five Nights at Freddy's: The Fourth Closet

William Afton is the main antagonist of the Five Nights at Freddy's novel series. He was Henry Emily's business partner and co-founded Fredbear's Family Diner and Freddy Fazbear's Pizza while committing several murders during that time, including those children missing in an incident in 1985.[1] Throughout the series, he creates the twisted animatronics and the funtime animatronics.

Physical Appearance


William Afton is described as a fat and hefty man with ruddy skin when he committed the serial killings.

William lost all the weight he had while in his Dave Miller persona. As described in The Silver Eyes, William is a thin and sallow tall man with sagging skin. His gaunt face is poorly shaven, and his sunken eyes looked unfocused. His glassy eyes looked dead and pale. His security guard uniform didn't fit him, and the uniform itself was grubby and torn in places, with his nametag hung askew at his chest. He has a series of deep scars on the back of his neck and body from a springlock failure.

In the graphic novel rendition, William has a similar appearance to his game counterpart albeit more realistic. He is a tired-looking tall and thin man with pale skin, a long neck, medium-length brown messy hair, and large gray eyes. He tends to smile a lot, making him look like his game counterpart. He wears a security uniform. His shirt is white with a black tie and pants. He also has scars all over his body from a previous springlock incident, as there are slice marks on his arms and torso. He has two scars on the back of his neck.


After William got springlocked inside the Springbonnie suit by Charlie, he became "one with his creation" and named himself Springtrap. As described in The Twisted Ones, the yellow fabric of the suit was stiff with blood, and there were large tears that had gone green and pink with mold in patches. Many layers of machinery stood out from William's body. The springlocks were driven so deep into his skin that the bases of each were flush against his neck. The locks were dull and crusted with his blood. His skin was also desiccated and shriveled. His face was mottled and swollen with fluid, as well as expressionless and discolored. His eyes were wide open and bloodshot.

In the graphic novel rendition, Springtrap has a similar appearance to his game counterpart, although with a more realistic depiction. The suit is more yellow in color, rather than the classic olive green. The top part of the right ear is missing. The suit in some areas is covered with blood splotches. There are many visible holes in the suit. William's undead corpse can be seen through the large tears of the costume. His skin has turned grey as a result of decay. His eyes are still the same color, but in turn have become bloodshot. William's mouth is also missing a few teeth.


William, with assistance from Circus Baby, removed the outer shell of the Spring Bonnie suit off his body, but was left weakened and horrendously scarred, which resulted in him using a wheelchair and cane. As described in The Fourth Closet and a teaser of its graphic novel counterpart, William is a painfully thin man with visible damage done by the costume's inner machinery. His scalp was torn off, leaving him with a bald head. It was was also covered with ridged pink scars, and in places where there were no scars were strange pallets of material fused to his head. He has a small patch of hair still growing. He has only one eye while the other reveals a gaping hole that has a thin steel rod. There was a wound on his neck where his innards were exposed, and in the center of his chest, there was a mass of twisted flesh, crossed with neat, diagonal lines of black stitching thread. Along with that were attempts to heal the springlock scars, some even more scarred than before and being in a shiny, angry-red color. He wears white silk pajamas, a black robe covering him from chin to toe, and some black leather slippers.


William Afton is an evil, selfish, and sadistic murderer. He kills any witnesses to keep from getting caught, which shows his cowardly side. Nevertheless, he is still a determined and extremely fierce serial killer, who will not hesitate a single moment to get in a fight with any of his foes or murdering them for experiments or his own amusement. William is also rather ungrateful, having murdered Charlotte Emily despite the fact that if it wasn't for her father, then the franchise wouldn't have achieved its earlier success. Afton is also abusive and neglectful towards his daughter Elizabeth, who later on seemingly only accepted her once she became Baby. Despite this, he still acts abusive towards her. Afton prioritizes his work over his own family.

He sometimes appears as a compassionate man, but like many serial killers, this is just a mere facade that he uses to manipulate others, especially children. In The Silver Eyes, after he realized that the child's souls are trapped into the cursed place, for a time, Afton actually believed this to be good, while he was in fact trapping his victims' souls in the animatronics forever. He momentarily refers to his victims as his "family". He is fascinated with the animatronics to the point where he disguises himself as one of them until he becomes that in his Springtrap form.

It is shown in The Twisted Ones that upon becoming Springtrap and being released from the small room he was trapped in, William is in an invigorated state of being, having felt powerful due to his newfound strength and his control of the Twisted Animatronics. He expressed how he felt like he was ‘more’ than both his past self and Henry.

In The Fourth Closet, once he escaped from the Spring Bonnie suit, William began to regain his sanity, which in turn made him feel that he doesn’t need to be inconspicuous due to his state of condition. He is miserable, commanding and impatient, yet he still remains to be theatrical, even when he is in pain. Considering the fact that his organic, human body is full of mechanical parts, William seemingly has a tolerance for pain, as he continues to commit experiments.

Despite popular belief, William is not actually insane, as he makes mention of the fact that what he is doing is wrong, yet goes through it anyway, likely suggesting that he does not care about morality and simply does it for his own gain. However, it is previously learned in The Silver Eyes that he had an unhealthy obsession with Henry, so obsessed to the point where he wrote countless diaries about him ranging from jealousy to near worship, proving that he wasn't very mentally sound to begin with. He also appears to have no regrets, as he says that killing the missing children led to great things.

It is shown that William is calm and exact with his murders, suggesting that he has a different way of showing delight in committing his cruel and twisted acts. This is also alluded to later on in The Fourth Closet, where when he is about to murder an innocent boy for his next experiment, he tells the child with a grin that even if it doesn't work, he will at least enjoy killing him, just like he enjoyed killing his past victims years ago.

William fears one thing and one thing only, and that is death. While in his weakened state in The Fourth Closet, he expresses that he is afraid of thinking about how his time is running out, how he’d die if his goal of transporting his soul into a robot isn't achieved. He also mentions how he would rather live eternally in the state he is in than pass on.


The Silver Eyes

William about to kill Officer Dunn, TSE: Graphic Novel.

For most of the book, William posed as the night guard of the abandoned mall built around Freddy Fazbear's Pizza named Dave Miller, a fake identity he created after fleeing town and returning. Upon catching Charlie and her friends in the act of trying to sneak into Freddy's, he threatened to have them thrown out. However, he accompanied the teenagers as they explore Freddy's, showing off his familiarity with the place. When the spirits of the children began to act out, he took the opportunity to sneak off and don his Spring Bonnie costume. As Spring Bonnie, he kidnapped Charlie's friend, Carlton Burke, and shoves him into a spare springlock suit. Jason witnessed the kidnapping and tried to tell the others that "Bonnie took him" to no avail. When eventually convinced his son is in danger, Clay sent Officer Dunn to find him. As Dunn explored the pizzeria alone, he found Afton in his suit in the closet. Afton attacked him, breaking his arm and eventually killing him.

While he has Carlton in captivity, he taunted him, showing off his scars from a previous Springlock incident. He warned Carlton time and again not to move, as the slightest movement could cause the springlocks to go off and kill him. Charlie eventually found Carlton on the cameras and went to rescue him, taking the suit off of him carefully. When they encountered Afton again, Charlie hit him over the head with a pipe, knocking him unconscious. The teenagers tie him up with cords, believing it's too dangerous to keep him around otherwise. They try to interrogate him, but he's unresponsive, just staring at the head of the Spring Bonnie suit. When Charlie put it on his head, he explained that the animatronics will kill them, because they are close enough to adults for them to be afraid. He said that the animatronics won't kill him because he is "one of them" when he wears the Spring Bonnie costume. After the teenagers left, Afton somehow escapes his bonds and put his Spring Bonnie costume back on.

He hid in an office and watches as the teenagers are cornered and attacked by Chica, narrowly escaping. He is then attacked by Bonnie from the other side but managed to escape. As Clay broke into the restaurant to free the teenagers, Afton grabbed Charlie wearing the Spring Bonnie suit, insisting that she will stay with him, and if they attempt to save her, he will kill her. Charlie instead triggered the springlocks, causing Afton to release his grip as he began dying. The others watched as he convulsed on the floor, writhing silently in agony as the animatronics dragged him away into the pizzeria.

The Twisted Ones

William stroking Charlie's cheek, TTO: Graphic Novel.

When they return to the ruins of Freddy Fazbear's, Charlie and Jessica find Afton's rotting corpse inside of the Spring Bonnie costume, stuffed inside of a small closet, by the animatronics after dragging him off a year ago. Disgusted and convinced he was dead, they leave. Later, the wolf animatronic and Twisted Freddy surrounded Charlie, John, Jessica, and Clay Burke. Charlie asked the animatronics "What do you want from me?", and William, undead and still inside the rabbit costume, replies that he was the one who brought them there.

Refusing to be called Dave, or William Afton, he chose to be called Springtrap, due to becoming "one with his creation." He shows off his power with his Twisted animatronics, declaring that he alone can control them. Moving closer to Charlie, he started gently stroking her cheek, saying he won't hurt her friends, but he needs something from her. Charlie is revolted and Mr. Burke shoots at Springtrap with his gun, missing but nevertheless making him recoil. Springtrap forgets his promise and immediately attacks her with the disturbing agility of a man on full health.

Charlie tries to lead Twisted Bonnie and Twisted Wolf into an artificial river, but they find out that they are waterproof and Springtrap laughed at her. Clay lit Twisted Bonnie and the Wolf on fire, and Springtrap ran through the artificial caves with Charlie and Freddy chasing after him while being disoriented by all of the illusions of Balloon Boys within the cave. When Charlie found Springtrap, she attacked him, beating his head against a rock. She realized that a mushroom was stuck in the ground by a sharp spike nearby. She tore it out of the ground and concealed the sharp edge.

She looks back up to see Springtrap lunge at her. She dodges and shoves the spike into his chest. He stops and tries to fight her off as she dug it further into his chest while asking why he took Sammy instead of her, to which Springtrap replies that he took her and not Sammy. As the tunnel is collapsing, Springtrap escaped through a small hidden trapdoor with the spike still in his chest.

It is revealed that the control that allows the Twisted animatronics to alter how they are perceived, a small, coin-sized illusion disc, was created by Afton Robotics.

The Fourth Closet

At some point after his escape, William removed the outer shell of the Spring Bonnie suit and renounced the Springtrap identity. While he was able to remove most of the costume, he couldn't remove the animatronic parts lodged into his body. The damage the springlock failure at the end of The Silver Eyes did to his body combined with the procedure to get the suit off of him resulted in him being in a constant state of pain, needing to rely on a wheelchair and a crutch to move around and his daughter Elizabeth to do his dirty work.

After Elizabeth captured and tied up Jessica while she was trying to spy on them at the newly opened Circus Baby's Pizza, William decided to reveal himself, first as an illusion of Springtrap, before collapsing and showing his real face as the severely injured William Afton. Believing that Jessica has no power of what happens and that he is in the supreme position, William explains partly what he's been up to, creating the Funtime animatronics. Well aware of the supernatural attributes of the animatronics and the fact that his broken body won't last for very long, he had Elizabeth kidnap children so he could recreate the Fazbear murders in a controlled environment, figure out how possession works and unlock the secrets of immortality.

William as he appears in TFC: Graphic Novel.

To speed up the process, William captures the original animatronics and fuses their endoskeletons together, rendering them unable to move and ready to be used for experimentation, involving melting down the endoskeletons to see if they would bring life to the Funtimes. One of these experiments involved heating up and injecting a glowing liquid from the endoskeletons into his new Funtime animatronics, which animated them and gave him full control over them. Another involved Elizabeth surgically removing organs from his body and smashing them into the endoskeletons, hoping for some kind of change.

While Jessica, Carlton, and Marla were able to rescue most of the kidnapped children, one boy was captured by Funtime Foxy/Mangle and brought to William. Running out of time and low on options, William injected a glowing liquid from the endoskeleton into Carlton, who stayed behind to save the boy and put an end to Afton. Unaware that the injection didn't kill Carlton and instead enabled him to talk to the souls of Afton's victims, which are revealed to be still inside of the amalgamated endoskeletons, a disappointed William turned to the cornered kid. He gleefully tells the boy that even if this next experiment is another failure, at least "it will be fun; like old times".

Carlton succeeds in convincing the spirits of the children that the yellow Bonnie they thought was their friend is actually their murderer. They promptly took control of the Funtime animatronics and attacked Afton, but when he managed to fend them off and prepared to kill the boy, they used the fused endoskeleton to grab William. Unable to escape, the endoskeletons dragged him into a nearby furnace along with them, killing him for good. With Afton dead and the animatronics destroyed, the souls of the children can finally fade away.

List of Victims

Before the Events of the Books

  • Charlotte Emily - Sammy's twin baby sister. Charlie was killed at Fredbear's Family Diner by William Afton, while she and Sammy were hiding in one of the closets playing with costumes.
  • The Missing Children
    • Michael Brooks - Lured to the backroom of the pizzeria.
    • Susie - Lured away by William in the Spring Bonnie suit with the promise of showing her where her dog is.
    • The other three children were lured into the backroom of the pizzeria.

The Silver Eyes

  • Officer Dunn - Stabbed to death when he was trying to find Carlton.

The Twisted Ones

  • Tracy Horton - Springlocked by a twisted animatronic, before her body was left to die in a field.
  • Many others killed by the twisted animatronics.


  • It is unknown why William worked as a security guard at the mall.
    • Although the mall did need a security guard, William didn't receive the job for that intended purpose, but to likely be with the children he killed who are haunting the animatronics, as he had seen them as a surrogate family.
  • In the graphic novel, William's design takes many elements from his main series counterpart, specifically his appearance from the SAVETHEM minigame. These similarities include:
    • His large and constant smile.
    • His tendencies to hide in the shadows.
    • His dead pale eyes that are different from other characters.
    • His tall and skinny frame and long neck.
    • His security guard facade.
    • The name tag that he wears somewhat resembles the security badge he wore in Five Nights at Freddy's 2.
    • The only aspects missing are of his cleft chin, and that he doesn't wear purple at all, which can be considered irony, as he is famous for having the color in his design to the point where before his real name was revealed, he was nicknamed Purple Guy.
  • In the books, William’s family is much smaller and isn't as expanded upon, as his only child was his daughter, Elizabeth Afton, whereas in the games, William had two additional children alongside Elizabeth, that being his sons Michael Afton and presumably the Crying Child.
    • Furthermore, in the novels, William is shown to be neglectful and abusive to Elizabeth (as shown in The Fourth Closet) unlike his game counterpart, who was implied to have seemingly cared about Elizabeth.



  1. "Business partner to Charlie's late father, William Afton was also one of the prime suspects in the missing children case from ten years ago. Though he was never officially charged, William left town quickly and his current whereabouts are unknown." - The Freddy Files/Updated Edition
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