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I am Agony.
William Afton, Fazbear Frights #7: The Cliffs

William Afton, also known as the Room 1280 Patient, is an infamous serial killer and the overarching antagonist of the Fazbear Frights series.


The Man in Room 1280

The man is gruesomely damaged. He has a head, a torso, two arms, and two legs, but those are the only parts that resembled human. All of his charred skeleton is exposed, along with some translucent skin that looked like most of its layers have been burned off. The man has functional organs, as his desiccated and blackened heart pumps and his shriveled lungs expands and contracts. His face is missing, with empty pits replacing his eyes. Blood still flows through his veins, and he has signs of brain functions.

Fazbear Frights Epilogues

He looks similar to his previous appearance, but his bones were reformed to add the shape of two rabbit ears and a clawed arm.


This version of Afton is shown to be particularly sadistic, being driven by "a never-ending need to inflict pain". This is further solidified by him making the Stitchwraith kill everyone he touches and attempting to stop Andrew and Jake from ascending into the afterlife, even though these actions don't bring him any direct benefit. He also has an obsession with rabbits, dressing in a rabbit suit when committing his murders and providing the amalgamation he creates with rabbit ears made out of robotic parts.

Afton also pretends to be stronger than he really is; During Epilogue 7, his soul was barely clinging onto reality, but he makes himself look like a powerful creature. However, in his final moments, he shows signs of weakness. When Eleanor escapes his Amalgamation, Afton looks at her pleadingly. Epilogue 10 revealed that Eleanor was actually the true force powering the Amalgamation, so it's likely he was begging her to not leave him alone and powerless, and possibly even to die.


Before the Epilogues

William Afton was one of the founders of Fazbear Entertainment, and unlike his other iterations, was well known for his murders. He committed several murders while wearing the Spring Bonnie suit, including that of Andrew and presumably of Susie as well. He was eventually caught in a horrific fire, but Andrew attached his soul to him, to anchor him to life so he could suffer.

The Man in Room 1280

He's eventually put in Heracles Hospital in Room 1280, his body being completely burnt and on the verge of death, with Andrew still inside of him and tormenting him in his mind. The government later took him off of life support. However, he continued to live. During his stay, he became the source of speculation amongst the nurses, sensing something evil in him, a theory that's further believed after scans revealed two minds inhabiting his brain.

Years later, local priest Arthur Blythe was called to the hospital to give him his last rites, but William began to communicate with him, first by creating beeps through the monitors, and next by tracing letters with a single finger, spelling out FAZBENTERDISCENTER. Arthur figured out that it was short hand for the Fazbear Entertainment Distribution Center, which Arthur then figured out he wanted to visit. He began to petition for the hospital to allow the man to visit, initially being refused. All three nurses attempt to kill William, but all are prevented by Andrew.

During this time, Arthur was able to pester the hospital enough to be granted temporary custody of William to take him to the distribution center. When they arrived, he burst into chunks of flesh and gristle, seemingly releasing the tormenting specter, as evidenced by tiny footsteps coming from the man. William lives from this as well, anchoring on Andrew without him knowing. William was also able to manipulate Andrew's anger, allowing it to have deadly effects on whatever it touched.

Fazbear Frights Epilogues

William remains anchored to Andrew without his knowledge for a long time, up until the point where Andrew possessed an animatronic dog named Fetch. This dog eventually ended up in the possession of Phineas Taggart, a scientist that studied human emotion and its power. One day, the broken down Fetch animatronic, a three foot tall doll and an animatronic endoskeleton were used in Phineas' experiments, the three objects put together to form a being that had agony soaked in from several other miscellaneous objects from his collection. This being comes to life and kills the doctor.

Andrew awakens inside of the endoskeleton, meeting another dead child named Jake, who is in control of the body they're in. Andrew reveals that he had used his anger to infect a number of items, back when he was at the Fazbear Entertainment Distribution Center. Jake decides to search around for the items and destroy them so they won't cause any harm. With a sentient endoskeleton wandering around, it was bound to be seen by people, and it was labelled as an urban legend; the Stitchwraith. William remains in hiding during their hunt, planning to reveal himself when the time is right. During this time in hiding, he was also able to channel Andrew's anger, so that any person the Stitchwraith touched felt the emotions pulsing through them to the point where they bled black and died, thus forcefully turning Andrew and the endoskeleton they were in into a killing machine.

After collecting several items, such as the deactivated remains of Fetch, the crushed parts of a Plushtrap Chaser, an Ella doll and a torn apart Foxy animatronic, Jake begins to destroy the items, but is stopped by Detective Larson, a police investigator that had been trying to find the Stitchwraith. Andrew attempts to kill the detective, but Jake stops him, causing the Stitchwraith to fall into the trash compactor they were using.

When Jake tried to pull Andrew into his memory to keep him safe from the annihilation of the Stitchwraith, William revealed himself, first as a colorful, shapeless blob, and then as the burnt skeletal man from before, but this time with two rabbit ears and a claw. Andrew mysteriously disappeared, and William's mangled form attacked Jake, engulfing him in darkness temporarily. William's spirit then fused with the huge mound of junk comprising of the Plushtrap Chaser, Ella, Fetch and Foxy. After fusing with the four animatronics, he began to suck in even more of the junk around him, including Eleanor, a female shaped endoskeleton. This fifteen foot tall amalgamation of animatronic scrap plans to attack Larson.

Afton was able to get an advantage by stabbing Larson, transferring his infection to him, but Larson persevered. Afton was impaled by a forklift drove by the detective, crashing through the walls of factory and towards the lake nearby. Afton overpowers Larson's force, crushing the forklift to pieces, but not before the broken mask of the Puppet, as well as several of its limbs went within Afton's new form.

From there, the Puppet was able to make the animatronic parts free themselves from the salvaged fusion, forcing Afton's amalgamation to tear itself apart. Afton screams as his form dissipates, and the broken body of trash fell into the water. Afton, alongside the Puppet and the other animatronic parts, sank into the bottom of the lake never to be seen again. Larson lived, as the Stitchwraith (now solely possessed by Jake) used its energy to burn away at the detective's wound, removing the last remains of Afton's infection finally putting down the serial killer, for good.


  • It is unknown if he killed children in the Spring Bonnie suit, built the twisted Funtime Freddy, the body-swapping Lonely Freddy, had a hand in any of Andrew's malicious agony, built the gruesome Minireenas, the Funtime animatronics, murdered Susie, and possessed Springtrap. However, it is still heavily implied he did all those things, or at least most of them.
  • In the epilogue of Fazbear Frights 7: The Cliffs, it is revealed that Afton wasn't the only entity inside the amalgamation, and was most likely even inside the Stitchwraith alongside Jake, Andrew, and Afton himself.
    • The entity is said to be much more powerful and more evil than Afton this would later turn out to be Eleanor.
  • It is unknown what had actually happened to Afton after the amalgamation was destroyed, though it is implied that he had fallen into the lake along with his amalgamation and the Puppet.
  • This is the first iteration of William Afton to not be the main antagonist of the continuity he originates from.
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