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Both Radioactive Foxy and Toxic Springtrap as seen in the Blast from the Past event's release image for round two.

The wasteland animatronics are radioactive-themed animatronics who appeared in Five Nights at Freddy's AR: Special Delivery as limited time-only custom skins for the animatronics. They were introduced for the Wasteland Event that started on June 11th, 2020, and there are only two animatronics available.

Both animatronics later return for the second part of the mashup event on October 1, 2020.

Physical Appearance

They nearly shares a same model as pre-existing animatronics. The wasteland animatronics' designs are varied, sporting features based on the effects of nuclear infections and mutations, hence their name.


Radioactive Foxy

Alpine ui plushsuit radioactive foxy.png

Radioactive Foxy is a version of Foxy and the first wasteland animatronic skin released on June 11, 2020.

His appearance glows with brilliant green colors and yellow/green aura. He has a single glowing yellow eye for the left socket and wears no eye-patch to expose an empty right eye-socket. He sports two hooks on his right hand, and are larger and curvier than the normal Foxy's hook. His body is also very transparent in which his endoskeleton is almost visible.

Toxic Springtrap

Alpine ui plushsuit toxic springtrap.png

Toxic Springtrap is the second and last wasteland animatronic skin released on June 18, 2020.

Toxic Springtrap is a version of Springtrap with a repulsively mutated appearance, covered in pale tumor-like warts, tentacle-like veins, some moldy skin patches, and exude gassy fumes. Such infectious-looking traits, including his corpse, were shaded with purple and indigo tints as a possible reminiscent to the iconic color of his William Afton's minigame appearance.


  • As opposed to Toxic Springtrap, Radioactive Foxy takes no visible damage no matter how much the condition rate decreases.
  • In the fan community on Reddit, Toxic Springtrap joked as a grape, the second time the community has talked about an animatronic being some kind of fruit, the first time was with Phantom Chica.
  • Ironically, instead of Toxic Springtrap's profile icon being edited after regular Springtrap's icon, it is edited after Plushtrap's icon.

Radioactive Foxy

Toxic Springtrap


Audio Description
The audio is loud and/or startling!
The sound made when Radioactive Foxy attacks the player.
The audio is loud and/or startling!
The sound made when Toxic Springtrap attacks the player.

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