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Vents are a series of (although unseen) locations in Ultimate Custom Night.


Vent System

The duct tubes and air vent openings as seen from the Office.

Main article: Vent Monitor

The main vents are traversed by Springtrap, Withered Chica, Mangle, Molten Freddy, and Ennard. Although the vents themselves are not directly visible to the player on any camera, they can be monitored via their own section on the player's Monitor, which display a map of their length and an icon alerting the player of the location of any animatronic in the vent. There are several paths the animatronics can take, all leading to a single opening in the player's Office. The player must watch to determine which animatronics are close to the player.

There are two primary means of hindering the progress of vent-dwelling animatronics. The first method is a vent snare, which can block off any one of the three vent paths leading to the Office. Withered Chica and Mangle are both affected by the snare. Withered Chica can also be stopped by the vent door. Mangle, on the other hand, is only kept at bay by the vent snares. Shutting the vent door upon Mangle will only temporarily stop them from getting into the Office; they will remain at the door until it is opened, then enter the Office. On the other hand, Molten Freddy, Springtrap, and Ennard are completely unaffected by the snare, and they can only be stopped by closing the vent door itself. Springtrap can be seen peering through the opening in the Office, while Molten Freddy and Ennard alert the player of their presence via audio cues, allowing the player to more easily determine if they pose a threat. Successfully blocking off these five animatronics will provide one Faz-Coin.

There is also a smaller vent visible on the right side of the player's Office, which is not able to be viewed through the Monitor. Instead, the player must watch the vent directly from inside the Office itself. BB and JJ appear in this vent's opening very often, and although neither of them can directly give the player a Game Over, BB will temporarily disable the player's flashlight and JJ will temporarily disable the doors, leaving them vulnerable to attacks from certain antagonists, as well as emit a loud laughter. The player must therefore take care to check this opening very often, and close the vent door if they see either BB or JJ. Additionally, William Afton (as Scraptrap) will attempt to enter through this vent once per night, with his appearance being foreshown by a loud clanging noise. Although he can be stopped by closing the vent door, he can jumpscare the player and give them a Game Over if they fail to close the vent door in time.

Duct System

Main article: Duct Monitor

There is also an air duct system which can monitored by its own section on the monitor. The ducts are inhabited by the Mediocre Melodies animatronics - Happy Frog, Mr. Hippo, Pigpatch, Nedd Bear, and Orville Elephant - who are identified by warning signs that move around the ducts (Happy Frog is the green sign, Mr. Hippo is the purple sign, Pigpatch is the pink sign, Nedd Bear is the brown sign, and Orville is the orange sign). The duct system has two entrances to the player's Office, and one will always be sealed, which can be changed by opening the sealed entrance, which results in the other entrance getting sealed. Once any duct-crawler reaches the open entrance, they will jumpscare the player. There are two methods of dealing with the duct-crawling animatronics. The first method is an audio lure that can be set wherever the player clicks on the map. The animatronics will be attracted to this lure, but how much they are fooled by it varies; Happy Frog, Mr. Hippo, and Pigpatch are all fooled 100% of the time by the audio lure, meaning that once they get trapped in the audio lure, they will stay there and not move. Nedd Bear and Orville are fooled less of the time by the audio lure (Nedd Bear is fooled 50% of the time, while Orville is fooled 10%), so the player must be more observant of their progress towards the duct entrances. The second method is to switch on the Heater, which will push back all duct-crawling animatronics with the sole exception of Happy Frog, who is immune to the Heater. Another downside to the Heater is that it agitates Freddy Fazbear, Jack-O-Chica, and Lefty, so it is recommended to use it as sparingly as possible.


Audio Description
The squeaking noise heard when Ennard reaches the vent opening.
Molten Freddy's laugh heard when he reaches the vent opening.
The clamoring heard when Scraptrap is rushing through the side vent.
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