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Vendor Bots has not been given an official name; as such, this name is purely conjectural. However, it will be used until an official name is released.

The vendor bots are robots in the Five Nights at Freddy's series used for offering objects. In Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator, they appear as Catalog Items and can be purchased for customizing Freddy Fazbear's Pizza Place.


Candy Cadet

Main article: Candy Cadet

Candy Cadet is a colorful robot that vends a piece of candy per Faz-Token and tells rather dark stories that contain relevance to the lore. He can be purchased from "Stan's Budget Tech" for $310.

  • Atmosphere: 0
  • Health & Safety: 0
  • Entertainment: 3
  • Bonus Revenue: 3
  • Liability Risk: 0

Lemonade Clown


The Lemonade Clown is a clown bot that store and transport lemonade. Available in "Smiles and Servos, Inc.", this item costs $390. He is a close cousin to the Fruit Punch Clown.

  • Atmosphere: 3
  • Health & Safety: 0
  • Entertainment: 1
  • Bonus Revenue: 1
  • Liability Risk: 0

The Lemonade Clown appeared in his own minigame, available after being purchased. The goal to beat the minigame is to scare the FNaF World Balloon Boy-like children for amount of points.

Fruit Punch Clown


The Fruit Punch Clown is a clown bot that store and transport fruit punch juice. Available at "Smiles and Servos, Inc.", the Fruit Punch Clown costs $490. He is a close cousin to Lemonade Clown.

  • Atmosphere: 3
  • Health & Safety: 0
  • Entertainment: 2
  • Bonus Revenue: 1
  • Liability Risk: 0

The Fruit Punch Clown also appears in his own minigame after purchasing him. His minigame was similar to Lemonade Clown's. Uniquely, he has a small chance to utter an alternate voice line that seems rather threatening, saying "Tell anyone about this and I cut your throat."

Prize King

Prize King.png

Prize King is a vending bot that can be obtained from the "Rare Finds Auction" at a cost of $7770, and if the player interacts with him, they can access a minigame where the player can earn a prize. Funtime Chica has a rare chance to be obtained from this minigame when granting a prize.

  • Atmosphere: 0
  • Health & Safety: 0
  • Entertainment: 3
  • Bonus Revenue: 8
  • Liability Risk: 0

The Prize King has green eyes and lacks arms and legs, instead having a base that supports him. He seems to be made of gold, and has a grinning face with a crown and cape. His torso is full of prize capsules.

Gumball Swivelhands

Gumball Swivelhands.png

Gumball Swivelhands is a gumball machine obtained at "Stan's Budget Tech". Its price is $125.

  • Atmosphere: 0
  • Health & Safety: 0
  • Entertainment: 1
  • Bonus Revenue: 3
  • Liability Risk: 0

It is a chewing gum vending machine with a face and rotating hands that give it its name. Its eyes and mouth seem to be made with stickers, it has a propeller hat, inside its head it has red, green, blue, yellow, orange and purple gumballs. In the chest area is the gumball dispenser. Gumball Swivelhands lacks legs, with a base supporting it, as does Prize King.

Unlike the other pizzeria items, it does not own any minigames, nor does it appear in any minigames.


  • Both Lemonade and Fruit Punch Clown's voice is a text-to-speech, similar to Candy Cadet, although Lemonade Clown speaks with a Russian Maxim voice[1] and Fruit Punch Clown speaks with a German Hans voice.[2]
  • Candy Cadet was the only vendor bot who appeared in Ultimate Custom Night.


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Lemonade Clown

Fruit Punch Clown

Prize King


Audio Description
"Lemonade for everyone!" - Lemonade Clown's dialogue clip.
"Fruit punch for everyone!" - Fruit Punch Clown's dialogue clip.
"Tell anyone about this and I cut your throat." - Fruit Punch Clown's rare dialogue clip.


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