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I'll bet you think you're real clever, Gregory. Yeah, I know your name. You're in big trouble! This is not the night to be wasting my time. So, you are going to wait right there in Lost and Found until your parents or the police arrive.
Vanessa, Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach

Vanessa A. is a security guard who appears in Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach, serving as one of the primary antagonists. In Five Nights at Freddy's AR: Special Delivery, she goes by the name Ness in the e-mails.

Physical Appearance

Vanessa is a young woman with pale skin, shoulder-length blonde hair, freckles, green eyes, and glossy lips. As revealed in the e-mails in Special Delivery, she used to wear rainbow streak hair extensions[2], and is seen wearing purple nail polish.

While working, she wears a dark gray cap labeled "SECURITY" with a white button-down shirt, two small single-chevron collar pins, simple black shoulder marks and an oval patch featuring a silver police-style badge. This is paired with black oxfords, black slacks and a belt, where she wears a gold-tinted badge on her right hip.

Her former co-worker, Luis, describes Vanessa as someone who could brighten up a room[2] and as beautiful in the scrapped e-mails.


As shown by the e-mails, she has a feminine personality, showing an appreciation for fashion, as she has worn rainbow streak hair extensions. She also likes baking, having ordered cupcake cookbooks, and likes puppies, as she purportedly owns a glittery pink journal with pictures of them. However, Vanessa also appears to be very lonely.

Luis mentioned that she once ordered chocolates for herself and pretended they were from her imaginary boyfriend, Brad. She is shown to take her job seriously, making an effort to find Gregory to keep him out of trouble and even threatens to have Glamrock Freddy scrapped if she finds out he is helping him cause any type of trouble. She also reveals that she knew Gregory's name via hearing Freddy's voice coming from the Fazwatch. She also claimed that all the other animatronics were aware of Gregory's presence, though this could have been done before Vanny sabotaged the animatronics in order to turn them against Gregory and Glamrock Freddy.

She is also shown to be hot-tempered at times, as when she finally finds Gregory and takes him to the Lost and Found, she is seen admonishing Gregory for his actions before her face glitches into Vanny.

Through her therapy session recordings we learn that Vanessa has struggled with severe anxiety, depression, and past trauma. Contrary to her in-game appearance, she seems despondent and has a self-critical attitude during therapy. Her low self-esteem makes her prone to manipulation, as her therapists suggest. Something traumatic happened to her and, as per her admission in the CD logs, she's attempted to compartmentalize it as a coping mechanism.


She was formerly the Senior IT Representative at Fazbear Entertainment, Inc. based on the e-mails in Special Delivery. She later transferred to Freddy Fazbear's Mega Pizzaplex to work as a security guard. However, an electronic message found in game shows that she was considered unqualified for the job, as she had no experience either as a security guard or guarding and patrolling a place as big as the Pizzaplex, with the job interviewer stating in their message that they do not recommend her for the position despite upper management's recommendation. However, she was still hired, and the electronic message regarding her interview was scheduled to be deleted.

Vanessa capturing Gregory in the elevator

Vanessa serves as a complication throughout most of Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach, as she searches certain areas for Gregory. During the beginning of the game, it is revealed that she cut Freddy off from the main office. As the player continues to play farther along into the game, Vanessa soon vanishes out of the game. It is likely she gets taken over by Afton and replaced by Vanny during gameplay, who is now hunting Gregory. This continues on until the end of the game. Depending on which ending the player unlocks or secret ending is conducted, Vanessa will either be shown at the end eating ice cream with Freddy and Gregory, or on top of the Rooftop of the burning Pizzaplex looking down on Vanny's dead body.

However, if the player were to unlock the Bad Ending, the Good Ending, or the Burntrap Ending, Vanessa isn't present. This may be because she fled the Pizzaplex.


Withered Chica Head UCN Troll Game.png "I was the first! I have seen everything!"

This section archives a lot of theories and speculation, which usually occurs from pre-release media, or just things that are still unknown, so please keep that in mind while reading. The page will continue to be updated with the most accurate information as more solid evidence is supplied.

  • It is heavily implied that Vanny is Vanessa's alter-ego when she is under the influence of Glitchtrap.
    • The two share very similar names, with Vanny seemingly being a contraction of Vanessa, as well as a combination of Vanessa and bunny as pointed out by Glamrock Freddy.
    • Special Delivery's scrapped emails and Security Breach's Retro CDs seem to heavily imply that Vanessa and Vanny are indeed the same person.
      • Vanessa has requested a bunny-shaped cake for her birthday.
      • Vanessa purchased fake fur material to create some kind of costume, presumably the Vanny costume.
    • Further evidence that supports the Vanessa/Vanny theory is that Gregory never trusted her and believes she has malicious intent. Given she appears to be an ally in other content, it would be odd for the player to hide from her. This could hint that Gregory may be aware or suspects that Vanessa and Vanny are the same entity.
      • The game's description states that Vanessa is hunting the player, but Vanny isn't mentioned.
    • According to Security Breach's coding, all of the AI has a "shattered" variant. Interestingly, Vanessa's "shattered" variant is Vanny.[3]
    • In media that shows Vanny and Vanessa together at once, both characters do not appear to interact with the other.
      • In the leaked poster, Vanny and none of the Glamrock Animatronics seem to look at or acknowledge Vanessa being in the foreground.
      • While Vanessa may appear to be looking at Vanny in the Funko collectible statue, this may be a static pose for the character, and the figures are not representing a plausible scene. The two figures are kept apart by a potted plant, leading to a dissipation if they are the same person.
      • The key art also shows Vanessa among the animatronics and Gregory, with Vanny appearing in the background.
    • If Vanessa is active while the unused Vanny Meter is turned on via Debug Mode, she will become Vanny when the meter is full.
  • In the Unmasked Ending, Gregory pulls off the mask of Vanny to reveal a blonde woman who looks similar to Vanessa. However, Vanessa reappears in the ending's post-credit scene, looking down at Vanny, Gregory, and Freddy from the rooftop of the burning Pizzaplex. Gregory also appears shocked and confused at the sight of the blonde woman, despite having seen her face before at certain points of the game.
  • Vanessa's last name starts with an "A", which has lead to speculation that she could be an Afton.



  • She is the first security guard of the franchise to be physically shown without being obstructed.
    • With the release of the Security Breach trailer, this also makes her the first fully modeled human to be seen in a main FNAF game mode.
  • She is also the first confirmed female security guard of the franchise.
  • Vanessa was born in September as seen in Special Delivery's unreleased e-mails. She is also stated to be 23 years old.
  • She is the second human character in the Franchise to have a Jumpscare, the first being Vanny.
    • Oddly enough, her Jumpscare still features the Screech sound the Glamrock Animatronics make, ignoring the fact that her mouth is also completely shut while it happens. However, this is most likely a bug in the game or a gameplay mechanic.
  • During gameplay it is revealed that Vanessa has no idea who Gregory was. Vanessa explains that she learned his name through Glamrock Freddy's communications with him through the Faz-Watch.
  • It is unknown why Vanessa is not present in the hallway following her small confrontation with Glamrock Freddy after going through the Service Tunnels to get to the lower levels. Looking to see where she goes after the player regains control, the player will see nothing but a wall and a locked chain fence, indicating that she should have had no possible exit from the scene. It is possible that she was kidnapped moments after she returned to the Pizzaplex and was taken over by Vanny, which could explain the jumpscare the player receives from her later and Vanny's sudden appearances.
  • It is possible at the end of the Princess Quest Ending, Vanessa adopted Gregory, following the events of the game.
  • While Vanessa normally has green eyes, later in the game and in the teaser in the fourth episode of Freddy & Friends: On Tour!, they appear to be yellow. The reason for this is unknown, but it could be due to overall image quality or lighting, as the entire image has been pink-shifted from her normal coloration.
  • While Vanessa normally can only jumpscare the player during the sequence in which Gregory looks around Rockstar Row for the Party Pass, through hacking it can be discovered that Vanessa can be triggered to jumpscare the player during the sequence when she walks outside Freddy's room at the start of the game and during the scene where she talks to Freddy in Parts and Service.
    • If jumpscaring the player during the start of the game, the game skips directly to the Lost and Found sequence rather than giving a Game Over.
  • Vanessa currently has an unused animation for being stunned by the Fazerblaster, wherein she recoils and blinks rapidly before recovering.[4]
    • This ties in with the Fazerblaster S.T.A.F.F. Bot's advice to blink rapidly, if hit in or near the eyes by a Fazerblaster shot.
    • She also has several groans of pain unused in the game files, which were likely meant to play when stunned by these weapons.








  1. * In Special Delivery's unreleased e-mails, she is stated to be 23 years old.
  2. 2.0 2.1 "Hey, Ness, Is everything OK? I came by your desk to say hi today and I don't think you even heard me. You had your face so close to the screen, that can't be good for your eyes (I know, I know, I sound like somebody's grandma). I waited for a second to see if you would turn around, but it was like you were in another world. It must be useful to be able to shout out the world and focus like that, I wish I could do it. I thought you were on a conference call at first because I heard voices. Ness, if you ever want to talk about anything, I'm always here for you. I thought your hair looked nice today, the rainbow streaks brightened up the office - and the office is always in desperate need of some brightening!" - Luis, Five Nights at Freddy's AR: Special Delivery
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