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VR Springtrap, Fazbear Frights #5: Bunny Call

VR Springtrap (simply referred to as Springtrap in the story) is a smaller version of Springtrap who was originated from a video game known as Springtrap's Revenge. He is the main antagonist of In the Flesh, the second story in Fazbear Frights 5: Bunny Call.

Physical Appearance

VR Springtrap looks very much identical to his game counterpart with some differences. Unlike his game counterpart which yellow-green fur and Afton's corpse inside it, VR Springtrap has green fur and is entirely mechanical. His eyes glow green when he spots the player, which is unique to VR Springtrap.

Despite being very similar to Springtrap from the games, VR Springtrap has a different origin. According to Matt, his design was inspired by his fear of people wearing animal mascot costumes, as one of his earliest fears was inspired from a Mall Easter Bunny that his mother took a picture of him with when he was young. VR Springtrap's murderous nature was inspired by horror movies and real-world serial killers, as Matt wanted to immortalize him as a terrifying character.

In the real world when he emerges out of Matt's body, he is entirely organic and covered in mucus.


VR Springtrap is a video game character in a horror virtual reality game known as Springtrap's Revenge, which was the next installment of the in-universe Five Nights at Freddy's series. He hunts down the player within a maze, trying to kill them before they can escape.

The developer of the game, Matt, used the creation of Springtrap and the game to vent over his failed romantic relationships. Matt wished for Springtrap to be remembered as one of the great horrors of pop culture, doing extensive research of horror villains to figure out why they persisted. However, during playtesting, Springtrap kept killing him. Furious due to his arrogance and pride, Matt decided to reprogram the game to punish Springtrap. He removes all characters so Springtrap would be alone in the maze, and sped up the game's time so that one minute in the real world would be a thousand minutes in the game world. Matt felt superior knowing that he is above Springtrap and can control his entire existence.

Due to the AI's nature to kill, VR Springtrap worked around it by spawning a new iteration of itself, who promptly killed the old one. This process occurred hundreds of thousands of times over the course of the night, with the violence of each death growing. When Matt checked the code, he found that Springtrap's code was corrupted and couldn't remove it. Matt played the game to see if Springtrap is functioning, but found Springtrap's lifeless body on the ground. Matt attempted to close Springtrap's open eyes, and felt a shock when he touched it. Later, Gene Jr. hacked into Matt's computer and found Springtrap in the same condition as before, but nothing happened when he touched it. Gene then found an extraction program called "Its_a_boy.exe" within the game code. This implied that Springtrap's AI was extracted from the game through Matt's previous encounter.

VR Springtrap, now manifested inside Matt soon led to his physical health to deteriorate. Matt felt sick and had a massive appetite, which led to his stomach getting bigger. Later on, his skin turned yellow, his hair was getting thinner and had developed a lump on his scalp. As the pain grew, Matt realized that something was inside of him, and he cut himself open to relieve the pain. VR Springtrap, now the size of a newborn infant emerged out of Matt's stomach, placing Matt's head in his lap and calling him "Daddy." Matt eventually dies from blood loss. His roommate found his body and called the police, who assumed suicide. The officer found a clump of green fur covered in mucus next to the dead body, but disregarded it.


  • VR Springtrap seems to represent both Glitchtrap and Plushtrap. He escaped into the real world as a physical manifestation similar to Glitchtrap, and he appeared as a baby version similar to Plushtrap.
  • VR Springtrap was first seen on the last page of the updated edition of The Freddy Files book, where it illustrates the titular character fading away into a digital green effect. This makes VR Springtrap the very first Fazbear Frights character to be teased. This was also clarified in the preview for the upcoming Five Nights at Freddy's: The Ultimate Guide.
  • VR Springtrap is the fourth antagonist in a Fazbear Frights book to be a rabbit with organic properties, the others being Spring Bonnie, Plushtrap Chaser, and Ralpho.
  • VR Springtrap seems to have gone through a shift in personality in the story. In the game, VR Springtrap was hostile and attacked Matt. After he escaped into the real world, VR Springtrap rested Matt's head on his lap and referred to him as his dad before disappearing.
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