I have discovered an epic Foxy bug that can help you finish any night without worry as long as Foxy is quite active. Here is the step by step procedure.

  1. Use the easy strategy at first to easily deal with Foxy, close the door when you realise Foxy is gone.
  2. Once you veiw his running animation you must do the next step precisly, it is extremely difficult.
  3. The SECOND Foxy arrives (time it carefully or you'll mess up) open the door and turn on the light. Foxy should appear at the door but disappear a second later, his scream echoing through the pizzeria.
  4. Sit back as animatronics cannot attack you.

The main reason the animatronics cannot attack you is because you are dead but not dead at the same time. Sometimes the light remains on at the left door but cannot be turned off and the doors cannot be closed on either side. Bonnie may appear at the door but don't panic, he cannot attack you. The light will eventually turn off itself but will still visibly be on, not draining your power.

WARNING! If you have lost a lot of power or the door on the right is closed you may run out of power as you cannot open the door. Main reason being the power can still go out, making Freddy kill you at the end as normal. This does work on iOS but I am shaky about PC for I have not tested. ENJOY!

'EDIT: 'YES! I do realize many people probably discovered it before me, but I'm just putting it out there guys!

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