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  • Yakkorinio

    Mangle, dubbed the Trashpile by Freddy and Toy Foxy by Withered Foxy was a reoccuring antagonist in the FNAF manga franchise and the titular antagonist of Mangle's Return (Issue #2014). She first appeared in issue #1976 as one of the many possessed animatronics under control of Shadow Freddy before he was retconned to be the true mastermind between the fires. She officially died in issue #2023 after Henry-Kun burned his body along with the rest of the animatronics.

    Mangle was the reincarnation of the original Nightmare Foxy and was found in the alley by drunk Fazbear Entertainment employees, who decided to make the formerly maroon and epically made Mangle into a joke. Mangle was then brought into the restaurant and renamed "Toy Foxy" where …

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  • Yakkorinio

    William started this lore by killing theorists, then-

    "GAME THEORY!", yelled matpat. "Well then.", said William as he killed some kids and took the suits and hit a wall to try and make a new animatronic.

    It's called sans undertale and it gave Freddy a lesson about jumpscaring. But Pigman decided to eat children cause reasons. Then William created Baby to capture ligma.

    "What's that thing in your hair?", said Fat Guy and he ate a pizza and nuked the pizzeria and slapped a woman on her head. And she screamed "WAAAAAAAAAH." and Freddy came and rickrolled MatPat to Murderous Robots.

    "Why would-", "Who is-". "Shut up.", said Afton and Ballon Boy then decided to smack Ballora because of reasons and um so basically Ballora screamed cause she had a he…

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  • Yakkorinio

    • Michael is born around this time.
    • Henry meets William.
    • The plans for Fredbear and Springbonnie is created.
    • Elizabeth is born around this time.
    • The Springlock suits are made and Fredbear's v1 is opened.
    • Henry creates the puppet to protect his daughter, Charlie.
    • Charlie is killed by William in the rain.
    • CC is born around this time.
    • The Puppet is possessed by Charlie's remnant and is recovered. 
    • Henry shuts his restaurant down.

    • Fredbear's is bought out by Fazbear Entertainment and the second location is opened, aka the FNAF 1 location.  Un-Nightmare Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, and Foxy is introduced to the restaurant.
    • The Funtime Animatronics are created, along with Circus Baby. 
    • CBPW is opened for one day, and Elizabeth dies. '''''It closed down.
    • Michael begi…

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  • Yakkorinio

    William was born 1948 in Sunderland to a middle-class family. His mother, Clara, was often subject to abuse by his drunken father- struck with PTSD after WWII. He held strong beliefs that Clara had cheated on her to have William, and his temper left him often fired from jobs, leaving Clara to get a job herself. She took overtime nearly any-time she could to avoid her violent beatings at times.

    She did not leave him, however.  The house was all she had and William was her comfort zone. Because of this, she spoiled him any time she could. Gifts, toys, puppets to play with in his free-time.

    One of these happened to be a yellow bear with a tophat and a bow-tie, along with a yellow rabbit with a drumset. This would later inspire William to put on…

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  • Yakkorinio

    useless pretty much

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