Heyooo! I know it's been so long since I last made the announement about the FNaF World Portal. But I have another portal to tell you about! Introducing...

The FNaF Book Portal!!!!

We're working on getting pages created for this stuff. However, unlike when we were moving the FNaF World pages over, we don't have a lot of pre-made pages to work with here. (Yes, I'm aware of other wikis with this stuff but we're not stealing.) So, users, if you see a book page and feel like sprucing it up, it would be greatly appreciated! We're approaching something like 400 pages so it's impossible for just a few people to keep check on that many. So please consider helping out and making everything great!

Also, remember, fanart is still a no-go, so make sure you only use official art. These are book characters and such so visual representation is scarce if it exists at all.

Thanks for your help!

Vernanonix (talk)

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