HELLO EVERYONE! About a week and a half ago, I announced that we would be merging in the pages from the FNaF World Wiki and become the wiki for all things FNaF. And now, I present to you...

The FNaF World Portal

This new page is indicative of the direction we're moving with this wiki. Some of you may have seen it lurking under the Games menu on the navigation bar (which the placement is only temporary until the dust settles from the renovation here), but from here, you can find all things FNaF World.

But, I also need your help! See, I've moved a TON of stuff. Like, 140+ pages and probably close to 1000 files. As such, there could be things I've missed. So I'm asking, dear users, that you follow up on the work done and make sure everything is consistent, clean, and unbroken. There may still be files missing in places or links not going to the right places. In fact, some of the files I brought over may be really small. (An oversight by myself but I think I fixed it all?) So if anything is super out of line, go ahead and fix it. I've unlocked all the pages to registered users. If you would like to use the about to be defunct FNaF World Wiki as a guide to make sure what's right and what's not, go ahead.

I plan on hitting the book side of things next, but I'm gonna take a bit of a break after all this craziness. Also, as a side note, I made a page for Fazbear Entertainment, so if anyone wants to start filling out that information, it'd be appreciated.

I think that's everything for now! Have a good week!

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