(This is a fan-song!)


Oh what do we have here? A new guy to be cheered? Well welcome buddy to a wonderland! A place full of people blinded by sand! They don't know the truth and neither do you! But don't worry it's your first time on the job! Come on now let's get this part threw! It was once my first night too!

Verse 1:

We always have new employee's coming in! A brand new and exciting peice of life to just sin! We never let them fade away! But something's will cave in! They might not see the light of day! A golden opportunity ahead! Come on, don't be shy! I know you may not be made of led! But there are new things to try!


Wait, what I'm I thinking? Have I gone insane? You shouldn't be there you should stay away! I really need to say now! Chances are you've made a very poor career choice... But hey! Where's the fun in that? I think I'll just help! I will make sure you get through and be a wealthy spell, a giant mountain of life! Come let's try! It time that we play today!


Oh what do we have here? The new guy must be cheered! Your doing great so far! This story might be at a senimar! But still they don't know the truth and neither do you! I hate to see someone get hurt head threw! It was my first night too!

Verse 2:

Ok your almost threw! It's 4 am! Come on little buddy you can make it to the end! Never lose all hope! I beleive in your soul! I promise I will (make them cheer) a story of a beleiver! But wait what is that? A robot in the vent? Better hide quick then! Come on your doing great! Don't give in or I will sin, the part that makes your life!


Oh good! It's 5 am! One more hour to go then! You get th gist of it! Like a perfect fit! The money is waiting! Your a proffesianol, a man that sees the impressionable! Wait come on only 16 minutes left you better not die!


Oh look what we have here! A man braver than a deer! He might just make threw all five nights! Ok then that's good for representation! Come on it's just a first time on job! I know you'll make it threw! Just remember it was my first night too!