This place has gotten...dead.

But all jokes aside some of you may remember me. No?Some of you may recall my old username: TenDancin'Roses. I left back in 2015 because of....personal issues. But now I'm back! And I'm no longer 11 like I was in 2015. I'm 13. Well,I'm going to be 14 in January but hey!No one's perfect.

OK. A lot of you may remember,I LOVED Gravity Falls as well as FNaF. But now,I have found a new passion as well as FNaF....THE LAST GUARDIAN-hence the name TriccoStudios. And no,Tricco did NOT fly me here(to be honest he has flied like twice so can he fly from...wherever that game is set to South Alabama). But I'm back to find Reddit is exploding because of FFPS and...Scott has finished FNaF(?).

So it's nice to see ya all again!