Welp. I'M BACK!

OK a couple of you may remember. I was WaitI'mDoingThis and had to quit becuase...we moved from Michigan and my little sister was born!So I was legit about to load up the ol' account when my friend told me FFPS came out. So I rode on mah bike over to hers. As we were playing,I checked out Reddit and Tumblr and this wiki. And it was SO quiet. Like a Internet Twilight Zone. About 3 hours later (we were loosers at Monday night) everything started up again.

Then I tried to load up WaitI'mDoingThis again but empty space with a message saying my account had been erased. So I just made another account. TheoryFishy!

Happy holdiays yall.

Fishy!(that's my new outro)

PS I am not gonna be on here much