So, if there are 2 purple men (said by smike) and phone guy is one of them, (thanks, game theory who is actually Scott Cawthon and so is smike) then who is phone guy? golden freddy. how? In the SAVE THEM minigame, you see 1 of the purple men!!!!!1 who is in the VERY SAME minigame? Golden Freddy! also, that purple man is wearing a badge! jeremy is purple guy #2!!!!!!

BUT.... who is golden freddy? Golden Toy Chica. who is also in THE SAME minigame as golden freddy? Toy Chica. ALSO golden!!!!11! and Golden Toy Chica's beak Is.... A TRIANGLE!!!

So.. here is the TRUE story of FNAF!

Year 69

Toy Chica once drank mtn dew and turned into DANK GOLDEN TOY CHICA!! now a part of the loomanarty, GTC (golden toy chica) was sent to kill a kid with the help of Jeremy Fitzgerald. after sucessfully killing the child, the child became the marionette. afterwards jeremy was tasked once again with killing 5 more children. the children possess the animatronics now.

Year 420 

GTC rekt her voice box to sound like a man, and gave jeremy tips to survive the undead kids out for revenge in FNAF 2. people during the day noticed that toy chica's voice box sounded like a man and the toys were scrapped.

The possessed animatronics Did get their revenge 30 years after FNAF 1 closed, though.