(this will contain spoilers but I am going off of what I've seen game theory do.)

there are two sides to this theory... the dream part and the real-life part, this is the dream part

as you know there is the current fnaf 4 "nightmare" animatronics, and as they say in their death dialog in U.C.N (ultimate custom night) with nightmare Freddy saying: "We weren't real...but somebody made us real...and we where built to kill" (or something along the lines of that :P ) but that puts a point onto the dream side...but as well onto the real-life side (somehow) as the bold in the dialog states that they where made real...not designed real...and another point I have to add to this is: why is the toy chica missing her beak at the beginning of night mini-games? Scott said it himself...(if you watched the live stream) those tiny pixels on the screen show that this is a dream, but in fnaf2 it could be a defect in the it might just be a mistake or a dream thing... I dunno...what else do you want to say about this theory? white ist down in the comment below!

now I have to do my research... but as I say goodbye and make some theories!

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