So I decided to give the story now the story is long and I mean very long so I'll only show 1 day a post this one an exception being 2 but this has been fun to type so far and I whould like to thank a few people but I'll get to that when the time comes so anyway enjoy the story

"Wake up!" A voice called from downstairs, it was not a good day to get up or do anything at all. In one of the rooms upstairs, there was a rustle, and a boy got out of the bed. "Yeah I'm coming," the boy yelled while still half asleep. It was Monday, they were moving in and had to get done by Wednesday. "Bonnie come on! get in here and help me," someone called impatiently waiting for his little brother. "Yeah yeah, Jeremy give me a minute. It's also Monday, we still have two days," Bonnie called back. It was true, his new job didn't start until Wednesday at a place called Freddy's. Bonnie walked into the room, there were boxes everywhere, but before he could do anything there was a knock at the door. "Probably one of the neighbors coming to welcome us," Bonnie thought as Jeremy went to open the door. A man was on the other side. "Hello there, welcome. What's your name?" He said proudly, but he wasn't alone. There was a girl about Bonnie's age.

"Jeremy, and that is Bonnie. Who is she?" Jeremy asked, pointing to the girl. "Oh that's my kid, Anna. She has a thing for computer as you can see," the man explained. It was true, she had a tablet in her hands and didn't look like she give it to anyone. "Anna, aren't you going to introduce yourself?" The girl looked up like that's an audio cue for a robot of sort. Bonnie appeared at the door. "I think he's talking to you," Bonnie said, trying to sound annoyed but didn't work. "Well I can see that you are wearing a bunny hoodie. Anyway I'm Anna," it was hard to tell if she was trying to be rude or not. "Anyway, I made a pie for you. It's blueberry," the man told them and Bonnie was jumping up and down like crazy. "Can I have it, Jeremy? Can I? Can I?" Bonnie asked excitedly. "Yes Bonnie you can, but save me some okay?" Jeremy told him but the only word Bonnie heard was yes. He grabbed the pie and ran off to eat it. "Well I'll see you soon. Let's go Anna," and with that the man and Anna walked off, but it looked like someone else was coming.

The two newcomers walked up the steps and the parent said "Hello there, you must be Jeremy. You're going to start at Freddy's soon right?" He asked while the girl stood close and stayed quiet. "Yes sir," Jeremy told him. Bonnie also came out and the girl walked up and leaned on him. "Hey who's them? And why is she on me?" Bonnie asked slightly surprised. "That is Izzy. She doesn't do that to a lot of people, two that I know of. Anyway we just stopped by to wish you luck. Come on Izzy," but Izzy didn't move. all three of them had to pray her off Bonnie's leg. They left and Jeremy and Bonnie left unpacking until tomorrow after they tour Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria.

The next day, there was knock at the door. Jeremy opened it and a man in purple was standing there. "William Afton, great to finally meet you," Jeremy told him. "Yes. I came to drive you the place to give the tour of Freddy's," he replied. Bonnie walked up and noticed that a figure was in his car, a boy by the looks of it. "Ah hello there. Um who's that in your car?" Bonnie asked wondering who it was."oh that's my son Michael Afton. I'll drop him off at the daycare before we get there," William answered. He looked weird, like a possible suspect to a murder scene. "Let's get going shall we?" He said to them. They walked down the steps and to the car, it was like the way William was dressed purple. Bonnie opened the door and got in as Jeremy and William were talking. Bonnie looked at Mike, he was staring though the window. "So I'm Bonnie and I'm new in this neighborhood. How's it going?" Bonnie tried to ask but Mike didn't respond at first. He then told him "You're going to the Daycare tomorrow right? we'll talk there and then okay?" He turned back toward the window and said nothing else.

When they dropped Mike off they headed for the pizzeria. The building looked old and as they walked inside the dining room. There was a stage to their right, which had three of the eight animatronics, Freddy, Bonnie, and Chica. But these one were the Toys, the normal ones were on the stage a little further away. Jeremy walked up to Toy Bonnie, "Hey he looks like you except you're purple," Bonnie could see that. What he wanted to see was what behind that door in the back. "William, what's in that room over there?" He asked. "That's kid's cove. Let's go then," William answered and they walked over and opened the door. What was inside was a red fox dressed like a pirate and a white and pink mangled fox on the ground. "Those ones are Foxy and Mangle," he told. The two Mangle looked like it was in pain and had suffered a lot throughout the years. "Can we fix Mangle, please? It doesn't look so good," Bonnie asked in sadness while walking toward the robots. "Maybe someday, but sadly not today," William told him, tears somewhat coming from his eyes. "Jeremy I don't want to be here anymore," Bonnie wanted to leave right away that he left the building. "One last thing, that hall over there leads to the office. Now let's go," William pointed to left from the front of the stage. There was a door labeled Parts and Services. "Useful," Jeremy guessed. William drove them back to their house and told Jeremy that his shift started at 7:00 AM the next day, which Bonnie would have to be at the Daycare by 6:30. "Great," Bonnie thought. "Just what I need."

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