Which Suit Is Phone Guy In?: Springtrap, in one of the teasers, had a text saying "30 years later, I'm still here. I'm guessing that 30 years later Springtrap is the dead phone guy in a Springtrap suit. The anamitronics killed phone guy and stuck him in the Springtrap suit. They didn't stick him in a Freddy suit. Remember, the restaurant could have stashed away the Springtrap suit somewhere, and we don't know exacly what suit phone guy was stuck in. So we could just suspect that he was stuck in the Springtrap suit, and could have used that as THE horror attraction of the 3rd game.

What Is Springtrap?: Springtrap, The anamitronic of FNAF 3, has parts of previous anamitronics. Springtrap has the head of Bonnie, eyes of Balloon Boy and the body of Freddy. The new anamitronic also has the endoskeleton of foxy. The reason why I know this? It follows the cries and sound of balloon boy. Sometimes, BB comes to your camera and screams at your face, thus attracting the anamitronic. And what did foxy do in the second game? He followed the sound of BB in your office and attacks you, just like he follows the sound of BB in the third game. It also seems like the marionette is also part of the anamitronic because it gives you hallucinations of previous anamitronics allowing it to make a getaway to your office.

What Is Springtrap And the Hallucinations Screaming?: I have slowed down and reversed the screams of Springtrap and the hallucinations, and it sounds like they are saying "NOOOOO!!!" that's probably when they were being killed and they were screaming no to the purple man when he was killing them or trying to kill them.

What Is The Marionette Beeping?: Before I go onto this, I don't know morse code. The puppet in the game when he attacks says "you are the main attraction" in Morse code. Or at least that's what I have cracked. He beeps when he attacks you. I tried all the logical phrases and words that can go along with the theme of the game. I finally tried "you are the main attraction" in a Morse code translator, and I found the beeps and dashes of that seem extremely close to the beeps of the marionette. If you know Morse code and can translate the puppet scream properly, I would appreciate it.

Could Springtrap Be Shadow Bonnie?: One last thing, I also speculate that Springtrap could be shadow Bonnie because Springtrap has a similar shape to shadow Bonnie. Even their teeth are aligned similarly. And think about it, you use BB's voice in the 3rd game to lure Springtrap away from you, and in the second game, when shadow Bonnie does appear, he appears in nearly the same location as Balloon Boy! That's my theories. What do you guys think about this? Leave a comment bellow.