• Septire

    Which Suit Is Phone Guy In?: Springtrap, in one of the teasers, had a text saying "30 years later, I'm still here. I'm guessing that 30 years later Springtrap is the dead phone guy in a Springtrap suit. The anamitronics killed phone guy and stuck him in the Springtrap suit. They didn't stick him in a Freddy suit. Remember, the restaurant could have stashed away the Springtrap suit somewhere, and we don't know exacly what suit phone guy was stuck in. So we could just suspect that he was stuck in the Springtrap suit, and could have used that as THE horror attraction of the 3rd game.

    What Is Springtrap?: Springtrap, The anamitronic of FNAF 3, has parts of previous anamitronics. Springtrap has the head of Bonnie, eyes of Balloon Boy and the bod…

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