So since it seemed like Scot is now tying up most of the lose ends of FNAF.

I was wondering, since we see Ennard leave Mike´s body after a while, what if Ennard after leaving Mike set up Fnaf 6 to collect all the other still posessed animatronics and burn the place up. In the beginning of Fnaf 6 we see Circus Baby, but she seems to have 2 Powercores. What if Ennard is hiding in Baby. And since in the end of Fnaf 6 Henry shuts Baby up and sais his goodbyes to the other animatronics, and sais to his "old friend" (springtrap) that there is a special place in hell for him becouse he killed his daughter and then all ther other children.

We know from Fnaf World that Henry build the original Baby, what if he build it to replace his dead daughter, then realises his mistake and kills himself. Then William Afton uses the Tech Henry build to create baby to build his twisted versions the funtime animatronics and circus baby which then killes his daughter. henrys ghost lead to the creation of ennard, how else would he be able to speak to mike in fnaf 6 and be "nearby" (inside circus Baby) when he killed himself.

So what do u think, is there something to the idea or am i just a nutjob?