I have been thinking about your comments, and I will help you fight to defend net neutrality. However, I have one condition: I need to take care of this important thing first.

I need to make amends with Ravenfire5 and Shezarae of Deviant Art, two friends that I knew for a long time at that place. After I repair my friendship with them, then I will join the fight.

You can find them at these locations. I tried to make peace with them, but they are being rude to me. I deserve this bad treatment, but they should at least learn to forgive and let go like I asked them to.

You can help me with this condition by talking to them. I promised them that next year I would redeem myself and be a hero to everyone. I will do whatever they want so we can be friends again. I still feel terrible for hurting their feelings and I want us to start over in 2018 (which I am calling my year of redemption).

So it's simple. If I can't make up with Kimberly and Krystal (whose Deviant Art account names I mentioned above), then I will not help you protest against the FCC's net neutrality repeal. I will not stop the government until they forgive me for my transgressions and let me start over with them in 2018. I still have great resentment for those people and the art website they belong to. I need to get over these bad emotions before I can do something heroic and save you guys. I'm sorry. :(

I promise to help you some day. I am still feeling down because I hurt my good friends at that website. I want to make up with them first. I will not let the FCC win this battle.

I need to make amends with Ravenfire5 and Shezarae of Deviant Art first. I need to rebuild my friendship with them. I am NOT going to give up the Internet without putting a good fight like you guys are. I signed a petition months ago to impeach a US President. I will do more concerning net neutrality.

I have to leave Ravenfire and Shezarae alone for a while because they are still upset with me. I hope they will forgive me some day. I miss them. :(

I promised them that I would change and be a hero next year. I want to be the hero that I keep writing about in my story at my own wikia website .