Have you guys noticed that Bonnie is not in Five Nights at Freddy's 3? Where is he? Why is he not in there?

Alright, Bonnie is not in the 3rd game.... But he is featured in the trailer. His eyes were the only ones who moved towards the camera. Why did Scott not put him in the game? As you may have noticed Bonnie posters are allover the walls of the Horror Atrraction (Your new job) and Bonnie's head (empty animatronic mask) is in some of the camera views and angles. But the question is... is Bonnie more important than we thought he was? If you have played FNAF3 or watched Markiplier's videos of the game you will see a mini game with an 8-bit shadow figure that resembles Bonnie the Bunny. And people speculate that in Five Nights at Freddy's 2 they see the "Shadow Bonnie" anamatronic figure in their office. That has not been officially confirmed by anybody. But that is a claim made by some players... Please post your feedback in the comments, and your theories :).