Ok. So I have some of my own theories, as many of you probably have too. First off, I would like to put this post open for anybody to comment their opinion, and I will accept any type of opinion. Hate or not. I want to hear your feedback. Anyways. Right now I only have some scattered pieces of a theory. please fill in some blanks if I am wrong. Alright. Now on to the theory. As you may know, in Five Nights at Freddy's 3 Bonnie is nowhere to be found. Not even as a phantom. Yeah his head is used as a prop. But so is Foxy's... and Chica's as well as Freddy's head... But all those animatronics also appear in "Phantom Form". Also. All of the "Phantom" jump scares are the original FNAF 1 characters, Chica, Freddy, Foxy (No Bonnie). But... there are two "Toy animatronics" Being "Balloon Boy" and "The Marionette" as phantoms. Why did Scott choose those two to be phantoms? Why not Toy Bonnie or Toy Chica? In the second game (FNAF2) Balloon Boy was a much hated character, because he basically ended the players game when he was in the room. And also in the second game you have to wind up the "Music Box" for the "Marionette" to stay at ease. Those are the only two animatronics you have to do special events for them to not come and kill you or ruin your game. Okay. I don't know if you guys have heard the theory connecting FNAF1 to the "Chuck-E-Cheese" murder in 1993 or so. I fully believe that is true. But it gets completely beat down when FNAF2 and FNAF3 came out. Also in FNAF1 the posters on the wall change. Duh. Anyways, one of the posters where Freddy is holding hit hat up in the air... That changes to a very dismantled Freddy Fazbear... Does that mean in the previous picture somebody was in the suit? Then in the dismantled one he took the suit off? And in FNAF3 the pre recorded instruction messages phone guy explains how to put on the suit and push back the animatronic exoskeleton. Meaning, when the "Suspect"  put on the "Freddy Fazbear Suit" and lured the 5 kids into the back room he obviously was a former or current employee of the establishment. Knowing that he was educated on how to put the suit on correctly. The 5 kids were supposedly "Shoved into animatronic suits and haunt them" and yeah I believe that, knowing it was confirmed by Scott that the animatronics are indeed "haunted". (sorry I'm jumping to theories so fast with no transition whatsoever, I just need to type it before I forget it). And the theory of how FNAF3 is a sequel....? I have no explanation for that. And how FNAF2 is a prequel to the original game doesn't make sense either. Because how would all the other animatronics be haunted...? Only 5 kids were killed in FNAF1's back story. That's only enough for Freddy, Foxy, Chica, Bonnie, and Golden Freddy...  So that leaves the mystery....Were other children murdered and haunting the suits... or no? Maybe it's just their servos acting up.... Also people speculate that the "Fazbear's Fright" attraction was burned down. Because of the newspaper in the end of the game. But all of the "Phantom Animatronics" look like they have been burned... Did somebody set the original place on fire? And they recovered them, and thought that charred animatronic masks and parts would make a perfect way to make money on making a new "horror" attraction? Here is another theory that kind of ties into that one. Maybe in FNAF3 the Fazbear's Horror attraction was burned down, and all of it's a hallucination. You came back. YOU, the security guard. You are playing the security guard in the new horror attraction.... YOU know the real story... Mike Shmidt? Jeremy Fitzgerald? The new "Phone Guys" doesn't know that YOU were the security guard in the other two restaurants. The phone guy just has you there to make the attraction more "authentic". Back to the burned down building thing. What if you (security guard) have actually suffered trauma from being attacked numerous times by animatronics in the previous places and the new attraction is truly a hallucination, and the place burned down ages ago. Because YOU burned it down to stop the suffering and terror the restaurants have brought to families and children. But you go back to the horror attraction expecting all the animatronics to be gone, but one survived. Maybe "SpringTrap" was a customer that survived the fire and crawled into an animatronic suit that was nearby hoping that the suit would help protect "him" or "her" from some of the flames. But is SpringTrap really ALIVE? or is "he" haunted/dead/zombie like? Because if you look closely into the chest of SpringTrap, behind the holed in the suit, you can see human ORGANS.... that doesn't seem... practical? What? How could that be?  How long was "He" there? What did he endure? Who is HE? Maybe "he" is the phone guy from the first FNAF. Phone guy might have staged his own death, and then maybe he was the one that killed the 5 kids? (All my theories really cancel eachother out) haha. Well I'll post more theories in a bit. But I'll let you give me some feedback on this! Thank you guys for reading!