Okay guys, here is another one of my theories. Get ready. XD. Anyways. So this may not be true, but I'd like to share it with you. In the end of all the games you are fired for something like "Tampering with the animatronics" or "Odor". In the first game I have reason to believe that YOU (The Night Watch) killed the 5 children and stuffed them into suits, because you were previously trained on how to properly put on an animatronic suit, which is how the kids got lured into the back room.... By an animatronic.... or human dressed as one. I also have some reason to believe that The Night Guard is responsible for "The Bite of 87'" I think this because: It relates to the luring of the 5 kids into the back room, because you and phone guy are two of the only people who know how to get into the animatronic suits, therefore you could have gotten into one of the suits, got on stage with the other animatronics and could have gotten sick of one of the kids and slammed the jaws down on them almost killing them. Either you could have been Freddy Fazbear or Foxy. Those two are the only likely candidates that would be reasonable for the bite. Foxy: Having a loosely hanging jaw and sharp jagged teeth, also being "Out of order". But it also could have been Freddy: One of the rules listed in the hallway in one camera is Rule #6 being "Don't touch Freddy" which is very suspicious, also Freddy is said to have hand prints on his face, which is stated in the Freddy Fazbear wiki and the Bite of 87' wiki. Please feel free to post on my wall or comment your feedback or counter theories on my posts! And thank you for reading!