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    500 Edits!

    June 3, 2015 by OverratedPizza

    I have finally reached 500 edits! I never knew I would ever reach this point! Happy 500 Edits!

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    I know how many of you have been wondering about a certain question, such as the true revelations and identities of the two shadow animatronics. All of your questions answered in the following blog post.

    Shadow Animatronics

    We have always wondered about these two mysterious hallucinations. They seem paranormal, unlike the other animatronics. Some people say that Shadow Bonnie is Springtrap, and they are slightly correct.


    You see, there are only TWO suits that have been confirmed to have some kind of spring variant. Bonnie and Freddy. However, these suits had both killed people due to faulty spring-locks.

    Notice how I said BOTH.

    Phone Guy's night four training tape mentions a spring-lock faliure at a sister location. However, Springtrap…

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    March 23, 2015 by OverratedPizza


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    Phone Guy’s Identity

    Yeah, I’m pretty sure you know him. The guy famous for annoying you with that constant “Uh, Hello?”. I think that you think you know him well. Well, here’s the thing.

    You don’t know him as much as you think.

    Remember those death mini-games in FNaF 2? Those are ABSOLUTELY crucial to understanding what I’m saying. But before we talk about that, let us talk about the game’s timeline. BIT OF TRIVIA HERE: Slapping a big 2 or 3 on the title doesn’t make it a sequel.

    We know the second game takes place in 1987 (Paycheck) . However, there WAS a Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza BEFORE this one. This is stated from Phone Guy in game 2, night 2.

    “Uh, those are from the previous location. We just use them for parts now.”

    Plus, the various posters…

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