So I'm sorry if this is a long blog post, but i wanna start off by saying, I know i'm not active on here but I will try to be after my camping trip which I will explain later, as you may know i have a  summer job and it's fun for me cause I like cooking burgers. It is a lot of hours and I will only be working on saturdays and rarely on school days. If you didn't know then now you know . Thats why I was on much I had to take a wiki brake from the other wiki that i'm on but not this one really? Spongebob is my fave show ever but that wiki itslef is fun. Some of the users on it, not so much. I won't be active on there anymore, well i will but not nearly as much.   I will most likey not say why.                                        So about the camping trip i will be gone until next sat. And I will do sevarl things there like go shopping. But get this! Theres a beach almost directly a cross the sreet from our camp site. I am going with my grandparents and my Great aunt and uncle also with three of my cousins named David, Amanda and Stanley! David and Amanda's mom is coming, Stanley and I are the only two who can really go off withouut adult super vision. he's only a couple months older then me, september,  he will be 15 and I will be 15 in november. but his parents didn't want to come. I feel Stanley and i have become best friends. And amanda really loves me. So does david but amanda she's the cutest little 3 year old ever. and thats most of the famliy that moved cross contry with me. The major family is back in PA still. And they plan to stay there. but yeah my fave thing i'll be doing there is watching spongebob and we will visit an aquairum. That will defently be the best part for me, since I LUVVVVVVVV ALL THINGS SPONGEBOB! I'm guessing that we won't eat more then 3 or 4 times a day, maybe even 2 the least,  Before I head there I'm gonna go to the store and get like some penut butter filled cracker thingys maybe. Maybe some gronola but who knows. The campground is about two hours away from where I live. Where I live is the greatest place i know!!!! lol. The werid thing is I never remember the namem of the camp site. It's a very odd name tho. But I  have SOOOOOOOO much more packing to do dispite saturday lol. I only have stuff to do hair and one day of just sitting  by the campfire. I guess............welp im gonna go head and finish packing.