According to my research i have found every identity of fnaf lets start with the afton family,william afton's glitch was actualy his twin brother vincent who got murdered by his father oliver afton,william afton was indeed controlled by his glitch or known as his brother and the only reason why he would do that was because vincent wanted revenge so he made him kill the main 5 children named fritz,gabreil,susie,jeremy and charlie.But it didn't stop there vincent made him kill 14 more kids and 4 adults,then we have clara afton who died in a car acident when she went down on a cliff and didn't survive and went down the cliff was bcause after she heard that her son chis died,william tried to put her soul in ballora but didn't work there has also been a thing where clara has been the pupet,then we have inocent elizibeth who died from not listening to her father and paid the price to sacrifice her life from circus baby who she ended up possesing,then we have christopher also known as chis who died from his brother's prank that went wrong and chris became phantom freddy and his two stuffies now have a life of there own there names are nightmare freddy and golden freddy very difrent from the golden freddy that cassidy possesed,then we have micheal who died from being scooped and being a skin suit for ennard who is noah micheal's friend that got killed to see his sister die,now moving on to the emily's there is only two deaths since we dont know what happened to charlie's mother,charlie died from being murdered by william afton who did it out of grief and charlie possesed pupet,then we have henry who died in a fire and possed lefty,and then we have the main 5 children since william afton murdered fritz,susie,gabreil,jeremy,and charlie we already know what happened to charlie and the other four became: susie/chica the chicken,fritz/ foxy the fox,gabreil/freddy frazbear,lastly jeremy/bonnie the bunny.As for vanny her real name was vannesa she was murdered by oliver afton these are some of the identitys

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