It all starts with the death minigames. The animatronics follow a purple Freddy (Or as know by the community; Shadow Freddy. He is seen in FNAF2. As a "hallucination" or is it? Maybe that's where purple guy put the purple Freddy costume there. It sounds confusing, but when I link it together it will all make sense. You follow the purple Freddy to this room in the original pizzeria (that's where the minigames take place) and you can't follow him. It says "ERR" (meaning "Error") Because that room leads to a place never before seen in FNAF1 pizzeria. This is because it is off camera. This place leads to outside. This ISN'T outside, but leads to it. The animatronics were designed to entertain children in the office, not wander outside so their circuits disallow it saying "ERR" The purple man takes off the purple Freddy costume and tears apart the animatronic, doing it to all the animatronics. Maybe he didn't like the pizzeria and wanted to take revenge for something like: being fired. The man isn't hostile to children. That is why when the crying children come up to him, he is scared and doesn't attack. The children are sad because the purple man destroyed their fun. You chase him to catch him for being bad and he runs into the spare animatronic suit; Springtrap. He does this to entertain the kids to leave him alone but as the name implies "springtrap", the purple man dies from the springs un-locking. This is stated clearly by phone guy on night 3 of FNAF3 that to make sure to be careful in the springtrap, because otherwise you may unlock the spring locks.Obviously purple guy wasn't careful as you see him rushing and the springs un-lock, literally tearing him apart. In the game you can literally see purple mans organs int he open rips of springtrap. Seriously, have a look at his 3D model and the death screens! Also, springtrap isn't his official name (according to the lore, not Scott himself) The reason why he was given the name springtrap was because of his springs acting like a trap for anyone who got in that costume. The Animatronics real name is never told.

This still results in a bad end. Why? Well, check this out! It shows a bad end with all the animatronics heads with lights on. This means two things: The heads are used as headlamps in the horror attraction because the horror attraction was actually made. (More on that alter) and it also represents the children's soul still being trapped in the animatronics. Oh boy. Interested? Here we go! In the secret minigames found throughout the game you have to find a sad child to get the secret minigame ending in all secret minigames (secret-ception) and when you do all this and give the crying child his cake in the final one. This shows them all wearing masks of the animatronics (plus golden Freddy and puppet) Right so get this: The crying child turns out to be Golden Freddy. After giving the child its cake, the children vanish and left with the masks. This means the extra child was not left out and there souls were free'd Confusing right? Ok, stay with me. In the FNAF2 minigames in one of them, a child is seen crying outside until the purple man comes up to the child and kills it. This happens at Fredbears Family Diner. BUT! If you gave the child that cake that means he joined in, hence the purple man NOT killing the child, so rumors didn't start about the place! The place you give the child his cake must be at Fredbears Family Diner! Let's link this back to the FNAF3 ending. Play it again, the same happens but this time the ending is a bit different. For starters, it says "The End". And second of all, the lights of the animatronic heads are OFF. This means that, the souls were free'd and that the horror attraction was never built. Here's why: You let crying kid join in and have cake Purple man then doesn't get the chance to kill him He then doesn't kill the other 4 children. So rumors didn't start about the place So the horror attraction built ABOUT the rumors in the pizzeria years ago doesn't exist because there was no past So when the pizzeria finally went out of business (not because of the rumors) then that was it for Freddy and his gang. Just robots, not souls of children. They didn't bother researching anything. It was a happy restaurant. So the children never die. The purple man doesn't commit murder. The shells shown on "The End." screen just show that Freddy and his gang have had there years in the spotlight and are just scrap now. The part of where the children disappearing in the sad child secret minigame (FNAF). They didn't have their souls released. They had a fun time and it was time to go. The good end means it never at all happened. None of it If you get the good ending, you played through a story that never actually existed.

Back to the bad ending! If you never got the good ending and never helped the child. you play the game as normal. You see hallucinations. Or are they hallucinations? Since you are in the horror attraction you are playing the "bad ending" so that means the children's souls never rested and were taken to the new place. Their souls lurk around the pizzeria. That's why you still see Freddy walking past your window. The children's souls exist wherever their "body's" exist. So you may see a hallucination. That's not an hallucination. That's a soul walking around in misery. Also, the purple Freddy costume and the spare parts in FNAF2. Why is it there? Well, you are technically playing the bad ending in FNAF2 cause the animatronics are haunted so maybe the purple guy used that suit and returned it there. Maybe there is actually a purple Freddy costume?

So if you give that child his god damn cake and let him join in; You could stop the entire FNAF story from ever existing