Hello there!

My name is Meriddith Evans. You're probaby wondering why my name is splet...oddly,but my mom has this obsession with 'unusual anmes' and all that idiocy. Anyway,my birthday is on the 2nd of January and on my next birthday,I'll be 15!

OK about me....ummmm. I am the second eldest of 4. There's my older brother Elliot,who's 17,my younger sister Riley,who's 9 and my younger brother Aiden,who's 7. I live with my mom in Morehead,which is in Kentucky.

Now I want to say something. I.  LOVE. FNaF.(small giggling). I first played it 3 years ago when I was 11 and me and my best friend Carlie would play at her's for legit HOURS after school. So I have joined this wiki. Yay!