I looked around to make sure he wasn't watching. He wasn't.

Perfect! I thought, whirling back around to face her, the thing Daddy wouldn't let me see.

I took a few steps forward. She wasn't moving, why? I took a few more steps. still nothing. I stopped for a moment to admire her. She had shiny red hair and a matching dress.

I took a few more steps. It seemed like she detected like I was there. Circus Baby turned to look at me and started singing.

"Daddy isn't watching." I said, making eye contact with her, "Don't tell Daddy that I'm here, I wanted to watch your show to! I don't know why he won't let me see you, you're wonderful!"

I looked around the empty room, "Where did the other children go?"

I looked back at Circus Baby, whose stomach was now mysteriously open. There was a claw-like arm extending from it that looked like it came straight from a claw machine. The arm was holding an ice-cream cone. Something didn't feel right, but I have gone too far to turn back now. I walked up to her stage and climbed up onto it.

I reached out for the ice cream, but I think something went wrong... very wrong... Circus Baby suddenly dropped the ice cream, and the mechanical arm grabbed me right under the chest (if you know what I mean) and dragged me in. I screamed, but it was no use, it all happened to quickly.

I woke up. There were kids in the room again. Daddy was standing in the doorway, shocked by something. I knew something was off. My arms were metal not skin. I was wearing her dress and I was on her stage.

What happened...?

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