·         This timeline is currently WIP and I am continuing to add more to this as I figure out more. 

·         FREDDY FAZBEAR'S DINER (Original Owners)

  • Freddy Fazbear's Diner Was Created

  • The Animatronics Freddy, Bonnie, Chica and Foxy were Created

    • Around this time, Marionette and Balloon Boy may have been created or were in the process of creation.

  • "SAVE HIM" Minigame - During a birthday party held at Freddy Fazbear's Diner, Purple Guy abducts and subsequentially kills the crying kid outside of the Diner. Around the time of abduction, the last thing that the kid saw was the Freddy Fazbear Animatronic within the line of vision from the glass door he was looking through.

  • This incident may have affected Freddy Fazbear's Diner business and may have lead to its suspension or closure.

  • A turnover of ownership and rights happen, the name as well as the animatronics were sold to the new owners of the now "Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria"



  • Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria opens its doors for the first time.

  • Phone Guy is employed as part of the Management

  • Purple Guy is employed as the Night Guard

  • "GET READY! GO! GO! GO!" (1st and 2nd Take) Foxy the Pirate is being used by the Pizzeria as a celebratory mascot for Birthdays and Celebrations and is popular with the children. 

  • Purple Guy secretly steals and uses the Golden Freddy suit on various occasions to lure children.

  • "GET READY! GO! GO! GO!" (3rd Take) Purple Guy has abducted/killed more children and has hidden the bodies within the Pizzeria premisis (in Puppet's box?)

  • Sometime around this, The First Victim (Crying Kid)'s Spirit Inhibits the Puppet Animatronic

  • "GIVE GIFTS! GIVE LIFE!" Minigame - Sometime around after the murder of the children, the Puppet "Gives Gifts" (The Animatronics) to the dead children and consequentially "Gives Life" to the Animatronics.

  • CUTSCENE # 1 - Freddy Fazbear awakens. Looks around to see that Chica and Bonnie are still inanimate. Is promptly "Greeted" by The Puppet.

  • CUTSCENE # 2 - Freddy Fazbear awakens and notices that Chica and Bonnie have also awakened as well.

·         FREDDY FAZBEAR'S PIZZERIA (Grand Re-Opening /Near Pre-FNAF2)

  • After a while, Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria closed down for renovation and improvements. The original Animatronics were put to storage. A new line of "TOY" Version Animatronics were made to make the Pizzeria more Kid-Friendly.

  • A Grand Reopening Was Done, Advertising the bigger and better Pizzeria.

  • Toy Foxy was broken down and set up as a Build It Yourself for the Kids, dubbed "Mangle" by the Employees.

  • Purple Guy continues to work as a Night Guard.

  • CUTSCENE # 3 - Freddy Fazbear awakens and sees Chica and Bonnie also awakened, with their entire bodies and not just their heads facing him. "Golden Freddy" Appears as well, but without the endoskeleton.

  • "SAVE THEM" (Normal) Minigame - Freddy Fazbear awakens to the Pizzeria at Night, with blood stains and following the Puppet (whose crane mechanism installed throughout the entire Pizzeria is probly used to carry the dead children around from room to room). Freddy Fazbear pursues/follows the Puppet but loses him in the Prize Room where the Puppet Box is oozing blood.

  • "SAVE THEM" (YOU CAN'T) Minigame - Freddy Fazbear awakens in the Pizarria at Night again and pursues/follows the Puppet. However he encounters and is seen by Purple Guy who is the Night Guard at the time and was promptly dealt with. Freddy Fazbear recognizes the Purple Guy's uniform.

·         (Sometime around this span of time, The Puppet does the same thing he did with the first four animatronics and gives life to 5 Other Animatronics: Toy Chika, Toy Freddy, Toy Bonnie, Mangled, Balloon Boy / These could possibly be related to the "5 Missing Children" incident) 


·         FREDDY FAZBEAR'S PIZZERIA (The Bite of '87/FNAF2)

  • Purple Guy was shocked by the event in the previous night and requests to be moved to an earlier position in the day.

  • Rumors about kidnappings and disappearances related to the Pizzeria begin to happen.

  • A new nightguard is hired: Jeremy Fitzgerald

  • Phone Guy instructs Jeremy Fitzgerald about the details of his job and certain precautions to possible events.

  • Purple Guy continues to work in the morning shift, laying low for the meantime.

  • The Animatronics have become more aggressive towards adult staff, to the Night Security in particular.

  • On the 5th Night of Jeremy's job, Phone Guy informs Jeremy that the entire Pizzeria is under investigation and lockdown. That someone was recently relieved of their job and that the day shift of the guard is currently available.

    • It can be highly assumed that Purple Guy was found out and was promptly arrested under suspicion, so he was fired and taken to custody.

  • Phone guy informs Jeremy that he is to be moved to the Day Shift after his entire week is done, as well as that they are looking for someone to replace him as a Night Guard.

  • On the 6th Night of Jeremy's job, he is working overtime as he did not recieve the memo and is informed by Phone Guy that the Golden Freddy Fazbear suit was found out to be tampered with, stolen and used in the kidnapping and murders. He is also informed that Jeremy is to also work in the morning tomorrow as there is an event, a Birthday Party, that he is to wear his guard uniform and make sure that the Animatronics do not end up harming anybody.

  • On the 7th Day, Jeremy goes to work at the Birthday Party Event, not much detail is put into it

  • On the 7th Night (Custom Night), Jeremy is unable to finish his week or work on the 7th night due to unknown reasons

    • It is heavily speculated that "The Bite of '87" happened during the party and that Jeremy is the victim of "the Bite of '87" due to the Animatronics animosity towards the security staff.

    • It is also speculated that The Animatronic that bit Jeremy due to mistaking him for the Purple Guy as the Purple Guy was the Night Guard before him, and as well as the Purple Guy being the Day Guard before him as well.

  • Fritz Smith is hired for the 7th Night, but is promptly fired the next day for Tampering with the equipment and for "odor".

  • Due to "The Bite of '87" the Pizzeria has been destined to close, the Toy Line, The Puppet, The Balloon Boy is to be scrapped due to possible fatal malfunctions. The older models are being kept however. Though it is heavily hinted that it might be possible that it will reopen, albeit with a smaller budget.

·         CLOSED DOWN (Post FNAF2 / Pre FNAF)

  • During this period and upon moving to a smaller facility, Phone Guy himself takes care of the Night Guard position.

  • The old and original animatronics were reassembled and repaired with their low budget instead of making new ones and used at the new location.

  • Along this period, Phone Guy creates pre-recorded messages to help instruct future Night Guards on the job as well as give information regarding the establishment and its history.

  • Phone Guy is set to retire within one week

  • On the fourth night of Phone Guy's retirement week, he was killed by one of the animatronics.


  • A few days after Phone Guy's death, Mike Schmidt was hired as the new Night Guard.

  • Mike Schmidt was fired after his week of work due to Tampering with the equipment and "foul odor"

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