I'm sure that this has been covered before, but I'll throw in my 2 cents. When you go to you only see the logo, the link to his help email, and Freddy's hat in a spotlight.

This could mean that it is his last time in the spotlight meaning FNaF is over, gone, Scott is gonna move on. Or it could just represent Freddy. Now, let's look at FNaF 3. Freddy plays a very minor role in this game, and good players will probably never be jumpscared by him after his first few appearances.

Now let's observe the trailer for the game, "He will come back, he always does, we have a place for him." Now that we know a lot more about our buddy, SpringTrap, and how he is possessed by the purple man. Those phrases don't really seem to match up to SpringTrap and the story around him.

Back to Freddy, remember, he plays a minor role right? What if those vague phrases aren't about this new friend, what if it was Scott reassuring us that Freddy will come back, he always will, and we have a place for him in our heart. Along with this, if Scott was resigning from the series, why not do it formally? Scott is a crafty man, and we can only wait and see what this image means.