So first let me just say, this is a rather long topic. I'm going to try and cover everything and update it as more information comes, feel free to come in share your opinion, this is page for the full story of the Five Nights Of Freddy's Series. First off, Five Nights At Freddy's 2 is a pre-quel, which means it takes place before the events of Five Nights At Freddy's 1, in terms of the series it is the second in the series. Story-wise, it is the first one. This article is a bit messy, and it jumps around a bit. I tried to cover everything in the story in one page. I worked on this for about and hour, I hope everyone after reading this, understand the story a little bit more. Enjoy!

The biggest supporting factor that FNAF2 is a sequel is the paycheck in the second game which dates 1987. In the first game the Phone Guy mentions that the bite of 87' was done by Foxy, where he bit someones frontal lobe off. Which just brought another blow to the franchise and caused Foxy to be De-commissioned. So that is an obvious message that FNAF2 is pre-quel, but wait theres more!

In the first game the Phone Guy also mentions that the animitronics used to be able to walk around during the day. In the second game the Phone Guy states that THEY ARE able to walk around during the day!

On the walls in Five Nights At Freddys 1 there are newspaper clipping, that say details from what also happened in 1987, or the previous location at Five Nights At Freddys 2. Which includes the missing children incident


In the first game the messages are obviously pre-recorded, and on night 4 or 5 the Phone Guy was attacked and most likely killed. Also Mike Schmidt isn't the first to hear those messages most likely. In the second game the Phone Guy is alive and the messages appear to be live, or very previously recorded. He also mentions that only one other guard worked in the office before the guard you play as in the second game. But quit as he noticed the obvious danger from the animitronics trying to get into his office. On the final nights, he says in a tone that resembles panic or despair, that someone took a spare suit, a yellow one, and did something horrific. Then he says how someone possibly tampered with the animitronics, causing them to be aggressive "Now they're not the same, they've been acting strange to the staff and adults lately. Almost aggressive, When they encounter a kid they act just fine, but when they encounter an adult, they just stare..."-Phone Guy FNAF2  Personally I believe towards the end of the game when the Phone Guy says someone took a spare suit, a Golden Freddy suit. It was the previous guard that I mentioned, that worked before the one you play as in FNAF2. I think he was a pedophile who just wanted a job at the pizzeria to get close to the kids, but he got the night shift instead and quit. Soon after he must've snuck in as a previous employee and took the Golden Freddy suit and lured some kids in a room and murdered them. So he would be the Purple Man, now in the death mini-games you see Foxy doing his sprint from his Pirate Cove to greet the kids waiting for him in the showroom. He does this a couple of times, and then in the final one you see a purple man in the corner. You go into the showroom only to see all the kids dead. This implies that Foxy witnessed the "Purple Man" murder the kids, which caused him and all of the animitronics to be aggressive towards the staff and adults, from witnessing the dead kids! OR it was the guard YOU play as who murdered the kids or the Phone Guy. Also from another mini game, it shows the marionette in a room with 4-5 dead kids, with the words give "gifts". He gives cake to all the kids I believe, then it says "Give Life". He then puts a mask on each of the children resembling a different character, heavily implying the dead kids were put in the OLD character suits, the ones in the second game that you remember in the first game, and now they haunt them. Now you may be wondering, "WELL WHY ARE THE CHARACTERS FROM FNAF1 IN FNAF2 IF FNAF2 IS A PRE-QUEL?" Well it is certain that FNAF2 is a pre-quel. But let me just tie up some loose ends. In the newspaper ad when you start the game in FNAF2 it says how they have new animitronics. Then the phone guy says how the old ones were decommissioned and stopped being used. Then how they used them for parts on the new kid-friendly ones that you see in FNAF2, and how they have a facial recognition that detects a predator or criminal, then he says how they smell. He doesn't mention blood or mucus that you hear in FNAF1 as this is before the dead children are put in the suits. And they just smell from age, never being clean, being around children, etc, as in the first game the clipping on the wall says exactly how someone said they had blood and mucus, "Like reanimated corpses"-Paper clipping. Now the "broken-ones", or the old ones are considered the original ones that the company first used for it's franchise. They then decided to scrap them and make new ones. "They even attempted retro-fitting them with the newer technology, but they just decided to go in a whole new direction and make newer-kid-friendly-ones. They shouldn't be able to move around, but if they do, the Freddy Fazbear trick should work on them too."-Phone Guy/Night 1-2. Again in FNAF2 let me just say how their "Criminal-Detection" function apparently malfunctioned and caused them to be aggressive to any adult, and they eventually scrapped the new ones. In the newspaper article at the end of the game, it says how they (Previously mentioned) and in a paraphrased quote from the CEO it says: "We will attempt to re-orginaze the company some day, maybe in a smaller location with a smaller budget". Thus this new location becomes the location for FNAF1 with the "old" animitronics that are now reanimated from the dead children some 10-20 years in the future! Now the missing children incident is the leading reason the first restaurant was closed, but who did Foxy bite? THE SECURITY GUARD YOU PLAY AS IN FNAF2! This is absolutely confirmed! As in the final phone call where you come in for a 6th night the Phone Guy says in a paraphrased quote: "Wh-What are you doing here? Didn't you hear? The building is on lock-down, no one is allowed in or out, theres an investigation going on (because of the missing children). Well since your here you might as well finish your shift, it's much safer than just trying to leave in the middle of the night. Hey listen the company is closing, you have day shift tomorrow we have one more event planned, a birthday party...Just stay close to the animitronics ok, make sure they don't hurt anyone. As for the night shift, i'll just do it myself if no one else will. Good Night"-Phone Guy, final night. This is a live message by the way, that's where the paycheck comes in place again, its dated as Friday the 13th 1987, (According to a calender for that year). Now you do as your told, and do the day shift and stay close to the animitronics. One animitronic, Foxy, "He was always a bit glitchy"-Phone Guy. Apparently he remembers you from the night-shift, and the unknown murderer of the children. His servo, along with the other animitronics begins to break down from seeing the children get murdered, causing him to make a quick assumption and he decides YOU are the murderer, and attacks YOU instead, biting your frontal lobe off, and striking a final fatal blow to the company. This is further supported by the paycheck/pink slip for doing the bonus night where you can change the AI of the animitronics. It says, instead of the original name on the first paycheck from the guard you play throughout FNAF2, a different name obviously because the first, (or second considering the one before) couldn't come into work the next day from his injuries. For the new guard it says he was fired for tampering with the animitronics, (changing the AI). AND "First day, really!?!?!?"-Pink Slip/Bonus Night. It is unknown if this new guard was the Phone Guy (Who would have the necessary experience to tamper with the animitronics programing from only working just 1 day on the job.) Or just another employee who worked at the pizzeria, as it couldn't have been a random person as he would need extensive experience on the animitronics to change their Artifical Intellegence. In conclusion this all happens in Five Nights At Freddys 2 as it is happening. Whereas in Five Nights At Freddys 1 the Phone Guy and newspaper clipping on the wall says how it happened many years ago. Which means, again, that the events of FNAF2 happened before FNAF1 which makes FNAF2 a pre-quel NOT a sequel.

Now the reanimated animitronics were used in FNAF1 as the company found potential in them as the original animitronics, they scrapped the new ones, and kept their word and made a new location many years later, a smaller one...with a smaller budget...The Phone Guy was still alive in Five Nights At Freddys 1 before he was attacked, it in unkown if he is dead, stuffed into a suit, or what happened to him. Or why his message wasn't deleted by the company, he appears to be a higher up in the company, and not just another employee. As he has been with company for all the years, and even makes an appearance in Five Nights At Freddys 3 but not like the previous, the new "Phone Dude" finds old tapes of the original Phone Guy informing apperant employes who were hired to wear the suits. About how the suits can double to be worn, but are extremly dangerous to wear and also many people have died in the suits.


In Five Nights At Freddys 3, it takes place many years after the company has officially fallen, or it could start back up again, but for now you are a security guard at the very old and abandoned location for Five Nights At Freddys 1, as the security cameras locations are exactly the same as the first game. Suggesting it's the same place, anyways it becomes a "horror attraction" in a couple of weeks, where it becomes like a haunted house where people can come and see the legend of Freddy Fazbears Pizzeria! They were searching through and found old suits, mask, toys, drawings, tapes, then they found a actual animatronic...SpringTrap...Now they need a guard to watch over their "archilogical dig site" and make sure no one comes in and steals anything, before, during, or after it's open to the public. Needless to say SpringTrap becomes active and attempts to come into your office, and you have to prevent him, his reason for doing this is unkown. After many years of being alone and lost, SpringTrap is in horrendously horrible condition, he resembles a slimmer possible smaller golden bonnie, he still has the car-seat-like padding intact but just barely, he has holes with wires and his indoskeleton showing all over his body. Along with him are other "Phantom/Ghost" animitronics, that are just hallucinations from the building being horribly neglected and forgotten over the years, causing it to become in horrible shape, and making every aspect malfunction, including ventilation which cuts off oxygen and causes the security guard you play as to hallucinate. According to mini-game on the final night, SringTrap IS THE PURPLE MAN! The final mini-game shows a crying child walking around the building, he is most likely a ghost or spirit from one of the children the Purple Man murdered, he begins walking around the building and comes across a room, near the fallen animitronics, that the purple man killed in the mini-games earlier in the game. This suggest he destroyed the new animitronics in FNAF2 through the tampering, or them witnessing him murdering the children. Eventually the child goes into the room where you couldn't previously go, and it shows dead children lined up at the entrance, the Purple Man is near a extra suit, the Spring Trap suit, which is also golden, this could suggest that he didn't take the Golden Freddy Suit but the SpringTrap suit instead. Nevertheless he is spooked by the child spirit, and runs around the room, he eventually decides to go into the SpringTrap suit, and once inside he laughs at the child. But according to the original Phone Guy message in FNAF3 he states how once inside the suits, breathing will cause the suits to malfunction and kill the user due to moisture. The Purple Man didn't know this and the minigame shows him being crushed in the suit from the red being sprayed everywhere. And then he dies, now he haunts the suit and this is the character animitronic you see in FNAF3:SpringTrap. This just complicates the missing children incident more, as this means the incident could've happened possible even in FNAF1 but most likely in FNAF2.

This is my take on the story of Five Nights AT Freddy's, I hope it wasn't too messy, one more things, the security guard in FNAF2 is still alive, as are all most likely, maybe in FNAF4 they all come together and destroy the franchise once and for all? ;D