Hello. This is the future of me. I will change a lot this year. Here are events:

January 6 - I will be active on this wiki again due to many users coming back

January 7 - I will make teasers for Five Nights at Pikachu's on FNAF RP blogs.

January 8 - I will make a blog on this wiki and fnaf rp wiki celebrating turning 15 years old.

January 11 - I will upload the next teaser of Five Nights at Pikachu's 2

January 14 - I will upload a new teaser on Five Nights at Pikachu's 2

January 17 - I will go back on Fictional Chaos because I was immature back then, so I will come back, and not be Sanjay and Craig like.

January 20 - I will make a blog celebrating a year on Trump's presidency (waiting for liberals)

January 22 - The new teaser will be uploaded

January 25 - I will start doing awards ceremonies every January 25, so that will be the first one I host.

January 28 - I make a blog on how bad Despacito and Shape of You is.

February 1 - The next teaser is uploaded.

February 5 - I will start going active on the chat here and on FNaF RP wikia. hoping to revive the 2 chats.

February 13 - I will make a Valentine's blog about all my friends on FNaF RP/FNaF wiki

February 14 - I will celebrate my dog's birthday.

February 19 - Possibly I will reach 2,000 edits on this wiki, and 1,000 edits on FNaF RP wiki.

February 24 - I will make another teaser. It will be the final teaser

February 28 - The page for Five Nights at Pikachu's 2 will be released on FNaF RP wiki.

March 2 - I will add new pages for Five Nights at Pikachu's.

March 8 - I will make a blog on North Korea memes.

March 14 - I will possibly be on 5 roleplays at the time.

March 15 - Burn that guy above you thread on my FNaF RP wiki would possibly reach the post limit.

March 18 - I will celebrate the anniversary of the cringy ROBLOX fanboys who think John Doe is real

March 20 - I will change my profile picture to a Woody meme

March 24 - I will edit my profile page on both wikis and add stuff.

March 29 - I will make a blog rant on Leafyishere (why?)

April 1 - Not telling ya.

April 2- I will start sharing dreams I had at night, which will go on from April 2 to May 14. I will also celebrate 2 years on Wikia.

April 5 - Possibly will reach 1,500 edits on FNaF RP wiki.

April 10 - I will make my own song on FNaF RP, but no music videos. Just lyrics and a link to the beat.

April 15 - My Burn that guy above you 2 will possibly reach post limit, and a 3rd one will be made if it does.

April 19 - I will tell everyone daily stories on what i've done those days. It will last until May 19.

April 24 - I will change profile picture to a photoshopped Hillary meme.

April 26 - I will make the first teaser for FNaP 3.

May 1 - I will rant about dead memes.

May 3 - I will post a blog on a poll on what your favorite animatronic is.

May 5 - Possibly 2.500 edits here, 1,500 on FNAF RP wikia.

May 10 - I will change profile picture to series of FNaW memes.

May 12 - FNaP 3 new teaser will be uploaded.

May 15 - I will let you all do theories on FNaP 3 that will last until June 15.

May 18 - I will offically add more.