December 17, 1993

On Friday night, Violet Hartmann lunged awake from her bed, after experiencing a nightmare where she was with her sister at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza, in front of Chica singing while holding her Cupcake. Susie was laughing and cheering while in front of the stage, but then the stage started to fade away, transitioning into a dilapidated room with nothing except for a few arcade machines, and the battered corpse of their dog covered in dirt and tire tracks. One of the animatronics within the pizzeria - a yellow rabbit named Spring Bonnie - stood in front of Susie with its actual animatronic eyes missing from its sockets and replaced with human eyes, as well as an ominous grin before pulling out a knife and plunging it right in Susie’s flesh. The blood of Violet’s younger sister splattered all over her clothes as Susie’s limp corpse fell to the ground, the color draining from the little girl’s face. The rabbit then approached Violet and stabbed her in the chest before she collapsed to the ground and closed her eyes.

Then she woke up, remembering what happened the night Susie was killed. Violet got up and took off her pajamas to change into her uniform, revealing the scars on her arms that she received from cutting herself out of grief. She saw her messy blonde hair in the mirror above her dresser, shrugging at it. After putting on her uniform, she drove off to Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza for her night shift as a security guard. She parked in front of the worn-down restaurant that lost its luster many years ago, much like the ones before it that were plagued by death and misfortune. She got her keys out and unlocked the entrance, before heading straight for the office through the hallway to her left, past the kitchen, where she always heard a certain melody that sounded like what one would hear from a music box, faintly playing as she walked by. Violet just dismissed it as one of the ambient songs that would play randomly throughout the pizzeria, much like the carnival songs that would sometimes play while she monitored the pizzeria. The office consisted of a desk with a fan, a cupcake with two eyes, several monitors, as well as many children’s drawings adorning the walls, and a poster of Freddy, Bonnie, and Chica with “CELEBRATE!” on the top.

Violet herself wondered why she took this job after hearing about all of the rumors about the animatronics being haunted, about how they had blood and mucus on them, after knowing first-hand that her own sister died in the same establishment. Yet, in Violet’s own mind, she was secretly hoping that the rumors about the pizzeria being haunted were true. She took this job because she believed she had nothing else to live for… and she hoped that she would be able to see her sister again. After all, what did she have to lose? Susie’s death tore the Hartmann family apart. Violet became distant with her parents, who also neglected their eldest daughter after their youngest was taken away from them. Since then, Violet always contemplated suicide, but was always too afraid to do it herself. So she decided to leave her life to the mascots who were hostile towards every adult at night.

As her watch changed to 12AM, Violet picked up her tablet and switched to CAM 1C, which monitored Pirate Cove, a room with a stage covered by a curtain decorated with stars. The curtain was wide open and Pirate Cove was vacant. Immediately, Violet pressed the red button to her left and shut the door. Foxy dashed through the hallway and banged on her door before running back, and she opened the door again. When he returned to his curtains, Foxy began humming a tune in his normal pirate voice before it gradually started sounding more and more like Fritz, one of Susie’s friends.

At 1 AM, Bonnie approached her left door. Violet shut the door right in front of the rabbit. As he left, Violet heard a familiar sigh that sounded like Jeremy, another one of Susie’s friends.

At 2 AM, Violet turned on the light outside her right door, revealing Chica to be staring right at her. Out of all four of the animatronics, Chica was always the least active, and surprisingly, there were times where Violet was at her mercy throughout the week, yet she refrained from actually entering her office and finishing the job.

At 3 AM, she checked CAM 7, and saw Freddy peeking at the cameras from within the ladies’ room, which reminded Violet of Gabriel, whose favorite animatronic was Freddy. He was also a bit of a pervert, and would try to go inside the ladies’ room, and try to peek under the stalls. It was odd to Violet that Freddy would replicate that, even if it really was Gabriel in control, but perhaps he felt the need to remember those times as a kid, before returning to the stage, confined in his animatronic shell.

At 4 AM, Violet experienced glitches in her monitor screen and switched to CAM 2B, but instead of Freddy’s poster, she saw a yellow variant of Freddy with empty eye sockets. Once she put her tablet down, she saw that same golden version of Freddy in her office, slumped over. After staring at it for a few seconds, it left her alone and slowly faded away, but not before happily giggling, which sounded just like Cassidy, whose life was cut short alongside Gabriel, Fritz, Jeremy, and Susie.

As it reached 5:58 AM, Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, and Foxy all surrounded her office. The crimson fox sprinting near the lavender rabbit on the left, and the eponymous brown bear accompanied by the yellow chicken on the right. As Bonnie and Chica, raspily moaning, peered into the office, Violet had no choice but to close both doors. A few seconds later, the office went from dimly lit to wholly dark, with the only light emitting from Freddy’s eyes as he approached the left. Freddy began playing his classic jingle, Toreador March, as he stared at Violet, who was ready to die and join her sister in the afterlife or the undead.

After a minute passed, Toreador March came to an end, and Violet closed her eyes, waiting for her gruesome demise. Freddy walked slowly towards her and let out a scream before he was cut off and stopped moving in front of her. Violet heard the animatronics deactivate, and she opened her eyes to see Freddy leaning forward with his arms stretched towards her, inches away from what would have been another casualty in the Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza franchise. The animatronic quartet’s systems rebooted, and they all walked back to their stages. Chica was the last to leave, whispering Violet’s name before she rebooted as well. Violet let out a sigh of both relief and disappear, as she got up off her seat and left her office, placing her key to the establishment on the desk. As she was about to open the exit door, she stopped and looked at Chica, remembering fondly of the times she and her sister applauded her whenever she was on stage. Her reminiscence of happy memories soon turned to sorrow, as she was reminded of the horrific night Susie was murdered.

Worst of all, ever since that dreadful June 26th many years ago, Violet always blamed herself for leaving her sister alone for just a few minutes while she walked away to use the restroom, leaving Susie alone in front of the stage… which allowed Spring Bonnie, or rather whoever wore the suit, to lure Susie into the back room.

June 26th, 19XX

“I gotta go use the little girls’ room. Stay here, okay? I’ll be back in a little bit,” Violet told her sister.

Susie nodded, and turned her attention back to the stage. Violet went to the women’s restroom, walking past Spring Bonnie. The man who wore the suit was named William Afton, one of the co-owners of Fredbear’s Family Diner, which closed down before Fazbear Entertainment obtained the rights to open a restaurant with their characters.

“Hey there, little girl. What are you doing all by yourself?”

“Oh, I didn’t come by myself. I came with my big sister.”

“Your sister, huh? You know where she is?”

“In the bathroom.”

William contemplated whether or not to give up on taking Susie with him, knowing that the girl’s sister was present. But the risk only gave more of a thrill in William’s twisted mind.

“You like dogs? I have a bunch of cute puppies in the back room.”

The second William brought up dogs, Susie remembered what happened a few weeks ago, when a car had run over her dog. Susie loved her dog like it was a member of the family, and was in tears for many days when it died. Susie started to cry right in front of William, some of her tears dripping near the suit’s feet, causing William to nervously step back a bit, out of fear of loosening the springlocks.

“What’s wrong, sweetheart? Why are you sad?”

“Oh, it’s just… my puppy died a few weeks ago. Run over by a car.”

“Are you sure about that? I just saw him in the back room.”

“Wait… what?”

“He’s not really dead. He’s over there… follow me.”

“O-okay… am I really gonna see him again?”

“Absolutely, dear.”

Susie followed William inside the pizzeria’s safe room, where there were no security cameras, nearby the restroom hallway.

“Where’s my dog?”

“Right here,” William said, as he grabbed a knife from a nearby table. Susie saw the corpse of one of her friends under the table and gasped in horror. William stabbed Susie right in her stomach as the girl shrieked in both terror and pain. Seeing Violet walking out of the restroom, and towards the dining area, William turned Susie around and covered her mouth, muffling the girl’s screams and preventing her from asking her sister for help. Susie bled to death in William’s arms. If only Violet had just stayed with her sister, or had left the restroom and turned around to see her sister following some huge yellow bunny, she could’ve prevented it. But she didn’t, and it haunts her every day.

December 17, 1993

She left Freddy Fazbear’s and stepped into her car, driving off. 10 minutes later, Violet saw a young woman around her age on the side of the empty road holding out her thumb, wearing a red dress. She pulled over her car, and allowed the woman to get in.

“Thank you for the ride,” said the woman, smiling at Violet blankly.

“No problem. Where are you going tonight?” Violet asked the woman.

“Just visiting my brother.”

Five minutes of silence pass, until the woman tries to strike up a conversation with Violet again.

“So… since it’ll be a while until we reach our destination, would you like to hear a story to pass the time?” the woman asked.


“Have you ever heard of a place called Circus Baby’s Pizza World?”

“Oh yeah, I remember that place when I was a kid. Wasn’t it closed down because of gas leaks or something like that?”

“You see, that was just a cover-up story. Do you want to know the real reason it’s opening was cancelled?”

“Um… okay…?”

“The owner of the restaurant had a daughter who he loved dearly. He made Baby just for her, but he would never let her go see her, no matter how much she begged him. I can still remember my screams vividly when she offered me ice cream. Her stomach opened and a claw came out. It grabbed me, and it pulled me in. The last thing I saw before I died was nothing but wires in her stomach. And yet, despite remembering what happened to me, I can still see a recording of myself getting killed, over and over again… oh, wait, my apologies. I never properly introduced myself.”

The young woman turned to stare at Violet, smiling malevolently, as if a predator had just caught her prey.

“My name is Elizabeth Afton.” Violet felt her stomach twist as she put the car to a stop.

“Y-you need to get the hell out of my car!” Immediately, a disfigured, melting version of Chica with multiple layers of razor-sharp teeth located on both her mouth and stomach, accompanied by variants of Freddy, Bonnie, and Foxy of the same nature emerged from the ground, ambushing her car. Freddy launched himself on the bumper of the car, Bonnie occupied the right of the car, and Foxy appeared from behind, using his hook to slash the tires. The grotesque Chica rammed herself against the car door and smashed her claw into the window, attempting to grab Violet from her seat. Violet, trembling in fear, struggled with Chica, punching her and attempting to rip her apart. Elizabeth watched for a moment, before holding up her hand to dispense chloroform in front of Violet’s face. The teeth in Freddy’s stomach retracted, which was large enough to fit the body of an adult. Elizabeth reached across Violet’s unconscious body and opened the car door. As the distorted Freddy placed Violet in his stomach compartment, his stomach closed and all of the animatronics retreated back through the holes in the dirt they dug out of.