Here's the small humor story of the reason why Ballora was absent in Five Nights at Freddy's VR: Help Wanted;

Room 1, where Ballora sits in the comforting chair:

Circus Baby: walks in the room, seeing Ballora sit in the chair attempt to hide something by hutch her back over - "Hey, Ballora. It's time for us to go. Hey, are you alright?"

Ballora: glances at Circus Baby then leads her back onto the chair, revealing six months pregnant - "Nope, I can't. Just go."

Circus Baby: glances at Ballora's belly

~Gilligan Cut~

Room 2, full of other Circus/Funtime animatronics, included Ennard:

Circus Baby: walks into the room in hurry - "We are going without her. She get a baby due soon."

Funtime Freddy and Bon-Bon: facepalms using their left hands

Funtime Foxy: cues the jumpscare music with its mask opening

Bonnet: "Told ya that she should shut her legs!"

Ennard: groans

Lolbit: "Guess I will cover her shaft next week."

Minireena: blank stares while in its position as seen in the game

Yenndo: "Hey, don't you mean that Ballora is going to have 'Dancing Baby' or some-" gets shocking when Circus Baby pushes a shocking button elsewhere

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