My NEW theory for fnaf; which answers some but not every question and or fact.

FNAF has two universes(parallel universes) as told by Scott Cawthon himself; one is the games, and the other is the book. Each universe has similarities and breaks in some other facts. So 2 questions that bugged me when i have seen the ending of fnaf 6 is this; who is on the phone, and whats some answers to the story? As in who is speaking to the animatronics in the fnaf 6 true ending. Well i have an answer.

So in a slight rundown this is base facts to know before i say the theory; Henry and William were the co founders of fazbear entertainment, both of the men have a knack for tampering with electronic-piston bipedal entertainment devices. Fancy words for animatronic animals like freddy and bonnie and chica. In the two universes we follow a single road with these facts being that road except here is where the road splits; In the book we follow the story of Henry’s daughter Charlotte(A twin to her brother Sammy who was murdered by afton), in that universe Afton has no family and is a bloodthirsty murderer with a cynical view of kids and Henry’s animatronics this doesnt include his creations called the funtime animatronics whom are created to entrap and murder people; specifically children. In the games we follow afton and the family he never had in the book. Of the people we see in the games to be his family there are 4. Afton the father, Michael the Firstborn son, Afton’s daughter Elizabeth, and Afton’s youngest unamed son. Each of the people in this family appear to be cursed with how this turns out. In this universe Afton has his family. Afton isnt as ruthless and bloodthirsty in this universe but he is still a murderer. The other family is henry’s, Henry only has one child; her name isnt known but i suspect Charlotte.

Reason i say cursed is because each of the Afton family members seen in the series are murdered by an animatronic. Afton is SpringTrapped when escaping ghosts. Michael is scooped with ennard. Elizabeth is scooped with baby. And Afton’s youngest had his frontal lobe bitten out by an animatronic.

All animatronics that kill you in the pizzeria in fnaf 6 are possessed. SpringTrap is possessed by William Afton; having been recovered from Fazbear’s fright. Baby was recovered after she was torn away from Ennard; she was possessed by Afton’s daughter who got too close, and had been killed by accident. Michael went to find her for their father, he “put her back together” and was reconized by the animatronics but they thought it was William. He was scooped and had Ennard placed inside him; but he threw up the animatronics; and yet lived. Molten Freddy is what was left of Ennard, without baby. Lastly there is Lefty. Lefty is possessed by the puppet, since the puppet operates mostly by string they needed a body that could walk. If youre wondering why i mentioned the puppet ill explain in a bit.

So heres how this works; i believe the person who was talking on the phone was Henry. Proof is that Henry left logs in a hidden menu and explained how he knew and regretted what Afton had done. Also he had mentioned HIS creations were used by Afton for the wrong reasons. In the book universe Henry was dead; murdered by an animatronic of his own creation. But he is never murdered in the original fnaf series.

From this we can start a timeline. In the timeline of sorts it starts off with William beginning to murder children. Now is when i explain the puppet in this. When noticing that children are disappearing at their location; Henry decided they should make a robot to keep some of the children inside the pizzeria. William agrees and they create this new robot. This was the puppet, (at the time it was called Security puppet) it looked at specific bracelets and kept specific children inside with it’s melody. But, William made it only protect one child so he could murder all he liked, thus it protected Charlotte. (If you notice in both universes Henry has a daughter, but Charlotte isnt a twin which is a change in that universe’s path from it’s likeness to the book which Henry’s daughter is a twin.) One day however William finally decided to kill Charlotte when she was left out in the rain one day and left out from a party, locked out while the puppet was trapped in it’s box. However it wasnt hopeless as the puppet escaped and went after Charlotte into the rain, and it found her dead. Since the rain was shorting out the animatronics in the puppet it collapsed onto Charlotte. She then possessed the puppet. Being unable to move as well since the animatronic had messed up servos the puppet was put onto strings. Soon she began to give life to the spirits of the murdered children; by giving them her father’s creations; the animatronics.

Im adding a small cut right here to mention that in the book series Charlotte seemed to keep all of her friends strong and up as they went through the fazbear pizzeria and the hardship that they went through in the series. The hardship was the loss of a dear friend to them all who was taken by Afton in the book. This is reflected by her being in the puppet.

She lifted them up as she was the first to possess an animatronic, caring for the children; she always wanted to protect her family. From there they proceeded to try and stop William, which when he destroyed the animatronics and was still haunted by spirits, caused him to be crushed to death and trapped in the thing he used to murder children; The Springtrap. At the time however it was Golden Bonnie. After having run the Fazbear entertainment company by himself when William died; Henry discovered what his partner had done. And proceeded to make a final location for which the animatronics could be put to rest. So Henry created the location of fnaf 6, and trapped Baby(possessed by Elizabeth Afton), Ennard(the remaining murdered spirits that had been trapped in Afton’s bots), and SpringTrap(possessed by William who was killed but is still in the machine, and is to be sent to hell). However the animatronics wouldve remembered the puppet, and since she couldnt move as well on her strings; the puppet was put inside the Lefty animatronic to have new mobility; which is proven as you see her arm’s stripes within Lefty’s arms. When Henry finally got the animatronics all together he proceeded to burn down the pizzeria taking afton’s daughter, releasing the souls, and finally putting his old friend where he belongs. (He in fact says this in the ending) Henry also had Michael come to be the security guard to burn with his family since he was basically half dead with no insides. Which in fact the animatronics believed it was him, including Henry’s daughter which is why she attacks you at night as lefty. So when all of this was done and Henry had trapped them and proceeded to burn the building he also began to release his daughter, knowing she had carried all of the other spirits, he finally had her rest, by having her burn with the building too. Through this Henry cleans away what horrors Afton has created, to let the mistake which was Freddy Fazbear’s pizza fade and no longer be remembered with the agonies it had been given by Afton. And so was my attempt to answer some unanswered things about fnaf, hope u enjoyed it. Its not perfect but please give feedback. Thanks.