The Candy Cadet: Chapter 3: The 5 Puppies Story

Chapter 3: 

Cadet booted up, his servos starting with the usual humming noise. He was in a dark room. He tried to move, and rolled forward. Suddenly, he could see a blur, and then could see light. He realized he was at the end of the alley, and it was 6:00 AM in the morning. He could hear the voices of boys, so rolled forward, exiting the alley. 4 boys stood, talking to each other. They dressed in green and blue. 

" Cake Night" Cadet suddenly uttered, remembering the night Charlie was killed. The night he had failed to save her...... The night that the Security Puppet took it's final steps.

It was killed by the rain.

Cadet checked the date: 1979. *Had it really been YEARS?*. Cadet observed his appearance: Rust covered his metal, and his lights were cracked. He quickly shook the thought off and rolled closer, listening to the boys' conversation as he remained silent. " Hey, I bet you could try to get in the pizzeria!" Said one. The other responded, shaking his head. " No! I don't wanna! I'd get in trouble! Freddy's is closed down!". The other child taunted him. ' Aww, you too chicken! Bock! Bock! I double dare you!". The boy sighed, slowly walking towards the entrance of the pizzeria. He turned his head, asking the other boy a question. " But what if bunny man comes and gets us, like he did the other kids?". *Bunny man? Was that Springbonnie's new name?*.

The kids continued talking, until they convinced the boy to go in. The poor little child had a wool hat on for the cold morning. The boy looked over to the trees beside the restaurant, knowing that his house stood behind them. He turned, took a deep breath, and tried to open the door. It made a loud clicking noise that echoed within the restaurant, indicating the door was locked. " It's locked!". The boy faked being dissapointed, but he was relieved he didn't have to go in. Cadet observed each of the children, saving them to his memory. One stood out, as Cadet recognized him from his programming: Louis, a boy with a black shirt with white stripes. Cadet set off a clunking noise, which he had recorded from when Henry had patted him upon his first day, before rolling off into the alley. Louis looked over to where he had been, a curious expression covering his face. He ran off into the alley, despite the other kids telling him it was too dangerous, to " remember what he saw". Louis stopped dead in his tracks when he heard that. He remembered the night when he had been exiting Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, the shining lights from within the pizzeria lighting the dark night.

The night he found a little girl dead.

And the night he had found an Animatronic by her corpse.

His older brother hadn't believed him, and he had been scarred for life. The image of the girl's bloodied corpse, the Puppet laying on top of it, never left Louis' mind. The boys watched as a terrified expression conquered Louis' face. He slowly edged away, turning around to run just as he heard a male voice utter " I am the Candy Cadet". The dark alley became lit up with Cadet's colorful lights. Louis turned around, smiling as he looked to the tiny Robot on the ground. He ran over, picked it up, and exited the alley, joining his friends. " Hey, I found a little robot!" He said, smiling as he put the somewhat heavy machine down on the ground. The boys crowded around it as it played it's dialogue. " Here, take your candy. Candy Cadet has Candy all day, every day. Candy, Candy, Candy, Candy" Cadet said as he allowed candy to come out of his dispensor. " Yay, he gives us candy!". The boys took the candy, and inserted coins to get more, yelling and fighting over the treats. Within a few minutes, Candy Cadet began to bleep, his lights flashing as he said " Come back later, and maybe I will tell you a story". 

" BUT WE WANT CAAAANDY!". The boys shouted and shook the Cadet, despite Louis' shouting for them to stop. " No, guys, stop! You're hurting him!". But, they didn't stop. They ripped a piece off of him, and he began to whir as his lights faded off and he deactivated. " NOOO! YOU KILLED CANDY CADET!". By now, Louis' tears were streaming down his cheeks as he sobbed. He took the Cadet, and ran off quickly. He left the parking lot, running out onto the street. He ran and ran as the tears flowed, eventually arriving at a large house. He smiled and wiped away his tears as he brought the Cadet inside. 

The tiny robot activated, his vision pitch black. He eventually made out the usual blur, before he could see. He was resting on a small bed in the middle of a bedroom. On the bed rested a plushie that resembled the Puppet, purple tears streaming down from it's eyes instead of the blue. There were also plushies of Freddy, 8 of them, in fact. And finally, there was a plushie of a strange Chica-looking character. It had a white body, with a white grey circle in it's stomach, resembling a built-in speaker. It's chest area was pink, resembling a chestplate, and it's knobby feet were pink, while it's knobby hands were green. It had pink cheeks, with a large orange beak, and pink pupils with orange eyelids. It had pink eyebrows, and head feathers. Cadet tried to identify who or what it was, but couldn't. He simply uttered " Chica" before he observed the rest of his surroundings: a table with a lamp, and a shelf with a Freddy plushie, Bonnie plushie, Chica plushie, and a Foxy plushie. It was a child's bedroom, and most likely Louis'. 

Cadet saved " Louis' Room Image" to his memory, for he felt he might need it. He then studied the Chica character for a few minutes before shutting himself down.

" Candy Robot, wake up! Wake up!". Cadet activated to see Louis' shaking him, an excited expression on his face as he yelled. " Daddy's taking us to Chica's!". *Chica's?*. Cadet didn't have much time to ponder as Louis picked him up and went running out of his room, down a small hallway that led to a large living room area. A brown-haired boy sat on a torn up recliner, watching a soap opera. A small little girl sat in a corner by a toy box, building a tower out of building blocks. Her orange hair was done up in pigtails, and she wore a red bow, with her wide, green eyes blazing with happiness and excitement as she put the last block onto her tower. " Yay!" She yelled, accidentally knocking it over as she stretched her arms out. " No!". Cadet estimated that she was about 3 years old, or maybe nearly 3 years of age.

Louis set Cadet down on the floor, fooling around with his buttons. " I am the Candy Cad- Come g- Now I w- Stor- CANDY CANDY CANDY CANDY". The robot made bleeping noises as his audio malfunctioned. Within a few minutes, a tall man walked into the living room out of a kitchen. He had brown hair, with a large mouth. He wore a suit, and was putting on a tie. " Louis, Elizabeth!". Louis' head shot up to his father as Cadet immediatelly recognized him as William Afton. *Afton has children?* Cadet thought.

" C'mon, let's go!". Elizabeth and Louis gazed over at one another. At the same time, they both exclaimed " CHICA'S! CHICA'S PARTY WORLD!". Elizabeth giggled. " I love Daddy's robots!". The brown-haired boy kept staring at the TV, watching his soap opera. " Michael, get over here, NOW!". Mike looked over quickly to Afton. " NOW!". Afton made a fist. The young Mike quickly got up, and got ready with his siblings. Elizabeth and Louis stood at the doorway within seconds, smiles covering their faces, all ready and excited. Mike quickly got his shoes on as William Afton slapped him across the face, turning him around so he could do it again. " Faster, Michael!!!". Mike quickly got ready, tears streaming down his cheeks. The smiles dissapeared from Louis and Elizabeth's faces. Louis quickly grabbed the Cadet off the floor, Afton not even noticing as he got in the car. Louis stuffed him into the trunk, and got in the back seat with Elizabeth and Mike. It was a very quiet drive, Louis and Elizabeth not feeling as excited as they looked at their older brother's sad face. Maybe things will get better though, Louis thought, We'll have fun at Chica's. Won't we? He thought, and pondered, until a shard of a tear leaked from his eye, streaming down his cheek. *Things will never get better. Daddy will always be mean to Michael, and Michael will always be jealous*.

William opened the back doors of the vehicle, motioning for his children to come out. Louis hopped quickly and happily out of the car, only to be nudged unplayfully to the concrete ground by Michael, who smirked and laughed as he looked down at his fallen brother. Louis looked at the fresh cut on his arm, and felt like crying. He pushed himself up, and walked over with his sister. " Lizzie, Im so excited!". William grasped firm the hands of the 2 children he favored, Louis for his innocence, and Elizabeth for resembling her mother, with green eyes and the exact same red bow, which she had inherited. Mike simply tagged along, hands in his pockets, walking slowly as he faced the ground and entered the establishment with his family. 

Elizabeth's eyes were full of magic and wonder, looking at the large auditorium that her father had bestowed upon his children. " You made this place?". Elizabeth looked up to her father, who was still holding her hand. He looked down at her innocent eyes. " Yes, Lizzie. Now, go play". He smiled at her, gave her a kiss on the cheek, and watched as she ran off with her siblings. The auditorium was filled with seats, some families already sitting. At the back of it stood a large stage with multiple Animatronics that seemed like they were a large distance away due to the large auditorium. Like an arch, a large Rainbow Animatronic was sitting motionless and stiff on the stage, the only movement made being the blinking of it's large eyes. On the right of the stage was a corner with multiple bookshelves and toy boxes. On the left of the stage were multiple arcade machines, alongside some small rides. Ice cream dispensers sat on the left side of the auditorium, including an Ice-Cream Truck-like stand which contained 2 Clowns. Louis held Candy Cadet, holding him so that he could see the entire auditorium. Cadet recognized the 2 Clowns faces, but he couldn't grasp the memory file before Louis ran forward, inspecting a large Snowman that stood tall on the right side of the room. 

Louis looked up at the large Animatronic, his eyes wide as they flashed with wonder and excitement. 

The large Snowman was in a crouching position, and wore a blue top hat that shined like it's black eyes. It wore a red bow that rested below a large smile that created large red cheeks, with a singular split in it's face that created 2 faceplates. In place of it's hands were cannons. The large Animatronic seemed to stare off into space, but Louis liked to think it was looking at him, wanting to please him and make him happy. And within a few seconds, that's what it was doing. It's eyes staring down at Louis briefly before its cannons ejected a snowcone with multiple flavors.

Elizabeth remembered a time when her mother would hold her. It had been a long time ago, though, and all that Elizabeth remembered were her mother's loving, brilliant green eyes. Thoughts and memories raced through her confused mind as she thought about how her father mistreated Michael. Would her mother do that to him? Smack him, and punch him, for what seemed like no reason? Had Mike done something wrong to make her father do that to him?

As the thoughts whizzed through her mind, she nearly tripped over some toys in a corner of the large auditorium. " No, toys!" A little girl's voice said. Soon, Elizabeth was looking down at a girl about her age. " They're broke!". 

" I didn't break them!".

Elizabeth had stumbled upon the " Plaything Corner" in the auditorium. Children were allowed to bring their own toys to share with other children, or play with the toys provided. The little girl had dark orange hair, done in a ponytail, with a blue dress. She gathered her toys in her arms, some actually cracked in 2 pieces, and stuffed them into a backpack she had brought. " Im sorry..." Elizabeth said. " That's ok. What's your name?".

" Lizzie". The other little girl smiled. " I am Rebecca".  

Michael leaned against the wall on the left side of the auditorium. As he took his hands out of his pockets, he decided to get some ice cream. Walking over to the Clown Ice Cream Truck, he looked at the options and decided what he wanted. " Um, hello?". He waved his hand over the face of one of the Clown Animatronics. Motionless. Still. Nothing. " Uh, hey, can I have some Ice Cream?". Suddenly, the Clown's eyes quickly glowed as the Ice Cream Truck came alive with colorful lights and music. " Uh.... Can I have chocolate?". The stiff Clown moved along a rail that turned it around and brought it to the back of the truck. It, within seconds, made an Ice Cream cone, moving it's still parts. The other Clown slid along it's own rail, taking the cone with a robotic-like movement that led it to move back along the rail, bending down and reaching out to serve Mike the ice cream cone. He rested a hand on it, and took the cone. " Thanks, Clown!". He licked his Ice Cream and walked off, beginning to enjoy himself. 

Louis had finished his Snowcone, but now the liquid used to make it was staining his shirt, giving him a wet, sticky and cold feeling. He sluggishly walked through the auditorium, looking slowly back and forth at all of the kids and parents there, playing, eating, and sitting, waiting for the show to start. That's when he looked forward to see Elizabeth, tears streaming down her face as she sat on her knees in the Plaything Corner, covering her eyes with her hands. " Lizzie, what's wrong!". He ran down the rows of seats, quickly bending down on his knees to see Elizabeth. " Lizzie, what happened?". He moved her hands, revealing her eyes. She sniffed as she spoke. " Gremlins t-took Rebecca!". Louis felt confused, and didn't know what his younger sister was talking about. They were at least a year apart, but they had a relationship like they were twins, born together to stay together. 

" The Gremlins! The G-green thingy's with funny ears! They looked a b-bit like my dolly's". Elizabeth was beginning to calm down, but was still sobbing a bit. " Then why are you so scared?" Louis said. " They were wh-whispering! I don't think it's safe!". Louis hugged her quickly. " It will be ok, Lizzie". Suddenly, the lights went out, and rustling became audible, along with whispering and the moving of equipment. The next thing Louis knew, a spotlight was revealing Funtime Chica, the mascot of the establishment. 

Cadet knew immediatelly what was going on. It was showtime, just like Foxy's Show, just like Cake Night. He watched from where Louis had left him by Snowcone, and recognnized Funtime Chica as the plushie that sat on Louis' bed. The Chica-like character with colors of white, orange, and green. Cadet rolled closer, fast as he could, racing to the end of the auditorium to arrive in the Plaything Corner. 

  • Funtime_Chica*

Cadet saved Funtime Chica to his memory. Within seconds, other spotlights lit up, revealing the characters of Music Man, Lolbit, Lefty, and Rabbit Joe. Music Man was a pink and white spider-like Animatronic with cymbals, while Lolbit was a fox character with colors of yellow and purple. Lefty was a black and white bear character, with glowing red eyes and a grey bowtie. And finally, Rabbit Joe was a blue rabbit character with a banjo. All characters were very different, but there was one core similarity they all shared: 2 splits separating their face into 4 faceplates. 

Cadet quickly zoomed past the people and characters, entering the corner where he had just seen Louis and Elizabeth. 

All he could make out was the silent darkness......

....And the moving of curtains on a dark part of the stage. 

Michael sat down in a seat near the front row. He was just finishing his amazing ice cream cone, and in his opinion, it was the best he'd ever tasted. The cone tasted amazing on it's own, and the chocolate was so creamy and cold. But, now, the ice cream didn't matter to the young Mike as much as the splendid show that he was about to witness. Funtime Chica began to sing, Music Man crashed his symbals together, Rabbit Joe played his banjo..... This cycle went on for a few minutes. Then Lolbit and Lefty walked off stage, getting trays of drinks from Afton Robotics Employees who supervised the Animatronics as they served the audience. Mike awaited his drink, and was very excited when it was bestowed upon him and he was able to taste the amazing flavor. 

" Lizzie!" yelled Louis. Elizabeth fell down, scraping her knee as a Gremlin pounced on her, it's baby-like, mischievious face matching it's distorted cackling. " Hee hee!" It said, sinking it's tiny teeth into Elizabeth's arm. " No, stop!". Louis grabbed the Gremlin, slamming it against the wall, watching in both fear and relief as it's eyes slowly closed and it fell to the floor with a clank. Elizabeth looked at the wound left on her arm, a tear streaming down her cheek. Louis ran over, hugging her instantly. " B-bad robots!". She broke out in tears. 

Cadet rolled up to the stage, bumping on each step. Each bump he made, he turned to the audience, just to make sure nobody noticed the wierd robot shrouded in darkness that was rolling up the steps to the stage. At last, after a couple minutes of bumping and trying hard not to fall off, Cadet rolled up onto the stage, quickly turning and entering backstage. He observed the area: He was surrounded by crates and boxes, all filled with props and parts. It was very dark, with shining, chrome floors and walls, which seemed to light the room. Yet, overall, the room was incredibly shrouded in shadow, dimly lit by the reflections of light from the chrome. He quickly recognized Louis and Elizabeth in an embracement in the middle of the area, not far away from a damaged Gremlin that layed in between some crates. 

Elizabeth leaned away from Louis. " Im ok...". With a concerned expression, Louis grabbed Elizabeth's hand and they pulled each other up. They walked together, observing their surroundings as they walked further into the storage area's of the establishment, not knowing Cadet followed. At the end of the stage area was a stairase that went deep into the darkness. Louis turned to Elizabeth, and she nodded, confirming that they had to find Rebecca.  

" Woo hoo! Chica! Chica! Chica!". The crowd of the auditorium roared as Chica danced. Mike cheered and raised his hands, loving the performance. Within minutes, the crowd was already begging for more even before Chica was finished the last part of her dance. Mike was dissapointed, yet was excited to see what Chica would do next. But, then, something strange occured. Mike watched as Lolbit and Lefty marched back to the stage, and took the place of Music Man and Funtime Chica. " I love you all!". She made a motion that blew the audience a kiss before slowly ascending behind the curtains. As she peeked her head out, Mike felt like she was looking straight at him, watching his every move, recognizing exactly who he was. 

That's when she disappeared from view. 

Elizabeth and Louis climbed a short ladder at the bottom of the staircase, arriving in a room filled with machinery and projectors. " I think we're in a machine room" Said Louis. " Y'know, where they do all that fancy stuff for the lights, and the robots. Like Daddy says". Elizabeth nodded, frowning... Right before a phrase in a raspy voice sent a chill down her spine. " Hi there!". 2 Gremlins jumped out from the machinery, sparks flying from where they were hiding in the wires and cables. Bright white lights began to flash, blinding Louis and Elizabeth. " Lizzie! What's happen-" His words were cut off by a Gremlin that jumped on his neck and covered his mouth, causing him to fall to the floor. He began to cry hard, struggling to breath as he panicked. He quickly grabbed the Gremlin, prying it off of his face and tossing it in an unknown direction. " Louis! Hurt!". Louis felt like his heart was bursting as he had to listen to his crying sister. He could still not see very well, yet managed to stand up, fumbling his way over to where he heard Elizabeth's cries. " Lizzie! Im coming!". 

" Louis! There's 2 Gremlins!". Louis knew now that the other Gremlin was now centered on not him, but on poor Lizzie. 

Michael slowly got up from his seat, pushing himself up as a shocked expression covered his face. *Where's Lizzie and Louis?*. He quickly ran down to the Plaything Corner, taking note that they weren't in the last place he saw them. In a panic, he looked back and forth, noticing a gap that only a person walking through the curtains could leave. 

" Please, stop! Stop it!". Louis was petrified as he struggled to help Elizabeth. " Don't worry, L-lizzie!". After blindly fumbling around and struggling to follow the sound of Elizabeth, Louis could finally feel Elizabeth's dress. But then, he could feel a pinching feeling in his palm.

It quickly escalated to a piercing feeling that left blood trickling down his hand and onto his arm. He shook the attacking Gremlin off, feeling an explosion of relief when he heard a zap as it clanked against the metal floor of the tech room. And then, he could see. 

Elizabeth's favorite red dress matched the blood on her knee. The Gremlin that inflicted it upon her looked up to Louis before pouncing off her legs and disappearing. " Lizzie! Please be ok, oh NO, please be ok!". She opened her eyes, revealing tears. " Im ok.... I think we got them". Louis shook his head violently. " No, no, no, no, no, NO! Lizzie, one got away, we have to catch it- But it might kill us! It might hurt us again! What do we do, what do we do!". Lizzie sat up, looking at Louis. " It's ok! Gremlins bad, but Daddy's other robots are nice!". Louis shook his head. " No Lizzie, they're all bad! The Puppet, Chica, Gremlins, all of them!". He breathed heavily, anxiety stricken. " Louis, they're our friends! Don't be afraid!". Louis shook his head yet again. " Im scared, Lizzie...".

" Louis, what have you dragged Lizzie into!". Mike ran down the backstage area, going straight past the damaged Gremlin. As he slowed down near the ladder at the bottom of the staircase, 2 tiny eyes opened. 

Louis and Lizzie walked towards a sliding electric door at the end of the tech room. Louis creeped forward with Elizabeth, nervously observing his surroundings, constantly expecting something to jump out at him. Lizzie pressed the button, causing the door to slide open. Lizzie walked in, obviously amazed by what she was seeing. Louis slowly followed her into the shining room. It was a lab, filled with equipment and Animatronic parts. A syringe rested on a table beside.... An Animatronic? Elizabeth walked over to the strange figure accompanied by the syringe. The syringe was ready to inject a strange molten red liquid, and the Animatronic seemed to be of green and white colors, with the normal faceplates. As Elizabeth got closer, she realized the Animatronic was a ballerina character with..... Skates? The blade on the bottom of each skate seemed sharp, but was actually thick enough for the Animatronic to glide around, say activated. " Louis! Ballerina!". Elizabeth got no answer. " Louis? Where'd you go?". Then, the response was a muffled yell from outside of the lab followed by raspy giggling. " One little Gremlin decided to play!" Said the attacker, Elizabeth running out of the lab as fast as she could, horrified when she saw the 3rd Gremlin ontop of Louis. She quickly pounced at it, embracing it and rolling away from Louis, pinning it down to the floor. The Gremlin simply giggled, bit Elizabeth's finger, and scampered away, crawling into the lab. It jumped up onto a table, and pounced at a wall, latching onto it and climbing up swiftly. Elizabeth looked over, making an angry expression. She felt she had to get the Gremlin, she wanted to grab it, shake it, and then tear it's head off of it's neck. But then, she thought, I would not find Rebecca. " Lizzie! Ow! I-it feels awful!". Elizabeth turned to see Louis lying on the floor, blood gushing from his arm as he pressed down on the wound with his hand. " Louis, no!". The tears were rushing down Elizabeth's cheeks as she ran over to her brother. "No! It will be ok! Daddy will kiss boo boo!". Louis didn't respond to Elizabeth's attempt of comforting him. Yet, after a few minutes, he decided that his sister was more important than his pain, and he wanted her to be happy. He struggled to get up, but he and Elizabeth re-entered the lab. As the door shut behind them, Louis feared he would never see his Father again. 

Mike walked through the tech room, taking note of the damaged wiring and cables. " Louis..." He mumbled. Arriving at the sliding door at the end of the room, he could hear not-so-distant giggling. The 1st Gremlin quickly swung off the cieling, landing above the door, hanging itself upside down before grabbing Michael's face and pushing itself forward. Michael fumbled backwards, feeling helpless as the Gremlins' face covered his vision. He fell backwards, landing on his back. He struggled to breath and get his lungs working. He could feel the Gremlin rip some skin off of his cheek, and then bite his nose. But then, he could see it's mouth moving in closer and it's tiny teeth getting ready to sink into his eye. He jolted, disrupting the Gremlin. He forced his arms to work, and grabbed the Gremlin, twisting it's head backwards, causing the body to be detached. He proceeded to pull on it's face until it broke off, snapping into 2 pieces. 

Elizabeth felt like the hope was slowly draining out as she looked up at the shaft above the lab. She could see the Gremlin crawling, and soon decided she wasn't going to let it go. She hopped on the elevator in the lab, Louis quickly running in it with her. The doors shut, and they ascended up through the shaft. The elevator wasn't fast, so the shaft mustn't have been very tall, as they arrived at the top within a few seconds. The doors slid open, and Louis and Elizabeth slowly walked out. There was thick railing in the middle of the top of the cube-shaped shaft, placed there for the purpose of crossing. Louis and Elizabeth looked at each other, seeing the fear in one another's eyes. " We have to do it". 

" Oh, god, Lizzie, what happened?". Michael ran into the lab. He crashed through all the equipment, smashing glass objects and knocking down the Ballerina Animatronic. It turned when it jolted due to the strike, falling flat on the floor, damaging parts of it's divided facial area. Mike went as fast as he could go, not even noticing the tiny space robot that was out in the open. Near an elevator at the back of the laboratory was Elizabeth, knocked out cold, laid upon a large pile of broken objects. Michael quickly bent down, shaking his head, tears nearly forming. " Oh, please, Lizzie, be alright!". He shook his little sister, but there was no answer. 

William straightened his tie as he stepped out of his private quaters. He passed the large auditorium, seeming quite proud of himself as he smirked with the evil expression that almost always seemed to cover his face. As kids returned to the places they were previously playing, he held a strange device out to each of the Animatronics still on stage. They all instantly rotated and turned, moving so they could enter backstage. " Go and play" He said. " The Gremlins found a playmate". 

Louis looked down the shaft below him. He had himself wrapped around the railing, looking down, his jaw hanging and his eyes forming large circles as he sat on his stomach. " L-lizzie?". He could see Elizabeth lying in a pile of broken objects. Lizzie doesn't deserve that, Louis thought, poor little Lizzie didn't deserve all that pain. She looked like she was sleeping, but didn't respond when Mike shook her. But she couldn't be dead, could she? Louis watched as Mike picked up Lizzie, a tear going down his face as he looked at her. That's when her eyelids moved, and all of a sudden, her wonder-filled eyes were staring at Mike.

" Mike!". Elizabeth hugged Mike, and he quickly hug back. Louis knew Elizabeth was now happy, but he knew sooner or later, she'd remember Rebecca. He slowly edged towards the end of the railing, trying hard not to look down as he slid. He was able to crawl into a safe room at the end of the railing, standing up, trying hard not to lose his balance. He was very scared. The only thing supporting him was a small ledge that was only the size of his feet. Avoiding falling down like Elizabeth did, he clicked the button, and entered the safe room. He didn't know Chica's went so far underground, but apparently it did. 

As he stared at the parts of Animatronics that seemed all too similar to the Chica Animatronics, Louis wondered why his father would make such secret area's. " Rebecca?" He whispered, " Are you there?". No answer. Great, he thought, I just got Elizabeth hurt, and the thing she's been crying about isn't even up here. He almost hated himself for what he had done. Now, he was determined to climb back over the railing, and travel back down to the lab to try to find other rooms. That's when he remembered the doors he had seen on the left side of the lab. Now knowing the mystery and shadow Chica's Party World was shrouded in, Louis prepared himself for what was on the other side of the door. He felt he had to, for anything could've managed to sneak into whatever mysterious space he was going to see.

Mike carried Elizabeth out of the lab, quickly closing the door behind him. He talked to Elizabeth, trying to discuss what had happened, but she seemed pretty against talking about the past few events. But then, all of a sudden, she became a chatterbox. " Where's Louis?". Mike looked down at his sister in his arms, taking note of all the bruises, cuts, and scratches that covered her. " Mikey?". He couldn't ignore her any longer. " I don't know. But everything will be ok, we don't need to worry about him. We should worry about you". 

" Louis had boo boo's too". Mike shook his head, looking forward as he brought Elizabeth through the tech room, and over to the ladder. " I think you're going to have to climb down the ladder yourself, Lizzie". She nodded, but as he started to put her on her feet, she resisted and yelled " No!". 

" What's wrong, Lizzie?".

" I forgot! I saw a robot! It had my skirt! And my dress! Then I fell! But, Daddy had to have made it for me!". Mike smiled as he put his little sister on his feet. " Did Louis teach you how to talk, or something? You sound just as crazy as him.". He hugged her before he climbed down the short ladder. And then, he helped his sister down. " There you go, Lizzie". 

Louis arrived down on the elevator. He stepped out, walking to the left side of the lab. Feeling uneasy, he got the courage to walk towards the door. He felt like something horrible was about to happen, like anything horrible could emerge from shadow. But, before he could even click the button, he heard something on the other side. Then..... The door slowly opened. As a figure unfolded before him, he realized how big Chica's actually was, and how it could be sneaked through. But then, Funtime Chica's arm swung into his forehead, knocking him to the floor. He felt sick, and tears were filling up his eyes as they became blurry with the pain of his head. He felt his forehead, before everything went black. 

When Louis woke up, everything was very different. He couldn't see.... Much. At all. Just darkness. Just great, he thought. Now he had worked so hard to make his sister happy, just to be killed. Now he was just in a dark enviroment, unable to escape, no matter what he did. He shook himself, and wriggled, but nothing seemed to happen. He could hear sounds, and voices, but they seemed unfamiliar. He felt more scared than ever in his life. Was everything over? " Playtime is near" He could make out. " Hi there!" suddenly whizzed into his ears, followed by tiny footsteps. Where was he? But then, as his eyes adjusted to the darkness, he could make out.... Cables? And wires? Then endoskeleton, and then metal plates that matched the color of.... Grey?

He thrashed out at the cables and wires, and the tiny compartment he was in reacted with a shake. He thrashed at them again, and again the compartment shook. He reached forward, feeling a split in the metal plates in front of him. He used both of his hands to push the plates away from each other, working as hard as possible. He pushed them far enough to the point where they locked in place with a click and a snap. Now, he managed to wriggle forward in the tight space, grabbing other metal plates that had been behind the grey ones. Except, these ones were black and white. He only kept them open a crack, only enough to make out Funtime Chica, Rabbit Joe, Music Man, and Lolbit. They all seemed to be discussing among themselves. But, there were others.... The last Gremlin that Louis and Elizabeth had pursued was there. Louis figured they were in the lab, due to the equipment and tables he saw. The Gremlin was standing on the table, and had a red skirt piece on. It got that from the room! Louis thought, putting it all together. The room with the spare parts!. 

But where was Elizabeth? Louis decided he didn't have enough time to ponder. He pushed the plates in Lefty's stomach farther apart. Then he could make out a large Animatronic. Not as large as Snowcone, much smaller, but alot bigger than Funtime Chica. It was shaped like an Egg, and had blue above it's head, resembling a hat. It had a red sphere above the head, with large eyes and a large smile. It had a triangular nose, and had 2 red cheeks. On it's side were multiple spheres that formed fingers, and almost everywhere below it's mouth was blue, resembling clothing. On it's bottom were red domes that resembled shoes. It was mostly beige. But there was something odd about it: It had a visible compartment in it's stomach that held a tiny version of itself, which contained a red ball in it's own stomach compartment. Louis remembered Mike telling him about it: The Egg Baby. Mike would tell him that it made kids think it had gifts for them, and then ate them. Louis hadn't really believed him, but now he was truly fearing his brother's story. Judging by what he had seen that day, he thought it was entirely possible for Egg Baby to have swallowed Elizabeth. But then, he doubted it. He didn't know why, but something comforted him. He felt like the candy robot that he found, the rusty, old, nearly broken Cadet he'd found, was watching over him. 

Which it was.

Cadet tried to roll a bit closer, but didn't want to raise alarm and blow both his and Louis' cover. He had watched Chica knock Louis down, he had seen Lefty reach out to grab him, placing him in his stomach compartment. And now, as he realized that Louis was beginning to crawl out of Lefty, he decided to make a distraction. 

" I am the Candy Cadet. Come get your candy, all day, every day. Candy. Candy. Candy". And that was enough to stir the Animatronics up and get them going. As they all moved towards Cadet, leaving behind Egg Baby and Lefty, Cadet could see Louis fall out of the compartment as the Animatronic he was previously contained in deactivated. It fell down, nearly crushing Louis, as it's head crashed down onto a lab table, snapping the face clean off. 

Louis looked around. He had heard Candy Cadet, he knew it. Now, he could see Egg Baby more clearly. It sent a chill down his spine when it's eyes shifted towards him. He quickly ran by it, getting ready to exit the lab. But, what blocked his way was none other than a Animatronic that resembled the one that had killed the little girl that one dark night. 

It's eyes were like dark pits, the only light being the yellow, glowing pupils in the middle. Blue tears rushed down to it's mouth, which allowed it to smile. It had a red chin and cheeks, and had 1 split dividing it's face into 2 faceplates. It's face was like a mask it was wearing, for the back of it's head was smaller than the face, and was completely pitch black. A bell hung at the end of a funny hat on it's head, with multiple white stripes on it. It's arms and legs were covered in stripes. It had a large chest, that was black with one white button, and a stomach that got thinner and thinner with white stripes. It waist was incredibly skinny, and it's black, striped legs were long. It was larger than Egg Baby, larger than Funtime Chica. As Louis struggled to get by it, sobbing, it slowly uttered " We can have more fun when your parents aren't watching". Louis cried really loudly, quickly running over to the door on the left of the lab. He punched the button over and over, yelling " LET ME OUT! LET ME GO!". The door slid open slowly, but too slow. Louis got down, and crawled under it. He quickly got up, tears streaming down his face. He quickly clicked the button on the other side, and the door that was half open was soon nearly closed. He was in a corridor, but didn't focus on that. All he was worried about was getting away, and finding Rebecca. But, before he could watch it shut, he could see a tiny, green hand. The Skirt Gremlin crawled under swiftly, but creepily. It arrived in the corridor with Louis. " We'll have so much fun together!".

Now, Louis was once again on the run. Just in a never ending maze, he thought. He felt he'd never escape, but he had to keep trying. He had to find Rebecca. He took a quick left turn through a door, arriving in yet another safe room. As he looked around, he could see more robotic parts, and blueprints. But, in a corner, holding tight a doll of Rabbit Joe, was Rebecca, nearly in tears as she stood in the dark. " Rebecca?". Louis moved closer, but she backed off into the corner. " Who are you?!". 

" Louis. I'm Lizzie's brother". Rebecca edged closer. " Lizzie? She's here for Gremlin surprise too?". Louis didn't have enough time to answer, as he was cut off by chattering and banging on the door from outside the safe room. And then, he broke out in tears, falling to his knees. " Lizzie is with m-my older brother... I don't know if they're safe or not. The robots aren't safe! We have to leave!". Rebecca walked straight up to Louis. " But what about the surprise? And Chica's shows?". Louis slowly got back up. He pointed to the wound in his palm. " The robots did this to me". Rebecca gasped. She thought all the robots were her friends, and were trying to play with her, but now, she didn't know. Was Louis telling the truth? She didn't know, but what she did know was that she had no one else. She grabbed his hand, and they approached the safe room door. 

Rebecca grabbed the knob. Louis actually was looking at it in a strange way, though, as if he'd never seen a knob before or something. But, she brushed it off, and turned the knob. " Let's have a playdate!". The Skirt Gremlin grabbed her ankle as it's hand stuck out from the space in the door, and she screamed, falling over. Louis covered his mouth as he gasped, and backed away. The Gremlin pushed the door open enough to reveal it's entire small body. " Help! Louis!". Louis knew he had to help her, but he was scared. Kicking the Gremlin, he watched as it flew up against the wall with a zap and a clank, and witnessed it's death as it's eyes shut and it's mouth hung down. The color in it's red skirt even seemed to die down as it's lighted eyeballs flickered off. 

Louis reached out to Rebecca to help her up. After doing so, they walked carefully down the corridor, in the direction of the lab. But as they walked closer, Louis realized that the doors.... Were wide open. That's when he heard the mechanical whirring of Animatronic movements from behind him. Rebecca turned her head, but Louis did it more slowly, fearing what he would see. Standing behind them was Funtime Chica, accompanied by Music Man and Lefty.

Louis was scared. To Rebecca, the robots didn't look menacing, but Louis was terrified. It was like Rebecca didn't even notice that Lefty's face was not present. She stepped closer. " Chica?". Lefty stepped towards them slowly, as if in response. " Bad boy!" He said, walking closer to Louis. Louis wanted to back away, but couldn't. He was too afraid. Lefty's back plates shifted, and his jaw slowly hung down. His faceplates moved and shifted, relocating themselves. His stomach slowly opened up. But Rebecca wasn't watching. 

Louis had to watch helplessly as she stepped closer and closer to Chica and Music Man. Music Man bashed his cymbals in a rythym every few seconds, as Chica's faceplates silently moved apart as she blew a kiss to Rebecca. Lefty grabbed him with both hands, shoving him into his compartment and slowly moving his stomach plates back together to seal Louis inside. The last thing Louis saw was Chica's faceplates completely moving apart, revealing her endoskeleton. 

Rebecca saw the look of craftiness and evil in Chica's eyes, but brushed it off. But she wished she hadn't when Chica separated her faceplates. But, everyone has differences, Rebecca thought, even Chica, just like mommy says. It had to be normal for Chica to do that, right? Rebecca was starting to doubt herself as she walked closer, but then felt guilty. Chica just wanted to be her friend. Excitement and wonder filled up her mind, and showed up in her eyes. She blinked a few times, beginning to smile as she joined her hands together. And then, when she was right in front of Chica, the stomach plates moved apart faster than she could see or comprehend. And then, before she could even scream or frown, or cry, a giant claw unfolded in a split second, striking her chest, and tossing her against the floor, right before the claw folded itself back into the Animatronic it came from. Funtime Chica sealed her stomach up, before joining her faceplates back together. She actually seemed to smile as she stared down at the crescent she had torn into Rebecca's chest.

Cadet watched as Lefty dragged Rebecca's body into the second safe room, before closing the door and locking her inside. Cadet was happy he was able to help Louis, but was also somewhat filled with regret. Now, he was even more damaged than before, and his effort was in vain, as Rebecca was now dead. But, maybe now he could save Louis again, and perhaps he could escape. Not taking time to ponder the idea, he played his audio. 

Louis heard Cadet again. He was saving him once again, and now Louis could do what he did before. He thrashed at the cables, wriggled himself closer to the stomach plates, and pushed them apart. He crawled out of the stomach, falling on the floor. Poor Candy Cadet! He thought, now they're going to hurt him again. It almost made him laugh when Cadet whizzed down the corridor, Chica following. But, Louis had one more obstacle before he could get back into the lab.

Music Man.

Music Man crashed his cymbals together, moving closer to Louis every bash. His legs moved like he was a crab, and as he neared closer to Louis, it was like he was ready to crush Louis' head with a single crash. Louis quickly ran by the large instrumental Animatronic, entering the lab. Right before the cymbals crushed his head, he clicked the button, shutting the door, snapping Music Man's cymbals off of his body. 

Louis took a deep breath. He had finally escaped from Chica, and Music Man, and Lefty. But now, the sounds he heard followed by the absense of Rebecca convinced him that Lizzie's friend was dead, and that troubled him. As tears flooded down his face, he turned to walk to the front of the lab. He noticed the broken equipment and objects... But the syringe that was once filled with the molten liquid was now..... Empty? Confused, Louis didn't even realize the ice skating ballerina was missing. As he walked over to the door to click the button that would send it sliding open, he didn't expect what he was about to see. 

He walked back into the tech room. Everything seemed normal at first, but then, he could hear something. It sounded like movement, but then like a voice. At first just a whisper, but then it reverted to that of a young woman. " Susie". Louis didn't know what to think, but Cadet, who had snuck into the tech room, knew exactly what to think. He knew what William Afton did, and why. He knew now that souls could produce energy in order to stay behind, and that their energy could infiltrate objects, including Animatronics. Whoever was inside of the Animatronic knew *exactly* who Susie was. 

Louis slowly edged towards the door as he saw movement in the machines and cable piles. *No!* he thought. He couldn't leave now. He was so close to seeing his father again, and Elizabeth, and.... Mike. He wasn't looking forward as much to the last one. He stuck himself to the door, staying put. Then, he had to watch in fear as the monster stood up, and slowly stepped towards him. " Child? Susie?". Suddenly, it fell over. It struggled to push itself back up as Louis got an idea. Moving quickly, he surprised himself as he rammed into the Animatronic, knocking it off of it's knees and back onto the floor. As he ran to the ladder, he looked back. The Animatronics was staring down at it's legs and skates, and then glaring at it's body. " Susie....... What happened?". Without taking any time to contemplate whether or not to try to communicate with it, Louis jumped and landed below the ladder. He then ran fast, ran fast for his life. 

Mike walked with Elizabeth, holding her hand. " Im tired, up!". Elizabeth reached up to Mike with both hands. " No, Lizzie. I can't carry you all the time. You're too heavy". They walked through the vacant auditorium, entering their father's quaters. " Dad, um-"

" What do you want Michael?". Afton was sitting in his chair in front of a desk. He seemed to be focused on some blueprints and papers in front of him, and the only thing he did other than that was straighten his purple tie. He had gotten that new tie, thinking it would be great, but it was always falling off. " Dad, uh, is it time to go home now? Lizzie's tired". Lizzie hugged Mike, and tried to jump up into his arms. " Yeah, yeah, I called Henry, he's coming to pick you up. I gotta stay here and work. Where's Louis". Mike didn't answer at first, but then said " I don't know. I think he hurt Lizzie". Suddenly, Afton got angry. " You blame Louis for something again and I smack you across the face". Then Mike was quiet. 

Louis ran off the stage, terrified of everything. The Security Puppet was now in it's box, and the Egg Baby had been moved backstage. Both characters scared Louis so much, he was now crying loudly. He could hear his cries echo through the empty, messy auditorium, filled with popcorn and pieces of snacks. Looking up at the large Snowcone Animatronic, he felt like it was staring down at him, ready to devour him, instead of ready to make him happy with a snowcone. " Don't eat me!". He covered his head with his hands as he ran past Snowcone. It actually comforted him when he saw Mike taking Elizabeth out through the doors at the left door of the establishment. " Mike! Lizzie!". He ran as quickly as he could, embracing Mike tightly, only to be instantly grabbed and shoved away. " Don't touch me!". Mike looked down at Louis' bruises, cuts, and the large lump on his forehead. " First you hurt poor Lizzie, then you get yourself hurt". Louis didn't know what to say or do. It was so unfair! He was so scared, and Mike didn't care. 

Mike held Lizzie's hand as they walked outside at the site of a green car, Louis slowly and shyly following, not making a sound. As they got closer to the car, Henry stepped out. " Henry!" Elizabeth yelled, running towards him. He picked her up and held her above his shoulder. " I missed you, Lizzie!". She smiled. " Did Charlie come back?". Henry frowned. " No, honey". He hugged her, and then placed her in a booster seat in the backseat of his car. As he put her seatbelt on, he wondered where all of her wounds came from. When he back away, and turned to Mike and Louis, he took a deep breath. " Phew! I had a rough day. How about you guys?". Mike didn't answer, but Louis didn't even acknowledge the question. " Hey, Louis, what's wrong? You're more hurt than your sister!". Still no answer. Mike decided to say something. " I think he and Lizzie got in a fight or something". Henry nodded. " Must've been a bad fight, you seem so scared Louis!". Mike looked down at his toddler brother. " Yeah, he is scared, ain't he?". He nudged Louis, and smirked. 

" Oh, Mike! Guess what I got?". 

" What?". Henry walked over to the trunk of his car, opening it and pulling out a Foxy mask. " One of the guys at Freddy's gave this to me. Apparently they want to get rid of old props for a fresher feel when they decide to reopen". Mike smiled. " Cool!". He took it, and placed it on right away. And, the first thing he did was approach his brother, who was pretty much oblivious to what was going on, just staring down at the concrete. " Rawr!". Louis jumped, falling on the ground. He looked up at his brother, tears forming in his eyes. " Oh, don't scare you brother too much, Mike!" Said Henry as he opened the right door of the car. Mike and Louis got in. He put on their seatbelts, and then got in the driver's seat. Moving the rearview mirror, he made sure he'd be able to see each Afton child for the entire drive to his house. 

  • That Night...*

Cadet activated. He was now in the second safe room, staring over at Rebacca's corpse. He didn't really know what had happened, but he knew Afton was creating  killing machines. 

Afton exited his quaters, walked down through the auditorium. He thought it was much better without the happy shouts of children, for he preferred the quiet. It represented all the children vanishing. He straightened his " stupid" tie again, preparing for something he knew would make him happy. All of the Animatronics were in their proper places as he stepped up on stage, slipping through the curtains. 

Cadet heard creaking of a door opening. He had heard the sliding of the doors that led to the lab, and now he knew someone was entering the safe room. He silently looked to see who was standing there.


He had to do something. But he didn't know what. Afton was holding the door open, but Cadet didn't know why. But in about 30 seconds, he did. Funtime Chica stepped into the room. She looked down at Afton, almost as if to say " Im ready". Afton pulled out a device that he used to power Chica off. She deactivated, her head hanging down as her stomach plates and faceplates opened. Afton picked up the body of Rebecca, smiling as he placed her inside Chica's stomach. He pulled out the device again, and Chica's plates joined together again. As her stomach sealed Rebecca inside, Afton seemed to be awaiting something. Cadet listened and watched, and then there was a terrible crunching noise. Afton smirked as he patted Chica and left the room. 

Cadet just sat for a couple hours, refusing to deactivated, pondering everything that had occured. Chica began to ooze blood from her stomach and splits, as well as eject multiple parts, including faceplates, eyeballs, and green plates. That eventually led Cadet to believe Chica was designed to absorb whatever type of anomaly Afton used to trap souls, and then eject everything else. He figured that the molten red liquid was some sort of serum Afton created to inject souls into his Animatronics. But why? Because he could, of course. He could corrupt the souls, convert and fuse them, and then trap them and place them inside his creations. He did care about his family, and Henry, and his sister... But his main priority was to harvest souls to use Remnant in order to make his robots sapient. 

Cadet didn't know what to do. He couldn't really exit the facility, and he was heavily damaged. But, he HAD to escape. He had to get out and do what he was meant to do: Record and prevent. After all, he was in a safe room filled with spare parts, and was heavily damaged. Perhaps he could take some time to fix himself, and then find a way out. 

" Now I will tell you a story, a story about a mother dog and her 5 puppies. The 5 puppies loved her very much, but were very vulnerable and defenceless. The mother was very dirty due to being a stray. One day, the mother went on a hunt. When she returned home, her starved puppies had wandered off. The mother went out to look for them, but like her hunt, had no luck. One day, she found herself being chased by a wolf. After escaping the wolf's wrath, the mother dog realized that her offsprings were dead. She looked at their corpses that the wolves had eaten. The next night, the wolves dragged the puppies corpses together before devouring them".

Chapter 2