The Candy Cadet: Chapter 2: The 5 Kittens Story       
Foxy Minigame on Android (2)

July 13, 1975

The purple car sped down the highway, passing multiple cars. He was going over the speed limit. *Why are all the cars going in the opposite direction?* The drunken man wondered. A collision quickly occured, smashing the man's windshield, and wrecking the entire hood of the other car. The man's car went skidding across the road, turning in circles as it bashed into another. The man crawled out of his car, coughing up blood. The murdered spirit unknowingly seeped into an arcade game, changing it's appearance internally, and corrupting it's name to be " Later That Night"

The Cadet slowly booted up, making a loud, stretched out humming noise. It's vision was black, at first, but then a blur could become visible. Eventually, it realized where it was: The alley in which Charlie was murdered. The Puppet still rested ontop of Charlotte's corpse, deactivated, as if it was a corpse itself. The Cadet tried to roll towards it, but went very slow. It checked the date: June 14, 1975. The alley seemed very dark as the robot moved, even though it was a bright, hazy morning. The cadet rolled right in front of the Puppet. It's fabric had been torn by the rain in the night. Charlie's corpse was barely visible as the Puppet layed ontop of it. The cadet observed the Puppet and corpse before his vision began to blur again. He saw a brown haired man walk out of a door on the side of the building before powering out from water damage.

All she could see was darkness.

Charlotte sat up, looking around. She was on the table in the Parts And Service Room in Freddy's. She became very confused, and felt strange and sick. The room was very dark and grey. Heads of Animatronics rested on shelves, including a Duck and 2 Clowns, as well as a light red Freddy Fazbear head. An entire Endoskeleton sat on the table beside Charlotte. She started looking back and forth at the things in the room: The Clowns had large smirks on their faces, their eyes googly-eyed as if they were stalking her, trying to scare her. The Duck's head had it's mouth stretched wide open, revealing multiple parts and the endo. It had 1 plain-white eye, with the other one missing, as if it was plucked out. It had wires sticking out of it's face and cheeks, and seemed like it was very withered. She became frantic, and began to panic. She tried to scream. What came out was an ear splitting cry. It didn't sound like anything human at all. It didn't even seem like an animal. It sounded more like a monsterous, ruthless beast, crying for help, willing to lunge at anything that seemed like a threat. She looked at her hands, and what replaced her arms were long, thin arms, covered in pitch black fabric, with multiple white stripes. 

Charlie freaked, and jerked vigorously, falling off of the table, knocking down the Endoskeleton. She landed right ontop of the Endo, it's shiny metal mirror-like as she looked into it. Looking back was a pale, white face, with 2 large, round red cheeks, alongside 2 large, empty black eyes. The face had a large smile, despite looking dead and emotionless. Painted underneath the eyes, were 2 blue lines, like tears streaming down it's face. It had a red chin, and a red upper lip. Looking back, was the Puppet.....
She remembered what she had done. She had chose her body. She had possessed the Animatronic she had befriended. She had become the Puppet.

All it could see was darkness. 

Candy Cadet looked around and observed. He was in the Safe Room. The walls were grey, and had shelves that held heads and arms from springsuit Animatronics. Sitting, as if dead, were 2 Golden Suits, knees to their chests. One was Fredbear, the other was Springbonnie. They were the originals, the ones that were just springsuits. Not the new ones, which doubled as both Animatronic, and Springsuit. The cadet rolled around the small room, observing the relics of old springsuits. It checked the date: June 26, 1975. It realized that the door had been left open a crack, and rolled out. On the outside, words were imprinted on the safe room door. " SAFE ROOM: Employees Only". Why had Henry left him in there? Was it his fault Charlie had been killed? Had his job that night been to protect her?

The cadet pondered, very confused. Was Henry planning on scrapping him for revenge? Was the pizzeria closed? The cadet rolled around. Outside the safe room was a long corridor, with many different rooms. Cadet rolled down it, eventually stumbled upon the Parts and Service room. He quietly pushed the open door and rolled in. He could see the redesigned and repaired Puppet on the floor. But then, there were footsteps. The cadet quickly rolled behind a headless red Animatronic, hiding, peering out the door to see who it was


He was wearing a Fredbear suit, holding the head in his hands. He looked very sick and sad. There were bags under his eyes, and he looked like he had gotten no sleep. He turned into the parts and service room. He put the Fredbear head on a shelf, and carefully took the suit off. Cadet knew that that meant the restaurant was still having shows. Henry set the Fredbear head down on a shelf, before noticing that the Puppet had fallen on the floor. " What the hell?" He said. " How the hell did you end up there?". He picked it up, and put it back on the table, laying it down. Cadet moved closer, hoping Henry would not do anything to him. Henry noticed the tiny robot coming closer to him. " Candy Cadet" He chuckled a bit. " Why'd you knock over the Puppet?". He turned away from the Cadet, and pulled out a large box. It had the backup suit of a monkey in it, 5-fingered. He pulled it out, and put it on. He took the head, and put it on. " Gotta go do a special show" he said to Candy Cadet. " But I'd rather not...". 

Henry refrained from shedding any tears, knowing it would set off the springlocks. " What have I done...". He walked out of the Parts And Service room, and closed the door, leaving it open enough for the cadet to roll out when it was ready. The cadet turned and looked at the Puppet. Something about it seemed unsafe, so Cadet quickly rolled away like a coward, exiting the room, heading down the corridor in the opposite direction of Henry.

The Cadet sped down the corridor. There were many rooms, including a Supply Closet and Restroom. The floor down the hall was checkered. The Cadet neared the end of the long corridor. He could see dim red lights lighting a dimly lit room. He slowly rolled into it. 6 children sat on the floor in the middle of the room, staring at a stage. The stage filled up an entire side of the room, with red-shining flood lights above the dark, purple curtain. The stage was a very dark brown, and stood out the most in the room. The walls were covered with art of the ocean, with words like " Yarr!" and " Come with me, and explore the 7 seas!" painted in red on it. A red fox was painted, as well as a green and white tangled and mangled fox. Aside from that, the rest of the room was painted red. The Cadet admired the cool and fun atmosphere of the room. He noticed a arcade game in a corner titled " Foxy! Go! Go! Go!". He rolled in farther. After a few minutes of oberving the kids, who wouldn't look away from the stage, the lights went out. A deep voice mumbling " Dum dee dee dum" from behind the curtain was heard. The red floodlights came on, shining on the children, revealing their smiles, making them feel like a part of the show as the spotlight was centered on them. 3 boys, 3 girls. One boy had orange hair, while the other had black hair. 1 of the girls had brown hair, while the other had blonde, wearing a nice, little red bow. The 3rd girl had black hair, a green dress, and pigtails. The 6th child, and 3rd boy, had black hair, and an orange shirt on. 

The children began to chant, demanding for the curtains to open. They brushed aside, revealing a red fox Animatronic. It had 2 red ears, and an eyepatch. The eyepatch covered 1 eye, allowing only one of the fox's eyes to be visible. 2 orange, bright yellow eyes. He had a black nose with freckles in the same color on each side of his snout, which had a lighter color than the rest of his fur, excluding his chest and belly, which had the same color of his snout. He had lots of teeth, and his mouth opened wide. He also had dark red eyebrows, with a tuff of fur on the top of his head. He had a plastic hook, and his legs were bare, revealing his endo. He looked like a great and fun Animatronic. 

" Foxy, Go! Go! Go!". 

Foxy walked forward, blinking and moving his jaw rapidly, looking at the children as he turned his head back and forth. They screamed and cheered, yelling " Foxy! Go! Go! Go!" once again. 

" Yarr!!!".

The children went nuts. They ran up to the stage, crowding around it, yelling as they tried to climb up. " Welcome, kiddies! Im Foxy The Pirate, and this be me Pirate Cove!". The children still were very excited for the new pizzeria attraction, Pirate Cove. But, they eventually simmered down, and were content to stay calm and sit back in front of the stage. " Now, would ye pirate mateys like to hear a story about my first voyage through the seven seas?". The children screamed and yelled, cheering and clapping in approval. " Yes, please, Captain Foxy!". 

" Come with me, and explore the 7 seas!". 

Cadet watched as the pirate fox told a story, and the children watched and listened in awe and excitement. 

" Can you tell us another story Foxy?". The children begged for more, but the Fox did as programmed: Bowed, said " Yarr, Mateys!", and turned and walked behind the curtains before they closed. The floodlights came on to full blast, and a recording of waving in the ocean played. A wooden sign mounted ontop of the stage read " Showtimes: 9:30 AM===1:00 PM===3:30 PM===7:45". Cadet assumed that it was the 9:30 show that had just occured. He rolled over to where the children were discussing the show, observing what they thought about the Animatronic. All of a sudden, a door opened on the right side of the room, with words imprinted on it, reading " SAFE ROOM: Employees Only". It was another safe room. A man with dark brown hair walked out, with a purple suit on with a red tie. Cadet immediately realized that it was Afton. He rolled over quickly, and blocked his path, trying to hide the children from Afton's view, which was impossible with Cadet's height. He kicked the Cadet, sending him skidding across the floor. He leaned up against the wall, his arms crossed, watching the children creepily, his blue eyes glaring. 

A man ran into the Pirates Cove. His hair was black, and he wore a green vest. " Susie!". The blonde haired girl turned to him. " You need to come, NOW!". She shook her head with a grumpy expression, before crossing her arms and turning back to talk with the other children more. " Susie, now! It's about your dog!". Her mood suddenly changed. She became extremely worried, and her father could tell by her instant frown. She ran up to him, and he grabbed her by the hand, and they ran down the corridor, heading to the Show Stage and Dining Area. Afton chuckled. 

Susie and her father swiftly walked down the corridor, Cadet quietly, but swiftly, following. They went through the dining and stage area, before exiting the building. Susie looked over to the side of the road. She quickly let out a shriek, before turning and hugging her father as he embraced her. The image of Sparky's bloodied corpse lying on it's side in the middle of the road, flattened, revealing flesh and bone, would not leave her vision. She wept loudly. Her mother, a woman with dark brown hair, wept beside the dog's corpse.  

" Sparky..." Susie whispered. 

Susie returned to Pirate Cove. Her hands covered her face as she cried. She sat down in the corner, and covered her face with her knees, crying louder, mumbling her dog's name. 

Her mother walked out of the corridor, and looked around the room, eventually finding herself glaring over at Susie. The woman walked over, and sat down beside Susie, allowing Susie to rest her head on her shoulder. Susie opened her wide, teary eyes." Mommy.... Why did Sparky die?". Susie's mother comforted her, and kissed her on the cheek. " It's okay, Susie. Why don't you try to get your mind off Sparky? Perhaps, you could go to the arcade?". Susie lifted her head. " Ok....". She got up with her mother, and walked down the corridor, taking a turn and ending up in the arcade room. Little did she know, Afton followed, Cadet behind him. 

There were 3 children from the Foxy show playing games. They were Jeremy, Fritz, and Gabriel, the orange haired boy, black haired boy, and brown haired girl. She didn't interact with them, and decided to walk over to a small room that housed 3 machines in the corner: Midnight Motorist, Take Cake To The Children, and Fruity Maze. She quickly decided against Midnight Motorist, as it reminded her of her dog's death. She enjoyed Take Cake, but decided to play her most favorite: Fruity Maze. She walked up to the machine, and began to play. 

Cadet quickly rolled into the arcade. He turned back and forth, looking for Susie. He rolled over to the corner in which she was playing. He bumped into her leg. She looked down, and saw the little robot. " Who are you?". She bent down on her knees, and looked at the Cadet. " I am the Candy Cadet. Come get your candy here. I have candy all day, everyday. Candy. Candy. Candy". She smiled and giggled, taking a coin out of her pocket. She inserted it into the Candy Cadet. " Now I will tell you a story. A story about a cat who didn't chase mice". 

Susie inserted coin after coin, listenig to all 5 of Cadet's placeholder stories. " Come back later, and maybe Candy Cadet will tell you a story". Susie inserted another coin, but Cadet ejected it. He repeated himself. Susie frowned, and got up, returning to playing Fruity Maze. The brown haired girl from Foxy's show, Gabriel, walked up to Susie, and began to play Take Cake. " Hi Susie!". Susie smiled as she concentrated on her game. " Hi Gabriel!". After successfully delivering cake to each child, words came up on the screen, reading " YOU WON!!! Happy Cake Night! New high score!". Gabriel turned to Susie, who had now completed her Fruity Maze run. " I have a question- Who is your favorite character here? Mine is Foxy, second Freddy!". Susie thought for a moment, and then responded. " Mine is Springbonnie. He is my best friend". The 2 friends then continued to play the games. Susie looked down at Cadet. " Oh, he's my second favorite now!". 

Cadet rolled away, and peered down the corridor, wondering where Afton went. Nothing. Cadet rolled down the corridor, heading towards Pirate Cove. He rolled in, seeing 2 children still in the room. They were playing tag, and running around. The Cadet rolled over to the side of the stage, peeking behind the curtain. Foxy stood, deactivated. His eyepatch was flipped up, and his eyes were closed as he faced the floor. He was surrounded by props and other things, including a pink Foxy head. 2 employees walked over, a man and a woman, and inspected the Fox. The man had pitch black hair, done up very nicely, it'd be a shame if someone messed it up. The woman had blonde hair done in a pony tail, with a blue employee's suit on.

" So, you said he was glitching in last night's show?" The woman said. The man nodded. " Hmm... How did he perform this morning?". The man answered, " Very well. Nothing wrong this morning". The woman nodded, and walked over to the side of the backstage. She flipped a large switch in the wall. Foxy's servos started up with a humming noise. Once he was all booted up, his eyes opened, glowing. " Y_rr! I b_ Fo_y th-th-th-th_ P-pir_te". His eyes flickered out, and his eyelids drooped. The woman flipped the switch, turning him off. " Oh, hell!". She walked over to the back of the stage, and then front, walking back and forth. " What should we do, Sarah?" asked the man. Sarah pondered for a few seconds, before turning around and walking off the stage. She walked past Cadet, heading towards the Pirate Cove Safe Room. She opened the door with a key, and walked in. She came out holding a slightly orange Springbonnie suit. It had no buttons on it's chest, and wore a black bowtie. Leaving the door opened, she walked back behind the stage, handing the orange Springbonnie to the man. " Here, Daniel. Put this on. Use the crank". Daniel took the suit, and got into it. He slid the head over his own. The suit was almost identical to Springbonnie.

Sarah walked off the stage, heading over to the Safe Room again. She emerged with a Springlocked Foxy, a springsuit of the red fox. She walked up to stage, and put it on. " Head down to the stage area for now. Give candy to brats, or whatever". He nodded, and leaved the stage from the side of the curtain. He walked down the corridor. Sarah chuckled. She walked over to the Fox, pulling out a black box-device with an antenna. She held it out to him, and his deactivated eyes lit up. His droopy eyelids slid into his head, and his jaw moved up and down, as if smiling. The fox was turned on, and aware. She looked down at it's feet. A long cord was plugged in, leading to the wall right below the switch she had flipped. She pulled it out, and the Fox turned it's head towards her. 

" Go".

The fox treaded off stage, making mechanical whirring noises. Sarah pulled the Foxy head off, placing it on a stand before reaching into it carefully, pressing a small button with a clicking noise. She placed the head back on. " Here's Foxy". Cadet quickly turned and rolled back down the corridor, heading back to the arcade. 

Susie and Gabriel both played the arcade games. Now, they were going from game to game. Some machines even included built-in Animatronics, such as chimps and ducks. The 2 girls laughed and giggled, having fun with each other. But, a few games later, Gabriel decided to play Midnight Motorist. The car sprite moved fast across the highway, eventually colliding with another vehicle, sending itself skidding across the screen, rotating in circles. Susie broke down in tears. All she could see was Sparky's bloodied corpse, lying on it's side in the middle of the road, flattened. Cadet, who had just rolled in, knew that she was crying. 

She collapsed to the floor on her knees, covering her face quickly, crying. Gabriel bent down. " What's wrong, Susie?!". She hugged Gabriel. " That game.... It reminds me of... Sparky....". 

" Sparky? What happened to him?".

" He was hit by a car.....". Gabriel, hearing the sadness and anxiety in her grief-stricken voice, comforted Susie. They both got up. " Im ok....". Gabriel hugged Susie. A few minutes later, they were back to playing games, and playing the multiplayer " Freddy's World" with Jeremy and Fritz. 

" Hello, children!" A squeaky, but a bit raspy, warped, and mechanical, voice called out to Gabriel and Susie. They turned away from the arcade games, and looked over to the entrance of the small room. A 5-fingered Foxy stood there, his head tilted to the side. His appearance was very different from the normal Foxy. " You don't sound like Foxy!" said Gabriel. " Um.. Foxy has a sore throat from this morning's show". The fox had a wide open jaw with a strange device near it's throat, and a very wide head. It had many sharp-looking teeth, but really they were flat at the end. It had pistons in it's jaw, and a beige stomach with a large chest. It had arms with 5-fingered hands, and a brown pelvis, resembling Foxy's pants. It had a black and silver plastic hook, and red suit covered it's legs, with brown feet, resembling boots. He motioned to Gabriel. Gabriel looked to Susie. " Go ahead!". Susie smiled at her. Gabriel ran up to Foxy, taking his hand. Foxy and Gabriel waved to Susie, and walked down towards Pirate Cove, still holding hands. Susie frowned, and turned back to Fruity Maze. Cadet looked to Susie, but then rolled after Gabriel and Foxy. 

" Susie". She felt a hand on her shoulder. She yelped, looking behind to see who was there. She was surprised and happy to see Springbonnie, her best friend. It made her even happier that he looked the same as he did 2 years earlier, back at Fredbear Family Diner. But, something seemed... Strange....
The suit was a very plain and dead looking shade of yellow, and had a purple bowtie. It had a golden stomach, which had 2 black buttons built into it. The snout was the same dead, plain shade, and had a black nose. The mouth had many teeth. " It's okay. It's me". Susie giggled. " Springbonnie! You look the same that you did back when it was just you and Fredbear!". Springbonnie took her hand. " I know where your Puppy is". Susie suddenly opened her mouth in a smile. " He is not dead. He is over here. Follow me". His voice sounded raspy and muffled. Susie giggled, and took Springbonnie's hand. " Let's go, Springbonnie!". She giggled again, smiling at him. " I love you! You're my best friend!". Springbonnie grasped onto her hand tightly, a strong grip. He walked her down the corridor, heading back down to Pirate Cove. They entered the room, the red lights dimmed in preparation for the next show. Cadet peered over at the 2 from a corner, identifying the springsuit. He recognized Susie, and quickly concluded that the man donning Springbonnie must've been none other than Afton.

Afton brought Susie over to the Safe Room. " He's near. You wait here. I'll go get him". Susie entered the Safe Room, still very excited, her mouth open wide in a still-wide smile. The room was lit nicely, allowing Susie to see the empty area. Suddenly, she could here Gabriel's voice. " Susie!" Gabriel ran over to her, into the room, hugging her. Susie could see SpringFoxy standing beside Springbonnie. " Foxy says he's gonna bring us a bunch of cake if we're patien-" The door to the safe room slammed, scaring Gabriel and Susie. But, the room was still brightly lit, and had a nice atmosphere, considering it had nothing in it. The girls continued to talk about the cake, gifts, and dog that they were convinced awaited them. 

About 10 minutes later, the door opened. Springbonnie opened the door, allowing Jeremy and Fritz to come in. They walked in, before turning around and waving at Springbonnie before he and SpringFoxy shut the door. " Gabe! Susie!" yelled Jeremy as he ran over to them. He hugged Susie. " You know I hate the name Gabe!" said Gabriel. " It's a boy's name!". Fritz ran over as well. " Fritz! Why are you and Jeremy here?" said Susie. " Springbonnie said the pizzeria was on fire!". Gabriel made a confused expression. " He didn't tell me and Susie that! Foxy said that he would give us cake, and Springbonnie said he would give Susie her dog!". 

" Happy Birthday, Cassidy" Cassidy, the black haired girl from Foxy's show, was standing in front of the YellowBear, staring up at him in awe as she tried to reach up to touch him. She wore a pink party hat, and her eyes were wide, looking up at him. YellowBear had a black bowtie and tophat, and his Animatronic eyes were replaced by dead, empty, pitch black sockets, much like Springbonnie's. He had a large stomach, and was very chubby and tall. He was completely yellow, aside from his stomach, nose, and mouth area's, which were solid white. She had just finished her cake and party, and all her friends had left. Her parents were chatting with one of her friend's mother as she and her brother, Carson, stared up at YellowBear. " What's your name?" The boy was a bit chubby, and he dressed in green and white, with short black hair. Cassidy nudged him with her elbow. " Carson! That's Fredbear!". She giggled and looked up at him. " I am not Fredbear, far more than him". 

" Oh! Do you have presents for me?". The yellow bear nodded, taking Carson and Cassidy by the hand, leading them over to the corridor. 

The door opened once again, and the YellowBear walked in. " Wait here. I will deliver your presents shortly". He took Cassidy's brother by the hand, and dragged him outside of the safe room. " We'll be back". He closed the door, but it stayed open a crack. " Hey, he didn't close it!" Said Fritz. " We should get out of here!" said Gabriel. Jeremy shook his head. " No, no, no! What if there IS a fire?". Fritz and Gabriel sighed, but opened the door wide, peering over to Pirate Cove. " Let me see! Foxy is my favorite!". Susie stayed in the corner as Cassidy ran over with the others to look at the half opened curtain. She began to cry, covering her face. " Hey, I think the show's starting!" Gabriel yelled, watching as Foxy peeked his face out of the curtain, before opening his jaw and stepping out. He made clanking noises as he walked, his jaw wide open. 

Gabriel become even more happy of the cake Foxy had promised her. " Foxy's coming with our cake! He must be!". Foxy looked around, still on stage. But Susie was still crying and shedding tears. Fritz walked over to her, and told her he saw a man's face behind the YellowBear mask, revealing he was actually very worried and didn't want to admit it. This didn't make her feel any better, of course. Suddenly, Foxy walked off of Pirate Cove's stage. The children yelled " Go! Go! Go!", moving away from the entrance, making way for the fox to come in. Susie noticed Cadet moving out from the corner, coming towards the safe room. Foxy ran into the room, looking at all of the children. Susie sat in her corner, frowning. The other children yelled " Hurray!". Foxy ran straight back to the stage, hiding behind the curtain. The children kept yelling " Go! Go! Go!", aside from Susie, but he deactivated for a while, before running back, going " Yarrr!" when they yelled " Hurray!". Foxy ran once again back to the stage. He got behind the curtain, and just stood. But this time, instead of picking up the command " Go! Go! Go!", he picked up what sounded like a door slamming. He deactivated for about 40 minutes again. 

" Follow me" Carson quickly ran after YellowBear, scampering behind him with his arms reaching up, trying to keep up with and touch the character. YellowBear trudged, heading towards a small backroom in the corridor. They walked in, Cadet following. Cadet rolled ahead of them, quickly turning in a dip in the wall. YellowBear trudged past the cadet, Carson scampering behind him, looking almost shadow-like in the darkness. YellowBear trudged farther down the hall, out of Cadet's sight. Carson followed him, running on his toes, quickly exiting Cadet's sight. 

The child instantly collapsed onto the floor, his back smacking onto the floor. His palm entered Cadet's sight, covered with blood. Cadet rolled out of the small area, looking down the small hall. At the end of it was a small stage, with a Fredbear and Springbonnie standing, deactivated and looking to the floor, a banner above the show area reading " FREDBEAR'S FAMILY CORNER" in bubble letters with star and sparkle decorations of many colors. YellowBear walked to the stage, his back to Cadet, taking the suit off, revealing Afton. Cadet rolled forward, passing Carson's corpse. Afton pulled out a knife, stepping up on the stage before slicing open the back of the Fredbear. Cadet bleeped when Afton turned around to walk offstage and saw him. Afton ran towards him. Cadet turned around and rolled towards the exit of the hall and room, but Afton kicked him over, picking him up and carrying him out to the corridor and back to Pirate Cove. 

Foxy activated, his eyelids sliding into his head, his eyes flickering on. " Kiddies?". He walked out from the curtain, observing the room. The door to the safe room was wide open, but the room was pitch black, and a man with brown hair and a purple employees suit on stood in the corner of Pirates Cove, smirking as he stood beside a strange looking tiny robot, which was laying on it's side. The man was wearing a pink party hat with a red substance splattered on it, and seemed to be trying not to giggle. 

Foxy ran over quickly to the door, looking in. At first, all he could see was pitch black darkness. But then, he could see a little girl on the floor, blood all over her face. The 5 children he had brought joy to 10 minutes ago, were now bloodied corpses.......

The cadet followed Afton as he quickly ran away from the murder scene, chuckling as he covered his mouth. He ran down the corridor, entering the stage area. He walked up to Daniel, who was still donning his orange Springbonnie suit.

" I have a surprise for you. Follow me". 

Sarah and William Afton later met in the Alley by the restaurant. It was dark by then, and they were both shrouded in shadow. " Now, I helped you with your so called 'experiment', and wore that ridiculous pirate fox suit. Where's my pay?". He chuckled. " I'll give you pay later, little sis". Underneath the smile he donned was an annoyed expression. " Fine. I won't do it for free this time!". He nodded. Sarah thought for a moment, and presented a question. " How are you going to get away with this? The place has security! I know we were in suits, but we took them off, Will!". He chuckled. " Yeah, yeah. There's no camera in the Safe Rooms" He smiled. " And there was another Springbonnie seen during luring". She nodded. " Oh, that's right, Daniel". He nodded and smiled, resting his hand on her shoulder. " And don't worry, I have a plan for you". She rolled her eyes. " Look, I know how to leave Utah, I can do it myself, ok?". 

" Alright, then. You go home". Sarah's expression immediately changed, and her face turned pale. " I won't go to that god forsaken place that you still call 'home' ever again". Years earlier, when William's parents were still alive, the family of 4 had lived together in a small house near the woods. The Afton parents had argued constantly, eventually causing William to run away in an escape attempt. After this, the abuse from both of the parents had been centered on Sarah, and they blamed her for William's running away. William hugged her. " It's okay, Sarah. You don't have to go home. I don't know why I even suggested it". Sarah's expression changed to normal. 

" Wait... I know about all the Daniel and safe room shit, but what about Henry? He and his wife will surely find out! You could go to prison, and lose Afton Robotics!". He chuckled. " Never grow up for me, Sarah. Martha is divorcing Henry". 

" Yeah, but what about HENRY?". William chuckled. " Does this answer your question?". He took a metal pod-like disc out of his pocket. It was like a pod, and the metal completely covered the tiny device, aside from a yellow glass dome on it's top. He clicked a small red button on it, before clipping it over his heart. Sarah watched as he began to become a blur. The blur began to jerk and shake around, glitching as if it was a hologram or projection. After a few seconds, Sarah's vision of him became clouded by a purple cloud. Within minutes, Afton's appearance had changed completely. His hair was a very dark black, and he wore a purple security suit, indicating he was a Night Guard. He had gained lots of weight, and his stomach hung down. And finally, he was clouded in a purple mist. " Hallucination device. Henry built it as a prototype for a device that could change the appearance of an Animatronic so that we could have multiple characters in one. But, it malfunctioned. Instead of making something look like something it was not, people saw what they WANTED to see. It's prjections had become based on what people were feeling". He pointed to a logo on the device clipped to his chest: AFTON ROBOTICS, HALLUCINATION DEVICE, LLC. " Afton is dead. Dave Miller has taken the reigns of Afton Robotics. And now, if you don't mind, 'David Miller' has to work tonight's night shift". Sarah laughed. " I thought you hated taking night shift!". He nodded. " I do. That's why Im gonna tamper with the cams, and spend the whole night sleeping in the dining area". They hugged, and Afton, now David Miller, walked into the pizzeria through the side door. Cadet blocked his way. " Holy shit!" He kicked it. " You little peice of shit!". He walked past the Cadet, heading towards the corridor down to the security office. The door slowly closed, staying open a crack. Cadet rolled his wheels until he got himself up, peering over at Afton as he walked down the corridor. 

" Purple Guy"

Cadet rolled up to the Springsuit Monkey on stage, standing beside the Springbonnie suit still on stage. " Henry". It didn't move. Nobody was in it. It was on Animatronic mode, and was turned off. Cadet checked the time: 1:00 AM. It was very late, and the place was closed. William sat on a chair by the table. He had a mug of coffee, and was drinking it. There were bags under his eyes, and he seemed to be having trouble keeping his eyes open. The Cadet rolled over to him, but he didn't even notice. He had fallen asleep. The Cadet rolled back to the stage, and up the stairs. He rolled past the Monkey and Springbonnie, and over to the curtain. He was just about to inspect Backstage when he picked up a noise. It sounded like light footsteps.
He peeked in, and saw none other than the Puppet. The bodies of the 5 children sat in each corner of the cleared-out room, with the Puppet standing tall in the middle. Cadet watched as The Puppet carried a gift box over to Gabriel. She set it down, and walked behind a wall in the corner of the room. And then, she emerged with Freddy.
She floated over to Gabriel, setting Freddy down, latching her 2 spider-like hands onto his head. She pulled it off, revealing the Endo, Exo and other parts. The Endoskeleton head stuck out, as if staring at the Puppet. The Puppet took Gabriel, and slowly stuffed him into Freddy. Eventually, Gabriel became curled up in Freddy's torso area. The Puppet shoved the head back on, sealing Gabriel inside. She then proceeded to give gifts to the other children, before stuffing Jeremy into Bonnie, Susie into Chica, and Fritz into Foxy. Finally, she set Cassidy down in the middle of the room, where she had stood. 
The Puppet took Yellow Bear's head off, placing it over Cassidy's, stuffing Cassidy into the suit. But, instead of curling her up in the torso area, she fit perfectly in the empty endo-less suit, as if she was fusing with it. The suit stood still for a few seconds. The Puppet backed away, it's white pupils glowing. She stretched her arms out, as if pushing out. All of a sudden, the Yellowbear suit began to jerk around. It shook, and it's head tilted and glitched. The suit turned completely gold. The suits parts ripped. It's ear detached, allowing wires to hang out. Wires fell and hung out of it's eyes. It's jaw lowered, allowing itself to hang down. It's shoulders ripped, exposing wires. It sat like a corpse, it's eyes allowing it to seem dead inside with their pitch black emptiness. Multiple patches of the suit ripped off. The next thing Charlie knew, her vision was blocked by the face of Yellow Bear. The head hung down, facing the floor, jerking around. The suit stopped shaking and jerking. 

Cassidy manifested in the form Golden Freddy.

Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, and Foxy's eyes flickered on. The Animatronics stood up, each of them looking at the Puppet. The Puppet looked at each of them, moving her head back and forth. She held up her hand, exposing her palm. 
Golden Freddy teleported beside her as they crowded around.
" I have given you all life. The purple guy killed you and me. With me, we can all achieve freedom. We can avenge your deaths. We can rest. You are now under my protection. We are all safe, friends". Her voice sounded like multiple whispers overlapping each other. She floated over to one of the shelves in the room. The shelves held many Chica, Bonnie, and Freddy heads, as well as replacement parts for Springbonnie and Fredbear. She took a large blade that she had stolen after William left it in the Safe Room. " Im not afraid anymore". 

William woke up. " Gah!". He spilled his coffee onto the floor, his mug smashing upon contact with it. He looked at his watch: 2:30 AM. He had been sleeping an hour and a half. He got up, and felt very weak and tired. But he didn't feel as tired as earlier. He walked over to the kitchen door, ready to open it. He yawned, pulling the kitchen door open. And that's when he heard loud clanking coming from down the corridor. He turned around. Cadet was blocking the way to the corridor, just sitting there, fully active. But he looked... Different.... He seemed grey and dead. " Oh, it's just you.. Dumbass". He turned back around. And just then, he heard a child giggling. He turned quickly, looking down the corridor again. Cadet was gone. " What the hell". He wondered why a child would be in the pizzeria at 2:00 AM. He walked over to the corridor, looking down it. Cadet wasn't anywhere, and he couldn't see anything out of the ordinary. He continued walking down. He walked past a dark room. Suddenly, a dark figure pounced out of it, arms stretched out as it knocked into Afton, smacking him against the wall and pinning him to it. They both landed down on their knees, and the figure gripped onto his shoulder, pushing his face into her's. It was the Puppet. 

Her pupils were glowing yellow, while her eyes were glowing orange, giving off a look of insanity. Instead of looking dead and emotionless, her large smile seemed to portray her happiness. " Purple Guy". Her voice was that of a child's, and matched Charlie's. She pushed him into the wall, and punched him across the face with her right hand, and then the left. Afton punched her mask repeatedly, before latching his hands around her thin, skinny neck. " Ch-charlie?". His eyelids were droopy, and he seemed very unaware and tired. The Puppet gave him an upper cut, quickly getting up, and running down the corridor to Pirate Cove.

Afton got up, his mouth bleeding. He sprinted down the corridor after her. He bursted into Pirate Cove, looking back and forth, trying to find the Puppet. Suddenly, she pounced out from behind the curtain, landing down in front of Afton. She stood up tall, towering over Afton, looking down at him. " Seeing you powerless is like music to me". She pulled out a large blade. Afton quickly realized it was the one that he used to kill the 5 children. She got ready to stab him, holding the knife. He backed away, before feeling something on his back. He turned around, and another Puppet was there, holding a knife. He screamed, and tried to run, but another Puppet blocked his way. He turned the other way, and there was one on his side. Now there were 6 Puppet's surrounding him, holding knives. They all had different expressions: One had a wide smile, another had a large frown, another had a laughing expression. Afton turned to the one that had pounced from Pirate Cove's stage and pounced at it's chest, his arms out, ready to take it down. He went right through it, smacking against the floor behind it. He injured his jaw, causing his chin to bleed. " Ack!". He looked back at the Puppets. 5 of them faded away, leaving only the one had bumped into standing. " You shouldn't have killed them, for they are under my protection now".

Afton got up. He pulled out a pistol, aiming it for the Puppet. She ran over quickly, kicking the gun out of his hand and kicking his face. She grabbed his shoulder, and tackled him to the floor, pulling out her knife. She held it up, ready to stab him. Afton grabbed her wrist, preventing the blade from diving into his chest. He held the blade back. They rolled over to the SpringFoxy suit on the floor. It was still in suit mode, laying on it's side, it's jaw hanging down, it's mouth wide open. Sarah Afton had deserted it after luring. Afton noticed that the Puppet's foot was deep in it's jaw. He kicked it, and the springlocks in it set off, ripping off the Puppet's foot and a bit of it's lower leg. A beast-like roar cried out, just like it had when Charlie had had her awakening with the Puppet. She pushed harder with the knife. " Why did you kill me? Why did you kill THEM?". She tried harder, pushing the knife closer to Afton's shoulder area. " It was an experiment". She became frustrated, and pushed the knife closer. " Experiment? EXPERIMENT? You slaughtered innocent children.... That's murder, not an experiment! Tell me why you did it! Tell me!". She used the hand she had latched onto his shoulder to pick him up for a split second before smacking him back against the floor. He gasped for air, his back slightly injured. " You want motive! I'll explain my motive!". She pushed even harder, the knife not far from his collarbone.

" I built the Funtime Animatronics. Baby, Ballora, Freddy, Foxy, others....". He chuckled. " It was hard work... My wife was proud. We were on our way to the unopened pizzeria when we got in a car accident.... Only one survived". Charlie felt pity for Afton, realizing the emptiness from his wife's death was most likely a part of his motive. But he had still brutally murdered her. She continued pushing the knife closer, letting out a giggle, taunting Afton. " Beverley.... Obviously wanted to live on. I became almost insane, to the point where I stuffed her inside the Ballora, the Animatronic that I based off of her. Despite not being fully programmed, she began showing signs of sentience during multiple tests". The Puppet held back a bit with the knife. " She had chosen the Animatronic as her new body, just like you!". He exclaimed, sounding like an insane maniac. He kicked The Puppet in the stomach, sending her smacking against the Pirate Cove stage. He tried to get up, but she pounced again, landing them both on the floor by the corridor. The Puppet grabbed Afton's shoulder, throwing the knife out of her other hand. She put her hands on both of his shoulders, standing up tall as she picked him up. She smacked him up against the wall of the corridor multiple times, before throwing him to the floor. She reached out to the blade laying on Pirate Cove's dark wooden floor. It shook, before flying over to her. She grabbed it with both hands, and let out a cry as she attempted once more to kill Afton. He grabbed the hilt of the knife, once again preventing the knife from cutting into his flesh. " Don't you get it? The children I lured today will choose their bodies! They will fuse tonight!". The Puppet's entire eye became black, like a dying flame of insanity. Her yellow pupils remained, glowing. She pushed as hard as possible, getting the blade right ontop of Afton's chest. 

" They weren't as vengeful as me" The Puppet told Afton. " They needed help. They wanted gifts. So I gave them life". Afton and The Puppet made exact eye contact, just staring for a few seconds. " You... Stuffed them?". The Puppet nodded, and tilted her head. Afton lifted his knee, hitting her in the stomach area, landing the Puppet beside him. He rolled ontop of her, grabbing her mask, trying to pull it off. He grabbed her chest, picking her up and throwing her against the wall. She smacked against it, her knife clanking on the floor as she dropped it. Afton got up quickly, and ran over to her, grabbing the knife and kicking her mask, creating a crack as she fell to her side. He ran fast down the corridor, heading to the stage area. The Puppet covered her eye with her hand, before pulling it off, revealing the crack through her left eye area. " Fritz, Go, Go, Go". Suddenly, Foxy leaped out from Pirate Cove's curtains, jumping off stage. He ran down the corridor, past the Puppet, and after Afton, his legs stiff and straight as they clanked against the floor. Afton entered the dining area, looking back and forth for something to fend off the Puppet with. He looked behind: Foxy was running down the corridor, coming closer and closer. " Oh, hell, no!". Afton leaped onto the tables in front of the stage, running across them before jumping onto the stage, in between the Monkey and Springbonnie still in performing positions. Foxy ran into the dining and stage area, turning his head, making eye contact with Afton. " Hey, wait a second!" Afton whispered to himself. He reached into his pockets, pulling out the power device his sister had used earlier. 

" Im a pirate!".

He held the device out as Foxy ran through the tables. He became slower, and slower, eventually stopping in place and falling to his knees, collapsing to the floor. Afton ran over, across the tables. He stopped where Foxy was. Foxy had fallen ontop of a table, smashing it. He leaped down, stabbing him in the eye, through the eye patch, breaking the glass eye ball. He began to chuckle, looking down at the sparks flying out from Foxy. " NOW you're a pirate". 

But then, he felt something wrapping around his neck, before squeezing HARD. He felt his throat as he choked, but nothing was there. He could faintly here Charlie's voice. " That was Fritz". He turned and looked over to the corridor. Black, spider-like hands reached out from the it's entrance. The Puppet walked into the dining area gracefully, almost as if doing a quiet dance for a performance. " Im always watching". She ran quickly over to the tables and chairs, halting upon arriving in front of them. She simply raised each of her arms, reaching out to the Monkey and Springbonnie on stage. White pupils appeared in the middle of their dead, empty, pitch black eyes. They turned their heads, looking down at Afton. " Fear the puppet-master! I pull the strings!". Afton's choking wore off. He raised the knife, jumping back onto the tables away from the Puppet. " Fall into my trap". He jumped up on stage, landing right in between Springbonnie and Monkey. " Im not falling for your trap, Im just trying to get the hell away from you!". He pushed the knife into the yellow rabbit, moving down and slicing up the fabric on Springbonnie's legs and arms, before punching the head off. It landed behind the suit, sliding on the floor until stopping, before it's mouth shut, and the white pupils faded away. Afton turned, and stabbed the Monkey repeatedly in the chest until sparks flew and severed wires hung out. It's jaw hung down and it's pupils faded away, and both suits fell to their knees and deactivated. 

Charlie became very angry. The Puppet allowed her arms to hang to her sides, exposing her palms, which were covered by orbs of white energy. Afton began to feel stomach pains, and he dropped the knife. It vibrated and shook, before flying over and landing on the floor beside the Puppet. Afton turned, and ran over to the Springbonnie head. He grabbed it, and quickly went back to it's suit, bending down and placing the head back on. He turned the crank for the springlocks. " Thank god, these still work!". The Puppet walked closer to the stage, walking over the tables like Afton did. She walked as if just casually strolling. " This is how it ends". He turned the crank as the curtains began to show some movement, before Freddy and Bonnie peeked out on each side. The kitchen doors opened, and Chica walked out, Mr. Cupcake in her hand. " It could end with a quick stab, but a long and painful slice would be more enjoyable for us". The Puppet stepped onto the stage, Afton turning the crank faster. He heard Charlie's giggling as if she was right beside him, whispering into his ear. 

" The springlocks can't protect you from me!". He finished cranking the springlocks, the Springbonnie in suit mode. But then Golden Freddy appeared right beside the Puppet. " There's more to fear than just illusion this time" The Puppet uttered. 

He detached the Springbonnie head from the suit, standing up tall. He quickly shoved it down onto the Puppet's head. It fit on perfectly. He quickly punched the Puppet in the facial area, and she fell off the stage and smacked right onto the tables. 


The springlocks in the head went off. They pierced the Puppet's mask, and sparks flew out of the head's eyes and mouth. " I can't see!". Charlie began to cry as the Puppet fell into a crouching position, sitting and trying to rip and pull the head off as sparks flew and her head became severely damaged. Afton ran off the stage, and passed Chica. He ran through the exit, and outside into the darkness. 

Candy Cadet rolled out from hiding. He looked around. The pizzeria was a massive mess. Tables were flipped over and smashed. Torn pieces of black and white fabric covered the stage. He rolled around the dining and stage area, but he couldn't find any Animatronics, or anybody. He rolled over to the side door, which was still open a crack. He pushed it as he rolled out into the alley. He looked back and forth, but nothing was there. But that's when he picked up the sound of a car pulling in. He could see 2 bright-shining lights that faded out within seconds. A man stepped out of the car. The car was green, and he had brown hair. He dressed nicely and wore a tie. 

" Henry? Purple Guy?". The Cadet watched as the man walked across the small parking lot, entering the doors of Freddy's. The cadet just stayed in place for a few minutes, pondering the events that had occured. But then, he heard footsteps. He quickly rolled behind a trash can, watching as the man stepped out of the side door. The cadet immediatelly realized that it was no doubt Henry. Henry was holding the withered Duck head in his hands. He walked over to the end of the alley. Cadet watched as he moved some trash and rubble aside, revealing a yellow headless suit. The suit had 2 large bird feet, and it's arms resembled wings. It's entire body was yellow, excluding a brown turf of hair sticking out of it's neck area. Henry took the withered Duck head, bending over and placing it down onto the yellow suit. It fit perfectly. The duck Animatronic sat there, it's head facing down to the ground. It seemed so dead. 

" Charlie?" Cadet uttered quietly. The turf of hair seemed to be a died down version of Charlie's. Henry picked it up and carried it in through the side door. He slammed the door shut, leaving nothing behind in the alley. Cadet rolled out, moving over to where the duck suit had been. He observed some torn yellow fabric and brown hair on the ground. 

Henry had just stuffed Charlie's body into the duck Animatronic. It all made sense....

The pizzeria had remained open because Henry had covered up his daughter's death by hiding the body, redesigning and removing the Puppet, and then adding Foxy to replace the Puppet. Sarah Afton and William Afton had planned the Missing Children Incident long before they commited it, William adding children to his hitlist, and Sarah tampering with Foxy. William had given Henry the idea of Foxy, knowing the character would attract many children in the pizzeria, perfect for rounding up Gabriel, Susie, Fritz, Jeremy, and Cassidy. William and Sarah had donned Springbonnie and SpringFoxy, and lured and killed 6 children so that their soul energy could be collected so they could be fused with the Animatronics. William Afton had created the hallucination device in preparation for the Missing Children Incident, and had built the orange Springbonnie so he could frame Daniel. And finally, Henry had stuffed Charlie into Duck in order to hide her body. 

Cadet deactivated, entering charging mode, knowing that nothing good was to follow. 

" Now I will tell you a story about a little boy. He had a red snake that he kept in a metal cage whose hunger could not be satisfied. One day, the boy found five baby kittens outside his house. He brought them inside and kept them in a shoebox. He knew that the snake might kill them, but could not bring himself to get rid of the snake. He knew that if he chose one kitten to feed to the snake, it might be satisfied, but he could not choose. So, he went to bed, leaving the cage open. The snake went to the shoebox, chose a kitten at random, and ate it. After five nights had gone by, the boy was full of regrets, and cut the snake open. He pieced the remains together and put the kitten back into the shoebox". 

'Chapter 1'=====Just Little Children