For the plot to really make sense there needs to be a fourth game. A prequal to FNaF 2 could close some very large plot holes in the story. 

    The game could take place at the original Freddy Fazbear location, The one after Fredbears family diner and before the FNaF 2 location. This would "explain" the original first murder (that lead to puppets possible possession) that the classic animatronics were decomissioned for and explain the reopening of the 87' Freddy location (where 2 takes place). 

    In FNaF 2 night 1 ( I Believe ) our good pal phone guy speaks of the location before 87' saying how it was left to rot. Playing in this location could open up some decent origin information that could be beneficial to the story as a whole.

    This could also…

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