Theory Time!

What if the little girl in the maze running game is who is going to become Freddy after death? 

Now just hear me out!

I am aware that Freddy is a boy but does that necesarrily mean that the ghost has to be? No.

When Elizabeth died and possessed baby the eyes shifted from blue to green...because Elizabeth;'s eyes are green..the little girl in the mini game has blue eyes and so does Freddy...making me wonder if she could be him now...The game ended the story and showed us the beginning (via security puppet's mini game) making it safe to assume that Scott would show us the face of the ghost that has haunted the main mascot of the games, Freddy Fazbear himself...or in this case...herself.

There's a possibility she could be Funtime Freddy but meh...

If she is Freddy though, than that would imply that maybe at the enf of fnaf 6, when they show you a screen of four kids with Freddy, it might be them, there is also a blonde girl..although with pig tails, is holding freddy, on her right is a boy who could be bonnie, and on her left is another boy who could be chica. The reason I assumed this is because in most games, they stand in a position which is usally bonnie - freddy - chica. Foxy could be the weird kid on bonnie's right..he looks like he's willing to jumpscare us now anyway. To even go further and start jumping from theory to plain out assumptions, maybe the grave stones have the names of the kids, the one covered would probably be golden freddy since in the good ending we don't see his mask, making him all mysterious...the one further back could be puppet... but if those tomb stones are for the kids than that makes susie freddy, unless the tombstones are in the order of the "good ending" screen, where than susie would be chica thus rendering the above theory useless...I wonder though...why are some of them similar to the night guard names? If the theory of Michael Afton being the main character in most games true..than maybe he used the identity of the dead kids to hide his own persona...I dunno...

But if the kids in that image are the 4 og animatronics and if I'm right about the grave stone than that debunks the theory of the little girl in the mini game being freddy...hmmmm

Whatever the heck is going on, there's an answer in this game somewhere...