GJ Fredbear

aka Guilford Lewis

  • I live in Fredbear's Family Diner
  • I was born on November 22
  • My occupation is Hunting down my victims.
  • I am Fabulous! But alone and abandoned...

You don't have to lose your temper with each other that make mistakes. Everybody make mistakes. Being totally angry with people for their mistakes can be very discouraging to them. Nobody's perfect. You will also have to get along too. And remember; the good honey makes everything sweet, but the bad apple spoils the barrel.

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User's Guidebook

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Five Nights at Freddy's

  • This is the OFFICIAL SUMMARY from the Steam page. DO NOT MODIFY IN ANY WAY. (See Five Nights at Freddy's 2 and Five Nights at Freddy's 3)
  • Yes, we know that this summary is against the rules of the wiki, especially pertaining to the "third-person" and "neutral perspective" rules on this wiki, but it is still the official summary nonetheless. (See Five Nights at Freddy's 2 and Five Nights at Freddy's 3)
  • This word is "Note", not "Nothing", so don't change it to "nothing". Thank you!

Five Nights at Freddy's 3

  • Please do not add "Five Nights at Freddy's 4" teaser images here as they do not relate to "Five Nights at Freddy's 3".


  • Please do not add "Fox" anywhere to "Foxy the Pirate" because it is very evident due to his name. Thank you.


  • Please do not including Theory, Speculation, or Fanmade names on this article because we do not know the officially name for "Only One" Animatronic right now.
  • Do not change this animatronic's name to anything other than "yellow/green rabbit-like animatronic" until the release of the game, as it does not currently have an official name.
  • Do not add any speculated names to the animatronic until the release of the game, as it does not currently have an official name.

Freddy Fazbear

  • Please do not change 'fourth game' into either 'sequel' or 'prequel' because it is speculation. Thank you.


  • Please do not remove "his left hand" from this line because Freddy's wrist can behind backward in where Bonnie couldn't. Thank you.

Golden Freddy

  • This happens in both PC and Mobile. (See Phantom Mangle)
  • Please do not put in "Hallucination" category on this article, as this character is a Ghost/Hallucination, more than just a Hallucination. Thank you.

Phone Guy

  • As of right now, "Purple Guy" and the "Phone Guy" are not considered the same characters, as they act very differently from what we've seen, so do not merge the two together. (See Purple Guy)


  • Please do not add either gender category to this article, as it is contested right now. (See Phantom Mangle and Phantom Puppet)

The Puppet

  • Please do not put "The Marionette" anywhere on this article, it is a fanmade name.
  • Do not add a gender category. The Puppet has no gender and is consistently referred to as "it."

Purple Guy

  • Please do not add or replace the name with "Vincent" because it's a fanmade name.

Phantom BB

  • Please do not add the "Animatronics" category to this list, because Phantom BB is a phantom like the other five phantoms, not an actual animatronic. Thank you. (See Phantom Chica, Phantom Freddy, Phantom Foxy, Phantom Mangle, and Phantom Puppet)

Phantom Chica

  • Please do not add info along the lines of "Phantom Chica is missing an arm." in here, as she is not. Her arm is camouflaged within the rest of her body, as evidenced by the brightened image and her jumpscare.

Show Stage

  • Please do not add Dining Area to this list because it's an edited image.
  • It's talking about the wall on the opposite side of the camera.

Pirate Cove

  • Please do not link "Foxy" to this line - he was already linked in the Cquote. Thank you.

Party Room 1

  • Please do not change the second use of the word "read" in this sentence to "reads", as it is referring to her bib in the past tense. Thank you.

CAM 08

  • Please do not add "The Puppet's mask disappears when Springtrap stands there." line in here since it is naturally blocked by the change in lighting. Thank you.

Custom Night

  • Please do not change the maximum time to 57 seconds. That is false. Thank you.
Game Mechanics


  • Please do not add "Animatronics can open the regular doors", because it is speculation.

Deaths (FNaF2)

  • Please do not speculate as to how the scream sounds.

Welcome to my profile, visitor!
Well howdy there, ! I'm GJ Fredbear. My real name is Guilford Jacob Lewis. You can call me GJ, Lewis, or even Fredbear. I'm one of the most long-editing users of this wiki. If you want to see the reason why I undo your edit, please leave me a message to my wall. I'll answer it as quickly as possible. Also feel free to ask me for help. But if I see your message being offensive or spam, I'll just remove it that I can't take a joke.

I'm "semi"-autistic. I learn everything well, but my grammar is little bit not good. I'll improve my English as much as possible.

I'm also a Christian. I believe everything in the Bible. I love God, I love Jesus, and I also love everybody. Respect my religion, and I'll respect yours. Thank you.

vYxkYM1.gifFreddie Fredbear I'M STILL HERE.

Stranger than fiction I've encounter

  • Dancing Freddy's sprite holding the cake.
  • The Puppet's sprite.
  • The Puppet's sprite chasing the kid.
  • Purple Guy's sprite.
  • The Puppet's sprite holding the dead kid.
  • Purple Guy's sprite from FNaF3.


If you want to be added in the list, ask me. :)

Just reminding you that I'm on rank 1# and got 2,0440 badges before the Achievement no longer exists.


NOTE: These are actually joke awards.

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