My Name is Shamrock Freddy, I come from Ireland, and I scare people for a living.Growing Up In Ireland My Childhood Friend Was A Guy Called Phantom Foxy. We Went to school together and grew up together. We were as close as brothers until he got a job from fazbear entertainment. after that we drifted apart. After he got I job I got evicted after I couldn't pay rent for my apartment. and no one would hire me. id get to the interview but they would always say no. Until fazbear entertainment the same company that had hired my childhood friend called me up. It turns out phantom foxy learned I was homeless and needed a job, so he told fazbear entertainment and they hired me! Freddy Frostbear One of my coworkers is really nice. Eventually I got enough money from my paychecks that I was able to afford a real house. and not just an apartment. I Currently Love My Life and My Job. and I will always be grateful for Phantom Foxy Getting this job for me.

My favorite pages

  • Holiday Animatronics
  • Phantom Foxy
  • Fazbear Entertainment Inc

Social Media Accounts

  • YouTube Channel - Shamrock Freddy Gamer
  • Twitter - @GamerShamrock
  • Reddit - ShamrockFreddyGamer
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