This article contains content that was not used in the series' final release. All of these files can be found in the game's files and the trailer.

Game Mechanics


In the beta version, there was a life meter that would presumably limit the player's times of playing before they received the game over screen. However, this mechanic was not used in the final version of the game. Video footage of this feature can be found here.
Life icon

The life icon.

Beta Monitor Map

The Monitor's early design shows different buttons for the camera. The camera icons were small circles with cones pointing in the direction they were facing. These cones may have indicated the camera's field of vision. They would turn green and become slightly larger when selected. Also some cameras were placed in slightly different locations.




A beta version of Freddy's endoskeleton.

Seen from the game's Steam Greenlight and the trailer, Freddy and Bonnie's endoskeleton are very different to their final build. Freddy's endoskeleton from the game's Steam Greenlight icon has triangular teeth and glossy-black eyes possessing red iris instead of white ones. Bonnie's endoskeleton head seen in the trailer looks almost the same.


  • The Backstage's camera was originally beside/behind the door, as indicated by the monitor pictures.
  • The camera from the Kitchen was originally on the same wall as the door, pointing out directly into the center of the room.


Toy Chica

There is a texture of Toy Chica from the game files staring at the player with glossy-black eyes and lacking her beak and eye-lids. Her unused texture would have act similar to Toy Bonnie while using the Freddy Fazbear Head upon seeing her from the air vent. Interestingly enough, this texture is referred as "chicalookatyou" in the MFA files using Clickteam Fusion 2.5.

The Puppet

There is an unused texture of the Puppet's full body along with the marionette-like control and strings attached. According to the MFA files in Clickteam Fusion 2.5 program, this unused texture is named "puppet in office", suggesting that the Puppet was originally intended to appear in the Office in a similar fashion to Withered Freddy, Withered Bonnie, Withered Chica, and Toy Freddy.

Also, there is an unused image of the Puppet's close-up resembling the last frame of its jumpscare, only closer and lacking white pupils.

Game Mechanics


Just like the first game, there is an unused Lives mechanic. There is a small bar that says "Lives" and a pixel stick-figure of a person with their arms outstretched.



Toxicity Meter

There is a strange, empty meter in the game's files which is labeled only as "toxic". This was later confirmed to be a way to prevent the player from keeping the Freddy Fazbear Head equipped for too long. [1]



Strange Skull

There is a strange pixelated image in the game's files which appears to depict part of a skull's face. The upper teeth are visible, with black streaming from the only visible eye. It is unknown what this was supposed to be used for.



Mangle and Foxy

New Foxy
In the game's third teaser, Mangle is shown to have a hook similar to Foxy. Although ingame, Mangle does not have a hook and instead possess both hands.

The original Foxy is also seen in the teaser, with glossy-black eyes and glowing white pupils. However, Foxy is majorly replaced by Withered Foxy, opposed to his minor minigame appearances.



The Puppet

Found in the game files, there are a lot of leftovers of the Puppet's sprites from the second game, including its hallucination renders and the unused close-up image.

"Seal Vent" Button

SealVent button

Within the games files, it is possible to find an unused button with the text "Seal Vent" on it. This button was likely going to be used to seal the vents, but in the final game it was replaced with double clicking the vent camera.

7th Night


Found in the game files, there is a texture for the game's scrapped 7th night.


Like from the previous first and second game, there is an unused Lives mechanic. There is a small bar that says "Lives" and a pixel stick-figure of a person with their arms outstretched.



Chapter text


An unused "Chapter" text in pixelated font, supposedly used for the end-of-night minigames.

Animated star


An animation file of a star. Its purpose is unknown.


Nightmare Foxy

In Nightmare Foxy's teaser, he is shown to have a long metallic tongue. His tongue was never revealed in-game, aside from his appearance in the main menu screen.

Nightmare Mangle

In its teaser for the Halloween update of Five Nights at Freddy's 4, Nightmare Mangle is shown to be capable of hanging from the ceiling, similar to its original counterpart." It also sports a several amount of hanging strings of wires. However, neither of these are shown in-game.



Found in the game files, there is an unused image of Ballora receiving a shock within the Primary Control Module location, with her endoskeleton face exposed.

Circus Baby

An unused small image of the red-tinted Circus Baby. It is literally unknown what purpose for this image is.



In the fourth teaser featuring the Bidybabs, it seems as though it was originally intended for there to be seven Bidybabs featured. In-game, however, there are only two Bidybabs so far.


Bon-Bon is shown crawling through the vents from the first teaser for Sister Location's Custom Night update, but never does so in-game.

Molten Freddy's blueprint

FRF Print
There is a blueprint of Molten Freddy only found in the game files. It belongs supposedly to the rest of the blue prints found in the Insanity Ending. Despite being unused, the description for this blueprint is considered canon to the lore.

Tape buttons

There are various buttons, likely intended for use with Cassette Man's tape recorder. Due to the tape recorder having actual buttons to interact, all four buttons went completely unused.


Toy Chica

In the first release of the game, there was an obvious error showing both animations for Toy Chica (for entering the Office and jumpscaring the player) flipped horizontally. This was later fixed on update patch 1.021.

Rockstar Chica

Rockstar Chica right unused
In the game files, there is an unused file of Rockstar Chica with her position in the West Hall flipped horizontally, supposedly used for the East Hall. To avoid an error, a completely original position for Rockstar Chica in the East Hall was made.


Bonnet ded
There are complete leftover frames for the animation of Bonnet covering her nose from Sister Location found in the files. It was never used in-game, however.


Demo screen

An unused image found in the game files. This screen was supposed to be used for the game's actual demo before it actually ended up being a troll game. The demo screen mentions about starting a level when having over 2,000 points.

Custom Night text

Unused Custom Night text
There is a completely unused "CUSTOM NIGHT" text also located in the game files. It was supposed to be used for the game's main menu screen, but was removed in favor of there being space for the "Offices", "Power-Ups", and "Challenges" buttons. Strangely enough, one of the screenshots on the game's Steam and Gamejolt page still has the menu screen including the text.