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Were you looking for the actual game of the same name?

The Ultimate Custom Night "Demo" is the fourth troll game created by Scott Cawthon and was released on June 21, 2018 on Game Jolt.

Scott announced on Steam Community that the demo for the Ultimate Custom Night was released.[1] When it was released, however, it turned out to be another troll game made by Scott.


When starting the night, it is revealed to be a reskinned version of "Doofas the Dinosaur", Scott's very first computer game made in 1989. Aside from the main character, Doofas having a Freddy's head, the enemies are also replaced with various animatronic characters.


Level Goal Image
Level 1 Collect 15 Cupcakes. UCNDemo-Level1.png
Level 2 Collect 8 coins.
Destroy 1 Toy Freddy and 3 Balloon Boy enemies.
Level 3 Collect 9 coins.
Destroy 8 Circus Baby enemies.
Level 4 Collect 9 coins.
Destroy the Happy Frog boss.
Level 5 Collect 9 coins.
Destroy 1 Egg Baby and 3 Scraptrap enemies.
Level 6 Collect 6 coins.
Destroy 20 Helpy and 3 Mr. Hippo enemies.
Level 7 Destroy the Nightmare Mangle miniboss while avoiding the nightmare endoskeleton heads. UCNDemo-Level7.png
Level 8 Destroy the Phantom BB miniboss while avoiding JJ's heads. UCNDemo-Level8.png
Level 9 Collect 6 coins.
Destroy 7 Mangle and 7 Mangle's endoskeleton enemies.
Level 10 Collect 10 coins.
Destroy 3 Pigpatch and 6 Orville Elephant enemies.
Level 11 Collect 8 coins.
Destroy 1 Puppet enemy.
Level 12 Destroy 7 Toy Bonnie enemies. UCNDemo-Level12.png
Level 13 Destroy the Old Man Consequences miniboss. UCNDemo-Level13.png
Level 14 Destroy 2 Springtrap enemies and 1 unmasked Springtrap enemy. UCNDemo-Level14.png
Level 15 Destroy the Withered Chica boss. UCNDemo-Level15.png
Level 16 Destroy the game's final boss - Nightmare UCNDemo-Level16.png


  • A serious non-troll version of the Ultimate Custom Night demo is made but only exclusive to prominent YouTubers, delivered by Scott Cawthon. The demo is basically the same as the full game, with all characters available to select in the menu. Although after gaining 2,000 points, a message screen would appear in the middle of the main menu if the player attempts to begin a night with more than 2,000 points, preventing the player from progressing any further.
  • Strangely, a star achievement that was previously scrapped from Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator (but recycled in Ultimate Custom Night for beating challenges) is found when looking into the game files.



  1. Ultimate Custom Night :: UCN Demo! - Scott Cawthon. June 21, 2018. Steam.
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