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The Trophies (FW) are a set of collectable items that can be found around the game. They can be obtained by several ways.

Security Trophy

SecurityTrophyThe Security Trophy can be obtained by beating the game after beating Security on Normal Mode. This trophy can also be obtained by beating Security on Hard Mode. See Normal Mode Ending for more details.

Scott Cawthon Trophy

ScottThrophyThe Scott Cawthon Trophy can only be obtained by beating the game after beating Scott on Hard Mode. See Hard Mode Ending for more details.

Chipper's Revenge Trophy

ChipperTrophyThe Chipper's Revenge Trophy can only be obtained once you find and beat Chipper's Revenge. See Chipper's Revenge Ending for more details.

Chica's Magic Rainbow Trophy

GrayRainbowThe Chica's Magic Rainbow trophy can be earned upon defeating Chica's Magic Rainbow in the Geist Lair.

Fredbear Legs Trophy

FredbearThrophyThe Fredbear Trophy can be obtained once you talk to Fredbear while playing as Fredbear. See Universe End Ending for more details.

Crying Child Trophy

CryingChildThrophyThe Crying Child Trophy can be obtained after finding all of the clocks and finishing their puzzles. See Clock Ending for more details.

8-Bit Freddy Trophy

FreddyGlitchThrophyThe 8-Bit Freddy Trophy can be obtained upon reaching the 4th glitch and either talking to Old Man Consequences or getting inside the lake. See Fourth Glitch Ending or Drowning Ending for more details. Note that once you get the trophy from one of them, you will not get another one for the other. You can get this Trophy from the old man consequences ending of ultimate custom night too.

Shiny Pearl Trophy

PearlThrophyThe Shiny Pearl Trophy can be earned after collecting the pearl from Dee Dee's Fishing Hole five times. Earning this trophy also unlocks the Pearl Byte.

The Fan Trophy

FanscrappedThe Fan Trophy can be obtained by unlocking all the characters (40 without Halloween Update, or 48 with Halloween Update) in the game. Earning this trophy also unlocks the Fan Byte.


  • The Fan Trophy is a reference to the desk fan that appears in all of the Five Nights at Freddy's games.
  • There is no trophy for the Drowning ending, as of the 2D version. However, in the 3D version, just entering the Fourth Glitch will give the player the 8-bit Freddy Trophy.
  • The Fan Trophy is the only trophy that is animated rather than static.
  • There is an alternate way to obtain 8-Bit Freddy Trophy on the brand-new gameplay (or delete the memory from that game) is to play Ultimate Custom Night and get caught in the Old Man Consequences minigame. Once it is completed, quit the UCN game then enter FNaF World game and the trophy will automatically unlocked even if the ones do not play FNaF World.
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