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Tie-dye animatronics are a set of animatronic counterparts colored in tie-dye textures, and exclusively appeared as marketable Five Nights at Freddy's products since their debut in 2022 by Funko.


Tie-Dye Freddy

Tie-Dye Freddy is Freddy Fazbear's counterpart with a tie-dye color of pink and purple. He is available as an action figure and plush toy.

Tie-Dye Bonnie

Tie-Dye Bonnie is Bonnie's counterpart with a tie-dye color of purple and periwinkle. He is available as an action figure and plush toy.

Tie-Dye Chica

Tie-Dye Chica is Chica's counterpart with a tie-dye color of yellow and orange. She is available as an action figure and plush toy.

Tie-Dye Foxy

Tie-Dye Foxy is Foxy's tie-dye counterpart. Unlike other tie-dye animatronics, Tie-Dye Foxy has two variants:

  • Turquoise/Violet variant - Available as an action figure.
  • Red/Pink variant - Available as a plush toy.

Tie-Dye Springtrap

Tie-Dye Springtrap is Springtrap's counterpart with a tie-dye color of green and yellow. He is available as an action figure.

Tie-Dye Mangle

Tie-Dye Mangle is Mangle's counterpart with a tie-dye color of blue, pink, and white. They are available as a plush toy.

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